Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm here - Kamenka, Vorenezh

Kamenka is a small Ville in Voronezh region, Russia.
It is a small town distance 200km from Voronezh city.
I can defined it is a quiet town at night.
I stay there alone without friend.

Feel lucky that I have a device with me.
Its name calls Laptop.
Without it, I don’t know how to pass my time at night.

I can deny that people over here is better that last trip to Uxxxxxx.
My customer really takes care of me.
They provide me;

She is a tall lady translator.
She is taller than me.
She is 36 years old and married.
I can say that she is my assistant.
She is also my bodyguard.
Every time, I speak and she will translate for me.

He is old friendly man.
Every day, he will pick me up and send me back.
During weekend, he will send me to a restaurant take breakfast and lunch.
He just retired this week.
And, my nightmare is coming to me...

She is old lady.
She will clean up the house every day for me.
Her look is scaring me.
Look like old witch.
She always holding the house key.
Everyday, i come back home and she will come to open for me.

Kitchen Chef:
There are a lot of Chefs.
They prepare food for me include day and night.
One of the chef really make me feel less appetite use my meal.
She is a lady with mustache.

I try to take their photos and show next posts.
(I am doubt to take mustache lady photos...)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

9 hours later, I will leave Malaysia

I have not pack my luggage.
Feel lazy to do so.

Travel from Kuala Lumpur to Korolev, Moscow.
I have take my e-ticket today.
Mean, i will miss all the important event in Malaysia.

My journey to Korolev, Moscow.
This time i book Qatar Airway.
Is it good?

From Kuala Lumpur - Doha - Domodedovo - Korolev.
I try to take some photos around with my small camera.

One things i miss a lot is 
My family (wife n Vanessa).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random Photos in PutraJaya 2010

Few weeks ago,
I traveled to Putrajaya for photos shooting.
It was fun and enjoyable day for my family.
 Since government invest lot of money here, we should spend our valuable time here as well.
"Hello, You want "susu soya" drink?"
 "Mummy, I want go to swim"
 "1..2..3 and smiles!"
 "Mummy, I will follow you"
 "What is this?" 
A lot of new couple come here to take their wedding photos.
Are you the who take wedding photos here?

After taking a lot photos,
I realized i have not take my own photos.
This is only one photos i have.
(This photos, i learn from Foongpc and Mei Teng)

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Russian Name

Today, my colleague help me to obtain my passport from Russian embassy.
I have not another choice...
I will fly to Russian either next Monday or Tuesday night.
Hence, i guess i will back from Johor to Kuala Lumpur by Sunday.

My russian is surname is BOOH.
And, my russian name is ЧyH XИAГ.

Next time, you can call me BOOH as well.

See what i can bring back from Russian ho...
Who want to drink Vodka? I bring one back and drink together?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Everyone will become Parent as well.

Please spend 6 min to watch the movie below:

When we are kid, they take care us with heart.
When we grow up, we do the same to them?

Before i have my baby, Vanessa.
I really scare to clean up shit - for my little brother (when he is baby).
Now, I am not more scare of shit and i used to it.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I miss again

I possible miss again...
Every time, i go outstation i will miss some important event.
Those event will never ever repeat again.
It is whole life...

Last year,
I miss one of my University friend wedding, Jocye Tan (post).
This year,
I miss my wife's friend wedding, Melissa Chen (post).
Feel sorry cannot join your event...

Unlucky, i think i am going to miss one again.
She is my sister-in-law.
I thought that i commissioning at Johor.
I can stay here for 1-2 weeks.
Then, i am possible to join her wedding dinner.

Just now, i open my mail box.
I received an order that i MUST to go Russian asap.
They want me go instead of my colleague.
They ask my colleague to swap with me,
so, they take over my task here (Johor).

So,  I guess i probably take a flight 9/10 to Russian.
Pray and pray...
No flight to Russian until 23/10.


Anyhow, i get this opportunity to wish:
Lai Fun & Kim Sing,

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Letter to Dearest Lim

Dearest Lim,

Good Afternoon. I am one of the Malaysian stay in Puchong. 
I think most people stay in Puchong face this problem.
I don't know where should i speak out this problem and i write this mail to you.
The traffic jam along the LDP highway is getting worse from day to day.

I am not speak out for my own problems, it is a problem for all people stay around Puchong.
The traffic jam start from 7:30AM until 10:00AM during working hours.
I guess most of people will stuck in traffic jam a least 2 hours before reach their office.
After passing the toll station, all the driver almost look like dead fish and still need to swim slowly to their office.

Example, I travel from Puchong to Kelana Jaya which take me around 2++ hours.
Hence, i try another routine from Puchong - KL-Putrajaya Highway - Jalan Duta - Sprint Highway - Kelana Jaya.
It takes possible approximately less than 2 hours. 
But, Feel better than dead fish but should we repeat this? 
Petrol is not cheap compare to Iran country.
One day routines, it takes us around 4++ hours for non-productive work.

I wonder why should we pay RM1.60 the toll at LDP for?
If we pay the toll, we should able to enjoy the service such as fast, safe, less time, comfortable to reach the destination.
But, we cannot enjoy anything from utilizes the LDP highway but pay the high price of toll.
It looks like we pay for depressed, tension, waste petrol, kill time and all negative issues.

As my personal opinion, if the LDP toll company want to hike the price of the toll in future (Maybe 2011).  
They should provide a good service else they cannot hike unless they solve the problem we face.
For sure, every 3-5 years refer to the contract, the company will hike the toll price.
If not, government have to pay the penalty for the company. (it is also people's tax money)
If the toll company cannot improve the service, i don't think we should pay more.
Can state government Selangor use this issue to stop the company to hike the toll price?

I hope that PKR can do something which BN cannot do.
If PKR take over Selangor and do the things like BN which cannot solve the people's problems.
What is the different between PKR and BN?
I hope that PKR can do something upstanding than BN.
Prove it to people that PKR is better than BN.

Let's LDP company to figure out or PKR work together to solve this problems for people.

Thank you.

I am Malaysian

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pasir Gudang - Johor

Tomorrow morning,
I will travel to Pasir Gudang to commissioning a plant.
Before i travel to Russian few weeks later.

I try to search from the internet to find any good food in JB.
I type "Restaurant pasir gudang, johor"
And, i found KFC and Pizza Hut.
I am not interested this kind of food.
I want to eat local food.

I try my luck again and type "Nice food pasir gudang, Johor"
The search engine show me this result - Job vacancy :(.
It is not a good search engine - Google!

However, i found that Wikitravel is quite a good website and very informative.
After surf for few minutes, i give up.
I guess my contractor will bring me to some nice restaurant in Pasir Gudang.

p/s: I have make a bet with my wife and i lose. 
I owe her one big meal. My wife and my daughter happy and jump up n down.
It is related to a car and journey to Johor.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Embassy of Russia in KL

Today, I go to apply Visa for Russia.
Address of Embassy of Russia in Kuala Lumpur is 

263 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-42563949.
Open (Monday, Wednesday & Friday).
From (9am to 12pm).

Map of Embassy of Russia

Wisma Chinese Chamber

Car park

What is the submission documents requirement?
1. Passport.
2. 1 Photo.
3. Original invitation Letter.
4. Money in RM.

Feel lucky that there is a Malaysia Lady who are friendly, helpful & polite to assist you.
She will help you to complete the Visa application. 

Visa payment:

Single Entry:
Normal (4days onwards) = RM200
Express (1-3 days) = RM400

Multiple Entry:
Normal (4 days onwards) = RM320
Express (1-3 days) = RM640

There is another type of entry, Normal is RM600 and Express is RM1200.

Information updated on 01-10-2010