Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friends In Ukraine

We need friends,
No matter where we go or stay,

Have a great lunch together,
Help to snap your photos ,
Make some posing for your to take,

Smiles is a friendship begin,

Take me travel around the Odessa city,

Sometimes, when you feel doubt,
They will make funny action let you feel better,

Cheer friends!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wedding Car In Ukraine!

Wedding car is important vehicle?
Some of the Wedding car photos i took,
There are look great!

No matter what car you use,
The main point after wedding,
We can live together happy or not?
Are you happy?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Merdeka In Ukraine

When winter gone,
It is summer time in Ukraine,

7th month ago, it is a winter season,

Now, you can see trees put on their new clothes again,

The sky looks damn blue,

Garden is a great place for children playing around,

Good morning! Sunflowers

Sunny day! Great weather around 25 degree,

Beach is the place where people gathering,

Everyone enjoy the sunny day...

and, we still cannot adapt the food provided by customer,

See! they provided us the food like Barley! I hate eat barley!

Hence, we take "this" at here!
Best food we brought from Malaysia!
Hot and spicy!

I miss my national day!
I wish you "HAPPY 52nd YEAR OLD!"
And, it is time to grow up!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hide & Seek!


read my post "I grow up"
I hided behind my daddy's laptop,
But, he managed to find me out!
I feel uneasy and i will hide again,
I, play "Hide and Seek" again with my daddy,
This time i will not let my daddy find me out easily,

Vanessa: "Daddy, don't cheating ar... "
Daddy: "Ok ok I will find you out..."
Vanessa: "Count until 100 then come to find me"
Daddy: "1...2...3...4..."

Vanessa: "Hey hey, this time i go up stair and more place for me to hide!"
Daddy: "....55, 56, 57,..."
Vanessa: "Daddy, Don't count too fast!"

Vanessa: "Hahaha i find a good place to hide!"
"It is my daddy sister's bed"
"This time see how my daddy find me out"
Daddy: "Vanessa, I am coming"
Vanessa: "Need to stop breath now"

Vanessa (Thinking) : (Oh no... my daddy in front of me)
(Daddy cannot see me, cannot see me)

Daddy: "Vanessa: come out! I saw you there"
Vanessa: "AIYA! :( i lose again"
"Next time, i will never let you find me OUT!"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009