Sunday, February 22, 2009

When dusk coming, it is the time i go to Ukraine.

Today, it is the time i have to leave my family,
and travel to Ukraine site for Testing & Commissioning,
Maybe, i will be there 1 months or more,
When i come back, my baby is around 7-8months,
I hope she will call me "daddy" at that moment,
But, i scare that she do not know me anymore just like stranger,
Beside, i would like to say sorry to my friend,
My ex-boss, Jeremy Wong,
I can not attend his wedding fall on 28th February 2009,
And also,
My university friend, Joyce Tan,
I also cannot make it on 7th March 2009 too,
I would like to take this opportunity to say:
"朋友, 我祝福你新婚愉快和永恒的爱!"
To all blogers, welcome to my blog,
Drop some messages and comments,
I am not sure i can online at there or not,
I will reply when i come back :).
"Beautiful scenery will never long lasting"
"When dusk coming, I will leaving Malaysia to Ukraine"
"Face the reality of life"
"Expeciate every moment in your life"
"Wait for next day coming...."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Never Give Up so EASY!

When we grow up,
We start to face a lot of challenges,
It is a test for your life,
Whether you can handle it or not,
Economi crisis and getting worse recently,
Cause a lot of people jobless, bankrupt or etc,
Politic flighting recently,
Some people become victim e.g. Eli Wong,
We MUST keep our stand and face it bravely,
Do not think too much (negatif) and just act like a baby,
Baby will never "GIVE UP" when they want to archive something.
"Believe or not? Let me share one example to you..."

SO, let we become BIG BABY now!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monkey See Monkey Follow - Part 2

Previously, i have post "Monkey See Monkey Do".
Today, i would like to continue this post and named as "Monkey See Monkey Follow - Part 2"
I try my best to act good in front of my little baby girl ~ 6 months 2 weeks.
Now, she start to learn and follow what i do in front of here.
I manage to capture one of the video and would like to share with you.
"I will follow You"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine 2009

Tomorrow, it is a romantic Valentine day!
I think most of the girls will receive bouquets of flowers today.
They will feel very happy and enjoyable.
How about all those guys? Money can make it happens.

Let me count... How many times i sent flowers to my wife;
Dating - 1
Graduation - 1
Propose - 1
Register day - 1
Wedding day - 1
Valentine 2005 - 1,

Only 6 times! Am i stingy?
"Please do not leave message to say i stingy, i will delete it"

I think give flowers is a bit waste because it cannot stand longer.

However, today i increase the number to 7 times! Flowers plus Ferrerro Rocher Chocolates.
Sure! My wife very happy when receive the flowers and chocolates.
(I hope do not eat finish the chocolates - keep some for me)"

Do you want to know what is the reaction back from them?
I have 4 case happen in my office (Man Temple);

Case 1: Myself

My wife SMS back to me
"Happy to receive the flowers ... "censored" ... and can i treat my colleague eat those chocolates?"
Case 2: Colleague 1
We help to order flower to his wife,
My colleague at Pakistan, very sorry that they can not celebrate this festival together.
Sure we do not what is his wife reaction, i think she is happy plus lonely.
Case 3: Colleague 2
The female friend call back just want to kidding my colleague
"You flowers look dry and not that nice"
After my colleague heard about it,
he very angry with the florist company and
we help him to call the florist and arrange to send another one to her again.
Finally, she happy with it.
We also very happy with it too!

Case 4: Colleague 3
I ask my colleague "Have your wife received your flower? What is her reaction?"
My colleague told me "Nothing"
Then, we continue working.

After 1 hours later, i "kepo" again and ask him.
He told me "Yes, his wife email him and say thank to him"


Anyway, i would like to get his opportunity again to wish all lover;

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Without FOOD can make you CRAZY?

Why should we take food?
Because we need food to survive,
Hence, we work very hard to earn money to buy food,
After taking food, we have energy to work very hard again and to earn money to buy food,
So, Eating is the most important cycle in our life!
If we not need to eat, we will not need to work anymore.
We can not deny food is the MOST important thing in our life!
Without Food can make you crazy!
Example as below:
"Milk ~ food for baby"
When hungry, they will start to taste their "dium stick"

When hungry x2, they will start to taste their bigger "dium stick" When hungry x3, they will finish any food you give them e.g. apple

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Won RM20 Million Lottery!

It is damn happy for me!
I really want to share this happiness with you guys.
Now, i am thinking how to use those money in hand.
1. I plan to build a Zakaria's small mansion in my hometown.
Hence, i can invite my family member live together.
2. I plan to have a BMW car! I do not want to use national car anymore!
Because its maintenance cost higher than others branded car like Mercedes!
3. I plan to donate money for non-government sector.
Hence, they will operate and benefit to all poor Malaysian people.
4. I plan to make scholarship community.
Its function to help all poor student Malaysian which obtain excellent results but rejected by local university to further their studies.
5. I plan to save some money in several banks. It is more safe than put all money in 1 bank.
Because, if the bank bankrupt you will obtain maximum RM60k only.
6. I plan to have a secret recipe shop. During Valentine/Birthday/anniversary festival, i will invite my wife to my own shop. SAVE MONEY!
7. I plan to buy land & properties. Fix deposit at bank only 2.xx%.
8. I plan to bring all my family members - a first class holiday.
9. I plan to do some small business ~ maybe sell "pisang goreng" shop at perak gua!

It is around 2:35am. It is quite tired to figure out how to use the money.
Errrrr....... i forget to put "IF" in front of the post title.
It should be "IF I Won RM20 Million Lottery!"
Note: I not win any lottery, please do not come to ask money from me!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Beware of most dangerous frog in the World!

In the world, there are a lot of species of frog,
Today, i read a articles and i realise that there is a type of frog which very harmful to people,
Hence, i wish you beware of this.
If you not carefully, you will be killed.
"Full guard leaf frog" ~ Don't worry it wont harmful to people.
"Black and green dart frog" ~ cute or not?

"Giant frog" ~ Size is big but still not that harmful to people

"Poison frog" ~ It is poison but if you not eat them, it is not that harmful to people too.

"Purple frog" ~ It looks ugly but still accepted by human being.
" XX frog" ~ What type of frog?
"Crazy frog" ~ It is cute and i like the music.
I will show you the MOST dangerous frog in the world!
If you saw this kind of frog, please do not walk so close to it,
It will make you feel sad and angry,
Its' poison can harmful more than 100k people life,
Its' sound can make people around feel disgusting,
Its' look can make you feel tasteless all the day,
If you bitten by them, you will only recover back after 4 years,
Hence, please pass this message to all people in the world,
You will save more than 1 people life ...
This frog name is CALLED.....

Left : Mohd Osman bin Mohd. Jailu frog, Encik Jamaluddin bin Mohd Radzi frog & Hee Yit Foong frog

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to Ukraine soon!

After Chinese New year, it is the time to move on.
Time turning really fast especially - Happy Hour!
It is a time again, i need to pack my luggage to Ukraine,
Have to leave my wife & baby girl alone,
I promise to buy more chocolate back this trip,
(Ukraine's chocolate are GREAT!).
Last year April, i went there with my colleague,
My colleague always ask me ~ What you miss in Ukraine?
I think......x10
"The Bed"~ OK but heater not function well all the time! Every night - make me crazy!

"Shopping Mall"~ Shit! Worst than my hometown - The spring

"Flower" ~ It is look nice but i am not lady boy.

"Low exchange rate than MY" ~ If all thing free then damn GOOD!

"Finally, i think eat an ice-cream at winter time is the great moment gua!"

Noted: I hope to take more photos for this trip and upload to my blog, but there is really hard to find Internet there.