Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53rd Independence Day!

Yeah! Today is holiday.
I can sleep little bit late.
What is the meaning of this Independent to me?

I am not sure?

But, I am Malaysian and wish that our country have a better future.
It is time to change!
To change/improve our country to better future.
In turn of politic, economic, and etc.

We are ready to change...

Happy Birthday to My Lovely Country!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet A Monster

One of my daughter's favorite cartoon is "Planet 51".
In the story,
The alien is a human being.
All all the people are scare and discriminate this Alien.
Only few of them helps the Alien else... I cannot image what will happen to the Alien.

Malaysia is a small country compare to U.S, China & India.
I wonder why somebody "Otak Catat" like to speak out some sentences which hurt others races.
Why we cannot live peacefully?

As i know,
Every children have a pure heart,
They will make friends with everyone around them include Alien in Planet 51.
Only those "Otak Catat" teach them how to discriminate other races.

When my daughter met a Monster,
Enjoy the movie clip below:

When a Book meet a Mark...

Early in the Morning,
I check my mail box.
I saw a letter.

I will receive letter from Bank
Ask me to pay money for Credit Card,
Ask me to pay the House Loan,

or from Bandaraya -
Ask me to pay Tanah Cukai.
Ask me to pay Pintu Cukai.

or from TNB or Syabas or Water Indah -
Ask me to clear the bill.

I hope i will not receive those letter because every time ask me to pay money.
Feel happy that this letter is not chasing money from me.
 She is a Mummy blogger.
Guess who is she?
 She is Mummy Ling!

Guess what inside the letter.
When a Book meet a Mark,
They will become a BOOKMARK.
It is a cute Bookmark and i think my daughter will like it. 
I will keep it for my daughter.

Thank you! Mummy Ling!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Money Vs Poor

Previous post - Life Vs Money
Cannot deny that Money is important for everyone!
No money, it is trouble for all people.
I am not mean that we not need go to work to earn money.
But, It is not point if we are damn rich until neglect your parent.

Now, i give you a choice...
Which Life you prefer?
See Video below:

Rich, Moderate or Poor?

How long your parent can live on? 100 years old?
Spend more time with them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life of a Man

This is a really meaningful video clip.
From the video clip below,
I learn few things from it.

1. If you are not rich man in the world, don't marry a materialistic wife.
2. If you don't have enough money, don't use future money.
3. Money is evil, it will drive you crazy.
4. Simple Life, It is a way.
5. Else,Game Over.

Must be patient and finish the movie - it is help for your life!

p/s: I feel lucky that my wife is not like that, else i Game Over long time ago.

Monday, August 23, 2010

If you never do it, prove it to me

Recently, I am really unhappy.
I am really disappointed with those stupid issues happen in my country.
53 years... All stupid issues cannot be solved.
Our politician are brainless?

I hope those people who make wrong;
Please admit it!
If you really not do it, prove it to me.

If you do THIS infront of me, i will believe that you never DO it.
First, I want to challenge Mr. Lingam... and follow with OTHERS.

If you NOT BRAVE to do so, mean you admit what you did before.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Ghost Festival 2010!

It is a Ghost Festival 2010!
I guess more of people will stay at home after working.
Do you believe Ghost?
Have you meet them before?
If yes or not, click HERE to check out.

This month is not April fool.
Hence, I try my best not to fool anyone around me.
Last week, one of my facebook friend ask me to watch this video.
First, I decline to watch it because I am alone in the bedroom.
However, I watch it at the end.
It is really really ... please watch and tell me what is your feeling?

If you meet "THEM", are you brave to do so?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gift from Japan

Just come back from Penang.
And, I notice there is a letter for me. 
Oh! My letter... Artwork from Vanessa

Feel lucky that all the things inside the envelope still in good condition.
This letter is from a famous blogger from Japan.
He is not Takuya, Hiroshima or Naikaku...
He is Manglish! born in Malaysia.

A lovely postcard of Matsuyama castle and a flower bag.

Flower bag is nice for my little Vanessa.
At the moment, I will keep it for her.

Message from Manglish.

I wonder why Japanese like Manglish not writing Japanese sentences to me.

He should write like this  あなたはの 何か から 日本!



Friday, August 13, 2010

Check In & Check Out

As everyone know that,
This month is a ghost festival.
Currently, I stay at Penang for work.

Due to the current situation,
I don't have a proper scheduler work task.
Everyday, I have to check out from Hotel.
If the more tasks added, I have to check in Hotel again.
My wife keep ask me when I back.
What I can reply is:
"Sorry, I have to complete the task"
"I will back soon... Tomorrow night"
"Because, I have just finish modified the given task"

B-Suite Hotel, where I stay.
From Monday until Friday,
I have change more than 4 bedroom.
From Room 610 to 1605 to 1210 to Room 1812.
Overall, I am quite happy with all the room.
Big - Clean - Comfortable.
(You need to bring your own Ethernet Cable).
Else (You can buy it with RM10).

As what I mention early,
This month is ghost festival right.
I hope I always the luck guy.

No Enter a ghost bedroom!
No Need to Check In again!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Choose Bridesmaid dresses

Wedding is a happiness event.
Cannot deny that everyone must go through this...
Take registration, wedding photos, wedding dinner & honeymoon.
Select which photos studio which you like.
Discussion which packages you want.
I try to help take some photos but the bridal shop not allow me to do so...
I wonder why they are so kiasi + kiasu, next time my daughter get marry... 
Sure, I will advice her don't come to THIS Shop.

Me & bridesmaid dresses.
Sofa & Shoes.
Nice bridesmaid dresses.
Wife & Daughter.

Happy Wedding to My Sister-In-Law

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Bloggers + Crafty Crafted Studio + Ladybugs

Meet Bloggers
After discussion with 3 musketeers (Merryn, Manglish & Bananaz**) through email.
Merryn's Crafty Crafted Studio is our meeting point.
Merryn is very popular in blogging world.
It is second time I meet her.
Everyone know about her.

About Manglish,
It is very difficult to describe without showing a photo.
However, I have noted down some important points.
View from audience:
Merryn's hubby: He looks like Japanese.
My wife: He looks like Lecture.
Vanessa: He looks like "ko ko" (brother).

I hope everyone can image how he looks like.
If you want to know how he looks like.
Click here to ask permission from him.

Crafty Crafted Studio
It is quite easy to find this place with a "Cacat" GPS system.
Without any permission from Merryn, I snap some nice arts.
Don't send lawyer letter to me, I have not money to pay.
This is a nice place for kids to learn.
See! Merryn prepares and mix up some colours.
Both of them look so serious!
Paint the colour on the hand.
After counting from one to five.
They finish the hand art drawing.
This is the first lesson, I learn from Jie Jie.
Do you know what I draw?
Vanessa: "I feel damn happy that i have the chance to play with the blower"
I cannot play it at home - my daddy not allow me to do so.
Finally, Merryn Jie Jie teaches me how to varnish the drawing.
Make the crab alive.

For adult like us, we must attend the advance lesson as well.
It is really hard for us (old people). 
The outcome of my ladybug is look nice?
Feel happy to bring back 2 ladybugs from Merryn.
According to her, ladybug brings LUCK to the owner.
After thinking deeply in my mind, I agree with her.
Because, she always won a lot prizes in the blogging world.

Now, I believe it!

Merryn Jie Jie, Can you give me this!
I believe BIG one will bring BIG LUCK to me!

** = Cannot meet up :(

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


1985's old version of 明天會更好!
明天會更好~Old 版MV

2010's new version of 明天會更好!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Second Home

My first dream home is my hometown - Kuching.
Everyone has a second dream home as well.
What is your 2nd dream home?

As for Merryn Tan,
Her second home is One-Utama.
My second dream home is Penang.
Why I am not choice KL as my second dream home.
It is too complicated to say.
Forget about this...

Penang is great!
Food are wonderful!
Second place of Hong Kong!
Car park system are better than Selangor & KL.
and etc.

I like one of the Hotel in Penang.
It is call B-Suite Hotel.
Its cost is cheaper and near to Queenbays.
One word to describe - Good!

Currently, I at Penang.
I come here for a service job.
I will back tomorrow.
It is a really rush again.
Eugene - Cannot find you this time.

On the way to cross the Penang Bridge!

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Naughty Baby (IV)

This is a report for Vanessa's Mummy.

Report (29/07/2010) - 
Vanessa at Grandmother House.

Every time, daddy goes to pick up Vanessa.
She deny to go home immediately.
Because, she has 2 cousins play with her.

I am guy who lazy to write a long report.
Hence, i prefer to capture photos or video to show.
The video I captured is shown as below: 

End of Report.

Prepared by Daddy.