Friday, December 21, 2012

21122012 - End of World


If you still able to read my post - mean
World still never end yet!

Malaysia time 2:00PM
21/12/2012 at Mayan Calender

What is the feeling when it is really happen?
As for me, easy come and easy go!

What will you do when it is really happen?
As for me, just waiting for it!

What will you do today?
As for me, i stay with my family.

What i am doing now?

Eating tang yuan lo... hehehe

Before i forget,
Let's me introduce my little brother, Zhi Tian

1 more week, he is 1 month old :)

Last, i would like to wish all....
"Happy Winter Solstice to everyone!!!"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter from Government - Answer

It is Fake Letter!

Beware everyone!
Nowadays, there is a lot of trick to cheat your money!
(I can say someone is selling your information)

How i know it is fake?
I went to find the this branch of office,
This office is closed and moved to other place.
I try to call the office number, there is nobody pick up.

After call the guy, 
He tried to scare you but we scare him back.
Try to ask what is the office number and some details...
He is quite another side for a while,
He replies to call us back later...

I guess he will never call back anymore!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Letter from Government!

I am very surprise to received this kind of letter!

Without envelope?
Without address mailing?
I get this paper from my mail box.

Maybe, you can help me to justify this letter is fake or nope?

How can he know my detail?
Anyhow, i will not call back to this guy who leave his Hp below.

I am suspect...
a) Why this letter is not put into evelope?
b) Why this letter is put direct into my mail box?
c) Why the logo is cut, look not standard letter?
d) Why office leave his hand phone number instead ask me go to their office tomorrow?
e) From Oct 2010 to May 2012... , what 9 tempoh? I am confuse...

I will check with Tax officer tomorrow.
I am not worry about this because i have pay taxes all the times!
But, how the taxes be used.... We have to ask our Government!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't wash your Passport!

When i back from Russia few weeks ago, 
I took all my dirty clothes inside washing machine.
After sometimes, i realized that my passport inside my dirty trouser.


I have no choice and have to re-do my new passport.
Take care your passport else you will in trouble!

First - You have to prepare a lot documents:
a) Original Birth certificate and 2 set photocopy.
b) IC and 2 set photocopy.
c) Letter of explanation what happens to your passport.
d) Letter of confirmation form your company.
f) 1 set of photos copy of your passport with all stamps.
g) 2 handsome/pretty passport size photos.

Second - After you submit those documents you will be interviewed by officer.
Be honest and tell all the true.

Third, Wait for 5 days working days.
Call to them to check whether the investigation of your passport done or not.
If yes, you have to go there again to pay RM300 fees to renew 5 years duration.

Forth, Wait for another 2 days later,
Then, you can collect your new passport.

See! Troubles or nope?
(Next time, Take care your passport well!)

I went to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia at Cawangan Kelana Jaya.
I met the officer, she is friendly, nice and very efficiency!
I am very satisfy with their service!
Good Keep it On!

After settle all stuffs...
When i paying toll at LDP to IOI mall,
When i ask for receipt and smile at him,
This Malay guy smiles back and say "你好吗?"
Oh... i a bit shock and reply him "好".
After i take the receipt, he says again "谢谢" to me.

World is changing... change to be better...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saratov - My Feeling

There are two songs describe my feeling...

When i am travelling back to Saratov for completing the 2 hydrogenation plants.
This is song i floating in my mind,

I really don't know what customer plan to do?
They told me they are ready to start-up but without Hydrogen gas..
How to start-up the hydrogenation plants?

Since, stupid and liar customer cannot provide us anything.
Just back home!
When you leave the hell, then you will go to some place better.

Enjoy the songs above!

p/s: There is a Heaven if there are not any group whose are
"Make Chinese Angry"
"Make India Crazy"
"U Must No Obey"

Friday, April 27, 2012


I feel sorry to my country because i unable to attend Bersih 3.0 in Dataran Merdeka.
I still in Russia.
Anyhow, i will wear yellow t-shirt tomorrow!




Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Change for better or worse!
I will choice Change not matter what happen next.

54 years...
What happens to our country?
Getting better or worse?

54 years...
Everyone have better life in our country?
Better or worse?

After 54 years,
They told me that they will change and give them one more chance.

If your boyfriend did something bad to you;
Will you give him 54 times changes and apology him for same mistake?
If Yes, you are kind Sohai!

1 month ago,
I have bite an apple.
And, i saw some worm is moving inside the apple.
If you have enough times,
What you will do?

a) Try to bite another part of apple - maybe it it OK another side.
b) Take a photos.

There is not any other change to keep the apple;
I will immediately throw out part which i bite inside my mouth first and throw away the apple.

The apple is keep so long - 54 years.
It is time to "Throw" and lets all the worms die.

I hope there is nobody choice (a) or (b)...

I have one great song to introduce to you!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A real story happen here...

Beng Naik is a executive manager in 1Boleh Sdn Bhd.
He earns a lot money which in illegal operation.
After 5 years, his boss found out his illegal and selfish activities.
His boss make a reports to Police, MACC, MPPP, JPJ and etc officers.

The day is coming...

There are some conversation is going on between Beng Naik with
Police, MACC, MPPP, JPJ officers.
(Beng Naik - BN, Police - P, MACC - M1, M2, MPPP - MP, JPJ - JP)

Police (P): "Your customer report that you punch them because you unable deliver the project to them"
Beng Naik (BN): "Yes, so what!"
P: "Hence, we want want to arrest you under this cause!"
BN: "Nooo... You can not do that! I punch him but i never use any weapon! Refer to rules, it is ok.
P: "...."

MACC (M1): "We are inform that you misused of company money - suspect of corruption!"
BN: "What do i corrupt?"
M1: "A pen only costs RM2.00, but you bought from supplier RM56.60 per piece"
BN: "Oh... I am not corruption, i just bought expensive pen only"
M1: "...."

MPPP (MP):  "With a photos show that you park your car illegal at 11pm night"
BN: "Yes, so what!"
MP: "It causes traffic congestion! And, make others people suffers"
BN: "Refer to Jessie, i can park my car anywhere i like after 10:30pm, so you better don't disturb else i report to her"
MP: "...."

JPJ  (JP): "You so ego right! This time you have to pay the saman"
BN: "What saman?"
JP: "This is the photos that you are driving your car speedy - 200km/h"
BN: "Let me a look! Oh.. it look like me, sound like me, but it is not me!"
JP: "...."

Everyone are down.
Beng Naik feel ego and nobody can catch him.
At this moment, MACC, M2 is coming infont of him.

M2: "Beng Naik, please don't so ego and LCLY!'
BN: "Wakakaka... if you have invidence and catch me"
M2: "I am suspect you involved one of the corruption case cost RM2500.
"So, you have to follow me back for helping us for this investigation"

BN: "Ah........ for 8 hours or more"

Now, Beng Naik so scare and he tells M2;
"Please do not bring me back to MACC building, tell all the officers that i admit all the mistake i made"
"I just don't want throw out from MACC building level 14th"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Belated Happy Valentine day

15 minutes ago, it is Happy Valentine day.
I am too slow.

I guess everyone either single or couple or married, they enjoy the DAY.
As for me, i am nothing to show here :P
(Due to my Google piscasa photo memory is loaded max.)

This year, it is quite normal day for me.
My wife prepared lamb steak for me and Vanessa.
I can said it is much better than Victoria station.
Talk about Victoria station...
It is painful experience - 6 years ago's Valentine day.
We went to USJ Victoria station at 730pm.
And, we wait and wait and finish our meal around 1130pm.
It is really a nightmare for us.

Hence, we never take our dinner at any restaurant during Valentine day,
How about you?

Wish all of you have a Nice, Sweet and Happy Valentine day :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

 365 days ago, It is 2011!
Now, it is 2012.
Can't image that i am getting 1 year older soon.

Review of 2011,

1. I can conclude that working during Chinese new year is not a good sign.
Why i say so?
I calculated that most of my time is oversea (7.5 months).
It makes me feel bad that i cannot spend time with family.
Hence, I promised that this coming year 2012, i will celebrate CNY with my family.
Chinese New Year 2011 at Russia with friends.

2. I realized that i am not so active in blogging recently.  
Total of posts is 54 only.
So bad! It is less that 100 posts.
I know the reason behind, i will try my best in 2012.
Posts that i blog store in folder individually.

3. Where i travel to 2011?

 a. Kameka, Russian.
  b. Hanoi, Vietnam
 c. Bangkok, Thailand

  d. Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

 e. Saratov, Russian.

f. Shen Zhen, China

 4. Bloggers who i met.
Manglish, Bananaz, Mango, Merryn Tan, Ethan and William

5. The moment that i feel i am Malaysian.
Voting is our right!

6. Things that i still owe people...

a. I bet that Bananaz is a young girl with Manglish and Merryn Tan.
I lost the bet - Hence, i still owe them ABC cendol.

b. Wenn guess correctly the answer "Just for fun".
I have the Key chain of Shen Zhen with me but... I still not send it out yet.

7. My dream car become reality.

Car reserved - Voon

8. Best Christmas gift from Company.

Ipad 2 - Now - it is belong to Vanessa

9. I feel happy that i am not miss the events.

Manage come back in time from Africa to celebrate my daughter's birthday.

Manage come back in time from Russia to attend 10 years old friend's wedding.

10. I feel sad/sorry that i miss the events.

a. 2 years, i am not available to celebrate my wife's birthday.
(1st time at Kamenka, Russia and 2nd time at Saratov, Russia)

b. Cannot attend my daughter's school orientation day - 3oth December.
(At Patum, Thailand)

Wishes of 2012:

1. MUST celebrate Chinese New Year 2012 with family.

2. Spend less time in playing online games - more posting. 
(Poor Nuffnang - not a good motivation agent)

3. Travelling but in short period at oversea.

4. Meet with bloggers - err... I am shy better not... kekeke

5. I wish i able to cast my vote for Malaysia election number 13rd!

6. So... When your guy (Manglish, Bananaz & Merryn) free?
I will send out the things to you, Wenn when i back from Thailand.
Keep my finger cross.

7. Still the same goal as previous, won the RM20++million lottery.

8. I hope Ipad 3 will come out then best gift for my wife.

9. Will not miss all important events and come back in time.

10. Not oversea when important events triggered. 
Spend more time with family. 

"I wish my dream come truth this NEW YEAR 2012"
"I wish all the wishes that you would like to cast... come truth as well"