Friday, June 25, 2010

Learn to be Adult

How to become adult soon?
"Watch TV like Adult?"
"Drink water using big bottles like Adult?"
"Wear big shoes like Adult?"
"Eat using with chopstick like Adult?"
"Wear big hat like Adult?"
"Clean up dirty mouth using tissue like Adult?"
"When i can drive my daddy car like adult?"

We seldom to observe both side.
Either be a baby or be a adult.
We always see at one side only and neglect another side.
If we observe both side equality,
I think i will choice to become a baby.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

1 2 3 4 Cats

Good Boss, more and more workers follow him.
Good Friend, more and more friends with him.
Good Politician, more and more people support him.

Just like a cat story below:
Blue cat has a good skill to catch mouse.
And, it teach his cat as well.
Blue cat meet up with another cat.
It teach the cat how to catch mouse again.
They become good friend.
Soon, their group grow up and become three musketeers.
Good leader, people alway follow him.

How about bad leader?
It will be always alone and cannot expanded forever.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2019 Bankrupt - Sure bo?

I have a dozen of questions in my head!
I really cannot answer all my doubt by myself.
Can all of you help me to clean all the shits for me.

Few weeks ago,
I guess everyone know that 2019 possible our country will bankrupt.
Hence, our loving government announced that to prevent this happen,
we must reduce or cancel subsidiary of petrol and etc.

Last week ago,
Our new Istana has escalated from RM400 million to RM812 million.
I wonder why we need to spend so much money for this.
What we can earn back from this project?

I listen to radio,
I realize that government plan to send 2nd SOHAI to space again.
Now, they try to figure out how much the cost needed.
Why? What is the purpose we send SOHAI to space again.
What is the objective? to show off or to prove that our country is better than others?
I hope government don't send SOHAI to space to burn our people tax money.
Please use the money for invest something can bring country from bankrupt.

I wonder what is the meaning of "Rakyat didahulukan"?
Maybe, i am so stupid and still don't know what is the true meaning hiding.
After i find it from Kamus Dewan,
It is not a completed statement, what is didahulukan?

the slogan should be 

Good luck to all sleeping people!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is Police?

When i am kid,
I know that Police also called as "Mata".
I cannot deny that i am respect them 101% when i am young.
They work hard to maintain peaceful of our country.

When i grow up,
I am very frustrated with them and feel want to vomit as well.
Maybe, i can describe that i hate them from head to leg.
I am not sure what time change me instantly.

Now, i keep question myself.
"What is their job function?"
Take under table money?
Bully people or destroy demonstration concept?

Last time, i know that they will earn money from
From driver - "Kamu mahu saman or bagi sikit kopi?"
and blah blah blah...

Recently, i know another side income!
My house is under renovation.
They come and ask kopi O from those workers!
RM60 is not a big amount but why should we give them?
They are not much different compare to robber!

It is time to change and polish the polices!

p/s: i am sure there are good polices around, please make it changes!
Our country need YOU and please STAND UP for RIGHT!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father day 2010?

Happy Father Day 2010 "?"
I wonder every years father is happy or not?
Hence, i put a question mark "?" behind the father day.
I can deny that mother day is more happening than father day.
Am i right?

I am still cannot feel how is the father day meanings for me.
This is the second years, i am going to celebrate father day soon.
I feel that mother is far far away more welcomed/liked by children.
What a poor father?
As a father, we need to work hard - to win back children's heart.

As for me, my mother is more closed to me as well.
And, i am more stick with my mother than father.
Maybe, mother spend more of the times with children especially housewife.
Why father cannot spend more times with children because of busy finding income?
or father look are more fierce or unfriendly?
or father are alien?

Share with you guys one true story.
I know one of the family.
Every years father day,
That family children will buy underwear as a gift to his father.
I wonder after so many years, their father can open a man underwear shop or not?
Sure, i hope my daughter Vanessa read this post as well.

Please don't buy UNDERWEAR for me every father day!
Else i plan to keep all and wait until i retirement and open a underwear shop.

"Pening kepala ni.... "

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prevention before It Happens.

I have some questions to ask among all bloggers.
It is a survey between workers and bosses.
Please help me and give me your valuable answers.

Please choose either one: Worker Boss

I understand some of the bloggers are housewife,
Do you think about this if your hubby cannot work?

Just to do some survey see how many people realizes this problems.
Please leave a comment.
I need your advice as well.

P/S: Don't worry i am not any kind of agent! Just want to understand more :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best Method to Slim Down Your Body!

It is a good news for all girls and women around.
I should apply trademark for this idea.
After thinking for a while,
I share this out without charge any commission.

You not need to pay any sen for this treatment.
You not need to control your food intake.
You not need to see Doctor for Fat Suction operation.
You not need suffer a lot.

It is just a simple method.
Please check out with video below:

Make all people surround you fatter than you.
Then, you will look better than them.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When i am kid...

When i am kid,
I can't do much,
I don't know what to help,
What can i do is sit and wait for it.

What i can help is finish all the dishes!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I lose RM1300

Tonight, i think i cannot sleep well!
If i am not lose RM1300;
I can buy one Playstation 3 or
I can buy one water filter or
I can buy one Nokia 72 or
I can buy something worth this amount.

Maybe, you will laugh at me;
Because i play the football gambling?
You will say this is the punishment for those people like to gambling.

Maybe, you will think i try to trick you guy again;
Because i like to trick people.

But, this time i really lose RM1300.
I don't know when i drop the money.
I obtained RM1500 from the ATM Machine in Cheras, Carrefour.
I guess i drop it when i go to take my car.

It is sad for me!
Anyhow, i hope those people who pick up the money from Angel like me.
Please use the money nicely.

Donate few hundred to temple or people need it.
Thank you very much!

I can use this song to explain my feeling!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Never Give Up so Easy (III)

Dear Vanessa:
Life is full of challenge you will face to when you grow up.
You will understand what daddy means.
I would like you read through some previous posts as show below:

One day, daddy will leave you alone.
Be strong and continue your journey.
Never ever Give Up so Easy like Derek Redmond.

I hope you learn something from Movie clip below:

By Daddy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

World Cup 2010 - South Africa

World Cup 2010!

It is a fantastic and exciting event!
Everyone in the world waiting this day coming.
It is time we eat football, sleep football, and blog football.
Let we enjoy the World Cup 2010 song below:

Ooooooh Wooooooh 
Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher 
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud 
In the streets are, exaliftin , as we lose our inhibition, 
Celebration it's around us, every nations, all around us 

Singin' forever young, singin' songs underneath the sun 
Lets rejoice in the beautifull game. 
And together at the end of the day. 


When I get older I will be stronger 
They'll call me freedom Just like a wavin' flag 
And then it goes back 
And then it goes back 
And then it goes back (x2) 

Oooooooooooooh woooooooooohh hohoho 

Give you freedom, give you fire, give you reason, take you higher 
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud 
In the streets are, exaliftin, as we lose our inhibition, 
Celebration, it's around us, every nations, all around us 

Singin' forever young, singin' songs underneath the sun 
Lets rejoice in the beautifull game. 
And together at the end of the day. 


When I get older, I will be stronger 
They'll call me freedom 
Just like a wavin' flag 

And then it goes back 
And then it goes back 
And then it goes back (x4) 

Wooooooooo Ohohohoooooooo ! OOOoooooh Wooooooooo 
And we are all singin' it.

It is a games gathering all people in the world together.
Until at the end of the game.
World Cup timetable scheduler -> HERE

World Cup 2010 Group Team matches

There are few options that possible who will be the champion:

Option A: Brazil.
Option B: German.

 Option C: Spain.

  Option D: Italy.

Option E: Argentina. 

I will choose either Option A or Option D.
I hope either Brazil or Italy be the Champion.
How about you? Any other countries i am not listed here.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blog Idol Season 3

Hi friends!

Do you like to eat Bananas?
A Banana a day keep Constipation away.

Constipation is very bad!

My daughter Vanessa will demo how bad is Constipation if you have.
"Everyday, you suffer of Constipation?"

There is a contest - Blog Idol Season 3
If you know Bananaz - Feel free to Vote him!

How to vote?

Visit this website,

Copy this comment below:

My Top 3 songs are

1. Against All Odds
2. Listen To Your Heart
3. Tonight

And, paste on the comment box :P
But, the #2 and #3 you can choose your own favorite songs.

P/S: I have not received anything from Bananaz, just want to help him only.
Sure, i will not get any free Bananas from him too.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CEO vs Workers

A story between CEO and workers.

There is a company going to bankrupt soon.
High paid salary CEO announced that
"All workers' salary have to be deducted"
"Else this company will bankrupt very soon ~ 2011"
"And, that all workers will be jobless"

Workers wonder why their salary need to be cut?
They ask among themselves.
"We work very hard and run the company"
"We not make any mistakes"
"Why CEO cut our salary instead or he cut his own high paid salary?"
Maybe, workers are COWARD to question their CEO.
Because, if they question it, they will be fired immediately.

The question is who should be the one responsible for the company if the company bankrupt?
As a CEO, he is the one responsible to success and bring the company to better future.
Workers work to fulfill what CEO's instruction.
CEO always emphasize that 
"He works for workers"
"He thinks about workers' need"
"He listens to workers"
I alway believe that TALK is damn easy than ACTION.

But, when problems come he push all the problems to workers to suffer.
Reduce hundred ringgits for poor workers,
Make they suffers more in their life.
Reduce hundred ringgits for CEO is total nothing.

CEO forgets that his spend a lot of unnecessary expenses.
Such as "Send a worker to learn how to become Astronaut"
But, he forgets that his company's function is palm oil processing factory.
What is the benefit if his worker become Astronaut?
Maybe, CEO plan to plant a Palm trees at the MAR planet?

If i am the Boss of the company,
I will tell the CEO: