Sunday, May 24, 2009

I get my Passport

Today, i go to get my passport,
Guess what happen this time?
1 week ago, i cannot get the passport after 2 hours because of
"Printing machine malfunction"
This time, the "System software malfunction/halt gay",
All the applicant waiting there more than 3 hours,
Maybe, THIS department lack of money,
Anyone who rich enough, can you donate some money to help them,
To upgrade their printer and System software,
Then, it indirect will reduce the suffer of people in Malaysia,
At last, i manage to get my passport,

"I can go to Shanghai - Yeah!"

"A bit sad that my daddy cannot follow me"

Because of this trip, i try very hard to learn how to walk...

Some tactic my daddy apply it on me...

(Enjoy the movie clip)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Journey to Oman

Journey to Oman,
I will take a lot of photos there,
And, display in my blog,
Hope you continue support me,
I will update my blog when i am free over there,
It is time to leave my family,
3 weeks later, i will come back!
See ya!
p/s: I miss the Malaysia's small election! so bad! Don't know who will win this time!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I apply my passport

Hi, Good Morning Uncle, Auntie, Brother & Sisters,
My name is Vannesa Voon,
1 week later, i am 10 months old,
Today, I wake up very early in the morning,
Around 6:45am, my daddy & mummy take me to Damasara,
To apply passport for me,
About 7:15am, we reach to Damasara - Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia,
I take a photo ~ 4 pieces costs my daddy RM10,
To apply a passport for me - requirement are:
1. 1 original birth certificate and 1 fotocopy,
2. 1 daddy or mummy IC photocopy,
3. Rm150 for the application fees,
4. Bring your baby/children there too.

"Wooo Wooo... 2 hours i manage to my passport!"

"Why? Still a lot of people apply passport on Sunday?"

"Everyone line up to get their number, and my turn number is 1022"

"I have to be patient and wait for my passport"

"Er... Aiyo, i am under 2 years old, i should come over here and not need to line up!"
. .
This special counter is for :
1. Pregnant mother,

2. Children aged below 2 years old,
3. Disabled person,
4. Senior citizen (above 55 years old),

" WHY? Daddy, you should check properly, See we waste our time here"
"I am so sleepy now"
"Never mind, just wait for my turn 1022"

"Wait wait wait"
"I think i better take my breakfast first"


"Because of our printer problem, very sorry to inform that you cannot get the passport by today, for anyone who urgent to get it please go to other branch..."
"WHAT a bad day!"
After pay (RM150), we go to take our lunch,

"Mummy, i want wantan mee and 1 coke"
"Mummy, have you listen to me?"

. .=After that, we go to hypermarket,
Nowadays, it is a damn hot weather,
"I like shopping in air condition place!"

"... some more i not need to walk and seat on the trolley! hehehe"
Tonight, i will follow my parent to celebrate mother day!
"Yeah Yeah!"
"I can eat a lot!"

2 days later,

"Selamat pagi encik, Saya ni Vannesa",
"Boleh saya tanya sama ada encik punya printer machine sudah dibaiki atau tak?"
"Oh! jika sudah dibaiki, saya punya passport sudah siap ke, receipt no. xxxxx?
"Kerana emak saya perlu memohon cuti untuk datang ambil passportku"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Human life just like a Tofu!

Human life just like a Tofu,
Do you agree with me?
Yesterday, it is really a hot weather,
I drove out at night and i saw a car accident nearby,
One man killed,
Why people not drive safety? Careless?
5 months ago,
My wife and my daughter met an accident,
How serious the accident?
I really do not know because i at outstation at that moment,
But, you can image it how serious - the car still in workshop until today,
I wonder when this car can be repaired completely,
My daughter cried very loudly and make my wife wake up,
My daughter head bloodily,
It is lucky because it only outside injured,
My wife told me she very scare suddenly baby not cry Lia,
Ouch.... she slept Lia.
Thank to God, that take care of my family,
Never put your baby seat beside the driver seat,
Because it is the most dangerous place if accident happens,
"KESAS highway to KL- PUTRAJAYA junction"
Until today, i do not know how this accident happened,
My wife told that she suddenly cannot see anything,
And, the car hit the "tiang",
Possible are"ghost around" or my wife's health?
Not sure! Better drive slow and safe...
And, do not take photos during driving like me,
As for me
Family is the number one,
Appreciate every moment with your family,
One day, they will leave you alone,
Why i say "Human life just like a Tofu?",
See... a lot of people die because of H1N1 virus nowadays,
People getting very easy go to heaven/hell,
To explain more detail, i ask my wife to buy some tofu for me,
And, Tofu very easy break like shit as below,
Just like human, when hit by car....
Hope you understand what i mean....
For explanation more clear in this posts,
My wife pay for Rm0.60 for those tofu,
To save those money,
I have to cook,


P/s: Spend more time with your family, Don't work until neglect your family.

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ADD sentences in YOUR Tube

How to add scripts in YouTube?
First, register your own account in YouTube,
Second, upload a video in YouTube,
Third, click and to edit your movie,

After, you can see function button as yellow circles,

Click on the function button,

There are 3 type of chat box,

Select either one and put in your movie clip,

After select the chat box,

It will pop up out another function in detail,

Hence, you can put as much sentences as you like,

If want to make the movie more interested,

I suggest to use movie maker software.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taxi! I want go to LCCT!

Few days ago,
I back to my hometown - Kuching,
Before that, i call to book a taxi,
I had info the operator that i want go to LCCT Airport x3,
On 9th of May, i took the taxi,
Before i went inside the taxi,
I informed the taxi driver again,
I want go to LCCT Airport x3,
Lucky, i did that else i will sent to KLIA Airport,
And, you have to pay additional money (RM18++) again for sending back to LCCT Airport,
So, remember to emphasis to the taxi driver that you want go to
But, if you want go to KLIA Airport and just forget what i mention above... I believe a lot of people face this problem and pay additional money for that!
Hey! it is good money right ~ RM18++

Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome, Thank for support!

Hi, I am litte Vanessa,
My daddy quite busy nowaday,
Hence, he has not time to update his blog,
Very sorry about it,
Anyway, my daddy will keep track on what all the blogger friend's post,
My daddy prepared himself for next trip to Oman,
I hope daddy able to come back to join us to Shanghai trip...
What a busy daddy?
Busy... Busy...Busy...

I have one short movie clip to show here...

Before start, Please turn your head to 90 degree...

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Girls! Method to keep fit!

How to keep fit?

Let my little daugther demos a bit,

Let we start to learn...

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Steven's Big DAY!

Today, It is my ex-boss Steven's big day,

Feel really happy for him,
I wish them "HAPPY FOREVER",
I think i know him around 7 years,
He is our good brother,
Sure, we drink a lot until overflow ~ drunk,
- beer, red wine, Hennessy -
Feel lucky that i not bring my vodka there,
~ Open ceremony ~
"Sweet couple" "Paiseh!, after drinking my face turn to red color"
from left: me, Jamson, Liew, Jeremy & Robin.

"Hey, Jamson! When is your turn? I will drunk your partner" hehehe
"3rd generation in my previous company"

"Last, it is really sleepy after few cups of beer."
I took not much of photos,
More of times drinking with friends,
At last,
It is a memorable moment & ever lasting.....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

No Discrimination, Please!

My previous blog deleted by third party,
I promised to myself not to write something related to politic,
I will write about my life,
Just keep my memory in my blog,
However, if this post will trigger "third party" to delete my blog again,
I will never feel sad again because i have make a lot backup,
If i died, there are thousand of me will be reborn,

But, i will not write some related to politic too,
However, i will point out my view here,

3 years ago, i celebrated my Chinese new year in platform,
where there are only 3 Chinese people around,
I felt depressed because i cannot go back to celebrate this festival with family,
But, I am very happy that all Iban people celebrated this festival with us,
We are not feel alone anymore,
They respected our culture, our freedom & each others,

I LOVE them too,"A lot of food prepared"
"We are the only Chinese on the boat, but we never feel lonely"

And, you will feel exciting when you see their hand make lion,
They really willing to learn others race's culture,
Because we are Malaysian!


"Cute ?"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Labor Day!

It is a happy labor day!
for all workers,
After work for 7 years,
Can i make a summary in term of a functional system?
Technician define as a conveyor belt,
Engineer define as a pump/motor,
Senior Engineer define as a partial system,
Factory Manager define as a factory,
Businessman/Boss define as a product,


Technician will never operate if not received any order from engineer,
Few engineers and technicians will make some operation to run,
All operation running together in one factory and,
The factory will produce product.
After production,
The whole company still not earn money,
Only the businessman to sales out the product and money come in,


After 7 years of working,

It is time to shift from Engineer to be businessman (possible)?,

if i want to earn more money,

however, as an engineer you will experience a lot of new things,

but, your wallet will never full of money,

Do you want experience of life or money?

Can i choice BOTH? "Middle of sea"

"Good worker doesn't mean have a good paid - :)"

"BUT, Bad worker comfirm get worst paid!"

Enjoy the movie clips of one of my experience,