Thursday, December 15, 2011

It is a small world

It is a small world on the earth.
We possible will meet someone at some place.
or we will know someone which friend of others.

So, i think we have to be a good to others.
else you will take it next round.

For example,
Unique Blogger SK,
He is my wife's schoolmates's ex-colleague.

Mummy Blogger Mnhl,
She is my Tarc college friend's friend's wife. 

Maybe, one day i found out that You are my friend's friend's friend's wakaka

I have a elder brother who stay in Ireland.
I think i never meet him for 3 to 4 years.
(Only in MSN messenger video)

when i transit in the Abu Dhabi airport.
I meet him and his wife (Dai so)
He also back to Malaysia as well.
Same flight same destination, but he travels to Kuching now

.We look same?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last trip in Saratov - 2011

After 2 weeks plus,
I have another 1 week to go ... 22 December 2011.
I can say this is the shorter trip i never have.
It is absolutely best for me and my family!
I cannot deny that i am getting fat and fatter!

OMG! Last time, i thought Russia is best place to slim our body!
But, it is not for this trip!

Today, we have a short discussion and COME back tomorrow!

Yahoo!!!! I will take very early flight back to Malaysia.
(Shhhppppssss... Just to come back silent to give my wife and daughter a...

Quickly, i pack all my tasks and have a quick group photos with
my plant operators team.

Feel not easy surround with ladies :)

Once more,
I turn on my phone and play this song...

"I'm coming home"
(Nothing is better than home)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saratov Life - Part 4

 Cannot imaging that i have stay here for 1 week more.
I can say this trip is relax and more fun that previous trip.
I eat a lot and gain fat here.

From Autumn season...
 Loving bridge which one of the symbol of Saratov regional.
To Winter Season...
 Ice everywhere include sea surface.
 When sun rising up, the weather is freezing cold, i still surviving :)

From Africa to Russia,
I meet Italian, South africa, France people...

Now, i meet German, Ukrainian, Demark people here...
 Funny guy, Rudy from German.
 Serious guy, Lars from Denmark and Happy guy, Eugene from Ukraine.

I am younger guy among them, hence i have to acting like that too :)
For sure, i meet another guy as well...

He is Santa ....
Cannot deny that Christmas festival is coming soon :)

After working during weekend,
I will chit chat with my family :)
Close your eyes, you will see me soon.
She believe it :)

One of her favorite song,
"Nothing gonna change my love for you"
Have to play this song in front her... See she listen it  patiently.

Can you spot something?
Someone is behind!!!!
First, i though is me...

See again when i at others side

It still there!!!!

To be continue: