Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Bye 2010!

1 more day, we will leave 2010 behind.
Are we ready to welcome 2011?

After read back the Good Bye 2009! post,
I still keep some Guinness in my fridge.
It is 2 years old Guinness, and it is the time i have to throw all into rubbish tong.

Talk about my 2010 milestones,
I feel disappointed that i am not fulfill all.
I hope 2011 i will complete it and plan for new tasks.

Anyhow, life is short and we enjoy it every moment we have.
Work hard! or Work smart!
Play hard! or Play smart!
It is time to celebrate coming New Year 2011.
Drink whatever you can.
It is party time!

Please remember! 
Don't drink until drunk and sleep on the street!
Like him!

Before i become i drunk again,
I would like to wish ALL,


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back to Malaysia 1 week ago

Let we sit on the time machine and i bring your guy back to 1 week ago.


Time: 7:00am 17/12/2010
Early in the morning, I take a jet from Vorenezh to Moscow.
It is cold but my heart is warm all the time.
Can't wait for another 24 hours back to Malaysia.

After 24 hours travelling:
Time: 10:00am 18/12/2010

I back home and hear my daughter is playing with her toys.
And, i say "hello" to her.
I feel great that she is shouting "Papa Papa..."
And, i capture this photos as below:
Feel happy that she still remember me as her daddy.

Have a rest and take a bath.
I go out with my family - Eat Bak ku teh!

At night, i meet my wife's friend at 相见欢 restaurant near to Kampung Pandan.
We 8 n 8 until 10pm+ then dismiss the team.

Time: 10:00am 19/12/2010

Around 7 years, this is first time i go to Petaling street take dim sum with my wife's family.
After that, i help my father-in-law to clean up his factory until night.

Time: 12:00am 20/12/2010

Today is Monday and i apply leave.
I take my father-in-law to see eyes specialist.

When we meet the doctor,
We start complain that why my father-in-law after eyes operation,
His eyes still not recover properly.
Doctor tell to the nurse.
Doctor: "Please take him to check the eyes test"
Nurse: "I don't know, you never teach me how to do?"
Doctor: "Har... I taught before"
Nurse: "No..."

I and my wife laugh soundly and others doctor also shaking their head too.
I tell my wife: "I hope the doctor will know what they did when do the eyes operation for your daddy"

This is look quite a serious issue then the 2 young eyes doctor ask their head department come over.
They keep checking my father-in-law eyes one by one.
I feel that my father-in-law is a white mouse, they look like doing research with my father-in-law.
Anyhow, they really do their part and they will do another eyes laser after 4 months later.

I ask them one question:
"Why all of you guys wear glasses, don't know how to take care your eyes?"
(I understand they really study hard to obtain their doctor, just kidding them only :P)
And, the doctors just smile at me.

Time: 9:00am 21/12/2010

Normal working hours.
My boss come over here to have meeting with us.
We have our dinner at Overtime until 12pm+.

Time: 9:00am 22/12/2010

Normal working hours.
Having our dinner at Kelana Jaya Steamboat until 11:30pm+.
So, i still maintain same ages - i haven't eat any Tang Yuan yet.

Time: 9:00am 23/12/2010

Normal working hours until 3pm.
Send my boss to airport.
Before that, i received a comment from a blogger - Bananaz

"Hi CH Voon you should be home sweet home by now why bohsia one bro? No new post of your home coming? 
Busy with work or trying to adapt to KL weather have not warmed up yet or still jet lag? lol"

After reach home around 4:30pm,
I write this post... and i hope i answer his question :P
Am i?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are you ready for 13rd election?

Recently, I read a very nice post!
I really ENJOY it very much.
The post is written by Elims Chuang.

I feel very exciting after he scolds those people who haven’t register as a voter.
He should translate all those Mandarin to English as well.
From his posts,

A lot of people will give a lot of excuses like:
“No time” << You are damn busy BIG BOSS? Like Bill Gate?
“Don’t know how to register” << You still like kid?? Hey! 21 years OLD kid!
“A lot people not register too” << Good habit you never learn, learn all rubbishes!! People eat shit, you follow too?
“I don’t know where the post office is?” << Do you know your gf’s mum house? X mouth to ask?
“Voting useful?” << You are useful human being? I don’t think so!
“I will register later” << I wish you long life!!!  Good luck!

Do you feel not easy after reading the statement above?
Forcing is not a correct method to awake people how important voting is.
Voting is very important especially those people haven’t voting before.
10 years ago, I felt that voting is useless and waste energy.
10 years later, I realize that voting is important for every responsible people

My personal opinion,
It is not related to politic, it is related to your country’s future.
No country, No family.
I am not agree with those people always told me that they not interesting in politics.
But, they are more interesting in making money.

Good government > Stable Politic > Economic grow > More opportunity > Money Increase > Better quality life styles > Better education > Healthy society.
Bad government > Unstable politic > Economic weak > Less opportunity + Product hike > Money decrease > Quality life styles decrease > Less education > A lot society problems.

Summary is

But, they always complain that all the price of petrol, sugar, powder, gas, water and etc. hike.
“Blah … Blah … Blah…”
After Blah … Blah … Blah …
They still continue to buy the petrol, sugar, powder, gas, water etc.
Recently, a lot of people not agree with the SOHAI Mega tower.
(What 2019? What bankrupt? Look like the country very rich)
They try to express their feeling in any media e.g. forum, Facebook or twitter.
It will not make much different and the project still continue.
If you really want to stop it, use the vote to deny it.

If the things still continue happen, at least you have done your part.
I have registered myself as voter for next coming election.
How about you? click HERE to check.

I will back to Sarawak to vote if I at Malaysia.
Air ticket fare is expensive.
BUT, it is cheaper damn lot compare to the price of the consequence you will pay for your NEXT GENERATION in this country.
Maybe, you have another CHOICE… prepare MORE money for migrating to other country.

I will vote not for myself – if I am lucky, I ONLY need to suffer for 30+ years here.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Balik Kampung

4 days more, I will back to Malaysia.
The clock is clocking very slow.
I feel not easy to wait the day coming.
I always wonder why fantastic moment passing so fast;
Why it is not apply to bored/sad moment?
We should make the moment always in happiness?

Recently, I and my India engineer back to our bungalow.
When we prepare our lunch, we start to sing “Balik Kampung” together.
Our translator – Sasa (Alexander) thought we are crazy!
It is a good song, play or sing the song if you away from your home for sometimes.
Especially, if you have very serious sick called homesick.
It is a good medicine to cure.

Today, we come back as usual.
We throw the prepared food (cow’s heart with bean) into rubbish tong.
It is really awful and poor food.
Feel luck that we have 2 more package of Maggie mee for our dinner.
Always prepare some food from our country if travel outstation.
Say NO to awful food.

Life is either black or white color?
In between black and white is grey color.
I like to travel but sometimes I am tired of travelling too.
It is not easy to choose either one… make a good choice.
And, I choose grey color.
Hence, I am suffering here.
So, don’t envy me because I am suffering here.
You should feel great for yourself if you not travelling at all.

Every day, I am counting down.
Anyone who leave their country for working;
I guess you have the same feeling as me.
Especially, if you have a family who waiting you back.
Always take your family photos with you when travelling.

Just be more patient.
Everything you did for your family.
It is worth.

P/s: I hope there are the tips to reduce the level of your homesick.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vorenezh vs KL

2 weeks ago, i traveled to Voronezh city.
It is 2 hours journey from Kamenka town.
What is the different between Voronezh and Kuala Lumpur.
It is very difficult to compare using words.
Hence, i will use photos for comparison.

Top: Public telephone at Voronezh        Bottom: Public telephone at KL.

Top: National car in Russia     Bottom: National car in Malaysia

Top: National Monument in Voronezh   Bottom: National Monument in KL

Top: Public bus in Voronezh    Bottom: Public bus in KL.

There are nothing different between both city are

People like to paste their advertisement on the public electrical panel.
In our country, we normally can see - Ah Long advertisement.

Look like everyone like to have FREE advertisement.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Food - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Food is one of the important items for survive.
Do you want to know what type of food i eat here?
Let me show some of the food here.
This is the canteen, i take my breakfast and lunch.

I guess everyone know what is this?
This is my breakfast all the times.
Start from the first day until today,
I think i ate (9 weeks x 7 days x 2 eggs) - (4 days holiday).
I totally ate 122 eggs in my stomach.
I can describe the chef - No creative at all or Lazy.


I seldom take photos during lunch time.
A lot people eat together.
All the food can be category within 6-7/10.
I can describe the chef - Hardworking & Creative.


About my dinner,
It is awful.
They will pack the food in plastic and pass to us.
About the food, it is tasteless.
Hence, we normally "modify" or "upgrade" the food.
I can describe the chef - CUT COST!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter in Kamenka, Vorenezh

It is winter time at here.
Some people like it;
Some people dislike it.
 From my bedroom window.
 At the garden.
Outside the house. 
 My footprint.

Winter time is cold ~ -1--20 degree but the view is great.
Have to put on a lot of clothes - more than woman.
If you are driving, you need to change your tyres to winter type.
Have to turn on your house heater all the time.
A lot of expense you need to pay for.

The ugly view is when the snow is melting.
All the place look dirty.
Just like place below:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Toilet in Vorenezh, Russia

Public toilet is quite common in my country.
My previous post discuss about Toilet in Europe.
Today, let’s we discuss about a Toilet in Russia.

This is the first time; I saw this kind of toilet in Voronezh city.
When I entered to the toilet, I thought that it was a pub or disco.
And, I came out again and saw the sign board again.
It is a toilet in the shopping mall.

For sure, they are not a real human being.
If yes, I think I don’t want to pee in front of them.
 I found that there are some handsome “toys” inside the female toilet as well.
What is the reason they put those sexy “toys” inside the toilet?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wish you all the Best!

To my little brother:
I am sorry that i miss your graduation day on 13/11/2010.
I wish you have a bright future.

Wish you all the Best!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Valentine day - 2010

I can’t imagine that I have stayed in Russian for 1 month.
Spending my whole night time – watch movie & read book.
I’m starting fall in love with romantic love movie.
Those movies are funny and lovely.

For single status:
“She’s Out of my league”
“Love at Seventh Sight”
“Valentine’s Day”

For married status:
“Date night”
"Love Hurts"

What is love?
One of the important facts is
“Accept all the GOOD and BAD points of THE ONE you love”
Etc… Please comment.

I have one lovely song to share with you guys.

Heaven is a place on Earth

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth

When the night falls down
I wait for you
And you come around
And the world's alive
With the sound of kids
On the street outside

When you walk into the room
You pull me close and we start to move
And we're spinning with the stars above
And you lift me up in a wave of love...

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth

When I feel alone
I reach for you
And you bring me home
When I'm lost at sea
I hear your voice
And it carries me

In this world we're just beginning
To understand the miracle of living
Baby I was afraid before
But I'm not afraid anymore

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth

Today is my Valentine’s day.
I hope that my wife understand what I mean.
Feel sorry that I’m not able to celebrate this day with you.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life in Kamenka (III)

Cont from Life in Kamenka (II).
I promise not more "To be Cont..." in this post.

When i snap the first photos at basement,
I saw it just a normal storeroom.
The photos i took are shown below:
Er...Just notice there are lot onions there.
I think i can borrow some to cook with eggs.
Potatoes and salted tomatoes.  
No any rats around...
There is nothing to scare! Kekeke
Cannot find any dead body there to show your guy :P.
But, i will still lock my bedroom's door.

About the DVD,
I can say it is my mistake.
As what Broccoli Ginger said,
My laptop crashed it.
That night, i just finish watch the movie.
And, my translator come to ask go to another process engineer apartment to have a meal.
Then, i quickly turn off my laptop and put the DVD and laptop inside my bag.
I always carry the bag wherever  i go.
If i lose it mean it is time i should back home.
So, nobody crash the DVD - i am the ghost.

About the journey to Church,
It is good sign when it starts to rain.
Because, it makes the soil not so sticky to the car wheel.
Hence, the car can move over easily.
We just keep drive until reach the main road.
When we reached home, it is around 9pm.
Yes, i am safe else how to blog this post.

Yes, i promised to show some of photos of translator and process engineers here. 
She is my translator and the guy is the process engineer from Russian.
She is taller than me?
I still doubt to take chef lady with "Misai" to show you guy.

It is bored here hence, i try to find something to tricks people.
Feel sad that i am not so successful trick all people here.
Next post, you will understand how pity i am.
I am not a KING here.

p/s: I will away for 4 days, because i celebrate Devapali as well.
(The factory is closed from 4/11 to 7/11 for holiday)

Life in Kamenka (II)

Continue from Life in Kamenka (I)…
It is dark at the basement.
But, I am exciting to know what things at the basement are.
I cannot find the any switch to turn on the light.
I’m slowly walking down the stair.
Step by step.
I’m holding my little camera.
I plan to use my camera’s flash and see what in the basement.
When I reached at the floor,
It is dark and I cannot see my fingers at all.
I’m pressing my camera to snap some photos.
I am never thinking about what are the photos I will take.
Possible there is some coffin in front of me?
Possible there is a bloody with sharp tooth vampire stay in front of me?
Possible there are a lot rats size like Cat running around?
Or Possible there are a lot disgusting worm moving around?
There are a lot of possible will happen!
Until today, I will lock my bedroom when I sleep.
I am scare.
You want to know what the photos I took are.
Take a deep breath and I will show you soon.
To be Cont…

Talk about my broken DVD.
It is waste my money.
I promise to bring back this movie and watch again with my wife.
Who do break my DVD?
I guess my maid is the one who break it?
But, it is impossible because I put the DVD in my laptop bag.
And, I always carry my bag when I work.
Maybe, it is a bad symptom for me.
Or it is a warning for me.
I am cracking my head, how it will happen.
After do some deep analysis,
I know why the DVD broken.
I will tell you soon.
To be Cont…

It was a really tired that day,
Around 6 pm, a cold and windy heavy raining.
I and poor translator were still pushing the car forward.
And, the driver tried his best to drive his car out of the place.
 My whole body wet like taking bath and feel damn cold.
When we can escape from this big farm?
Nobody stay there.
“Help us”
To be Cont…

p/s: Sorry to say that... i have put alot "to be cont..." I promise that next post, it is the end

Monday, November 1, 2010

Life in Kamenka (I)

Again, this is the bungalow house I stay.

 It is a big house with 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 living rooms and 1 toilet.
It is look old with old furniture.
At night, it is a windy and raining outside.
I normally stay at the living and watching movie there.
Suddenly, I heard some noise sound from the basement.
I cannot find a switch to turn on the basement’s light.
Then, I try to walk down and with my camera.
And, I saw …
To Be Cont…

Before, I come to here.
I knew that here is quite bored.
Hence, I have bought some DVD with me.
That night, I want a movie call “Piranha”
It is quite terrible, scare and XXX movie.
Next day morning, I find the DVD.
I noticed that the DVD is break into 2 piece. 

How can it be?
I stay at home alone and nobody else.
To be Cont…

Last Thursday, it is half working day.
Hence, we went to visit some places.
We use GPS to direct us to one of the famous church.
Around 4pm, we drove to the place.
But, we stop because the car stuck in the middle of the road.
We cannot continue our journey to the destination.

Hence, we were trying to drive back to the main road (2km away).
 My shoes also stick with a lot of soil and hard to walk as well.
We try to clean up the wheel and push at the back.
Until 6pm, we still were pushing the car forward.
It is start to rain and windy.
It is cold and my whole body wet and dirty.
And, we face another problem!
What can we do now?
To be Cont…

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm here - Kamenka, Vorenezh

Kamenka is a small Ville in Voronezh region, Russia.
It is a small town distance 200km from Voronezh city.
I can defined it is a quiet town at night.
I stay there alone without friend.

Feel lucky that I have a device with me.
Its name calls Laptop.
Without it, I don’t know how to pass my time at night.

I can deny that people over here is better that last trip to Uxxxxxx.
My customer really takes care of me.
They provide me;

She is a tall lady translator.
She is taller than me.
She is 36 years old and married.
I can say that she is my assistant.
She is also my bodyguard.
Every time, I speak and she will translate for me.

He is old friendly man.
Every day, he will pick me up and send me back.
During weekend, he will send me to a restaurant take breakfast and lunch.
He just retired this week.
And, my nightmare is coming to me...

She is old lady.
She will clean up the house every day for me.
Her look is scaring me.
Look like old witch.
She always holding the house key.
Everyday, i come back home and she will come to open for me.

Kitchen Chef:
There are a lot of Chefs.
They prepare food for me include day and night.
One of the chef really make me feel less appetite use my meal.
She is a lady with mustache.

I try to take their photos and show next posts.
(I am doubt to take mustache lady photos...)