Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 days Millionaire

I thought i can have a nice weekend with my family.
But, i can't.
I have a business trip to Indonesia - Medan.
After 1 hour travelling, when i step in the Polonia airport.
I become millionaire :)

Medan is the Third biggest city in Indonesia.
Customer pick us and having a nice breakfast.
I happy i able to help customer to solve some problems for 16 old years factory.
I cannot imagine that the technology is far far better than before.

Let talk about the hotel i stay.
It is 4 star hotel and the environment is GREAT!

 I am happy with the 4 star hotel above.
The price is 500,000 Ruppe ~ RM180 ~ USD60.
We have special discount to 40% to RM108.
It is cheaper than Russia hotel.
I remember i stay at one normal hotel with the same price.
It is shown as below:
2 more days later - i will stay at the Moscow hotel like above and cost RM600++.
Living cost in Russia is very high :(

Talk about food,
It is another food heaven for me.
It is hard for me describe my feeling about all food in Indonesia.
One word - Excellent!

Medan is a happening city;
Welcome come to enjoy the food and food :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vanessa - Three Years old

 Today, It is my 3rd years old birthday.
I feel happy that my daddy able come back on time and celebrate with me.
My parent told me that i am naughty and start to obey their instruction.

Yesterday, i have my parent bought a little cake for me.
It is little bear with Malaysia's flag.
What make me feel exciting is light up the candles and blow it off.
It is really a good experience.

My another birthday cake, I like it especially eat the chocolate cake.
Before that, i have a nice dinner with my grandparent and family.
It is really bad that i have soft throat - so i eat not much food.

It is a simple birthday celebrate for me.
How simple it is?
5 steps to complete the tasks. 
1-Step: Collect gifts from my family member. 
2-Step: Singing Happy birthday song for myself. 
3-Step: I make a wish!  
4-Step: Blow off the light. 
5-Step: Cut the cake and distribute it.

It is a my simple birthday party :)

Again, 1 + 2 = 3.
I am 3 years old now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ivory Coast - The End

Yeah! It is the last part in Ivory Coast.
That means I am coming back to my lovely country tomorrow.
If nothing happen here, i will step on my foot on my country land on 21st July.

It is quite a long time staying at here.
I feel lucky that I am still in one piece.
Nothing much i can take away from here.
What i carry away - just some photos and memories.

It is really nice to take coconut trees. It is nice and beautiful.
Er... I haven't try the coconut drink here yet.

Meet a lot different people with different culture.
They are funny people.
a. Boiler man (Macity) from France- He like eating fishes and wine very much.
b. Soap process engineer (Marco) from Italy - Always hit the tables when get angry.
c. Boiler man (Rudy) from South Africa - He is talkative and always complain about the food and facilities.
d. Packing system engineer (Imano) from France - He is quite and nice guy.
e. Plant manager (Soro) from local - He is the one who told me the 69 wives and 2 brilliant books to read.
f. Logistic girl (???) from local - we call her lady gaga.
g. Operator from local - They are my students - always fail when i give questions.

Animals/insects that I miss.
If i am not forget, Merryn's hubby want me to bring some BIG lizard to him - cook Bak kut Teh.
It is very hard to catch one.... Sorry about that.
Food which i miss the most.
Operators and workers in the factory.

Feel good that i can go home.
My weight gained and my face look round than before.
Don't worry because my next journey is ....... the place which i can reduce my weight.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life in Ivory Coast - Part 4


I always agree that :
Everything good, it will be following something bad.

Last week after coming back from beach,
I am suffering here.
First, the internet service is suddenly down for 1 week.
It is really painful that i cannot connect to internet here.
I totally out of the world.
Today, when i manage to connect to the internet.
I am shock and very SHOCK!
It is news from my country.
I am really shamed of my current government.
Why they so scare people go to street peacefully?
Change for your next generation!

No internet...
(I am shock again - the blogger template is totally new to me)
Interrupt of water supply..
and following with interrupt of electricity happen here.
Feel lucky that today everything come back to normal.

It is difficult to work here.
Last time,
When i at Russian/Ukraine,
People will tell me "Later, i will do"
So, i wait until tomorrow and they completed for me.

At here - Africa,
People will tell me "Tomorrow, i will do"
After 1 week, they haven't complete for me.
Hence, it is really tired to wait and wait.
I should come back on 4th July...

So, today i am free to write this post because i boycott and stay at house.
Wait at house better than wait at factory, so i can use internet.

Let's talk something good than bad stuffs.

Last week, i went to the beach and took some photos to share with you.
Lunch at the restaurant.
After lunch, we take a boat to another side - beach.
View of beach

Coconut trees.

I like to write sometimes on the sand.

View of the beach.

My castles.

Activities i did at the beach.

Photos of the day.

to be continue...