Saturday, January 30, 2010

GPS = Good + Perferct - Stupid

Actually, GPS defined as Global Positioning System navigation system,
For me,  I define is as Good,Perfect,Stupid navigation system.

Why i define it like this?

I feel really good because it is a good experience to use it,
I am newbie to use this technology,
It is really fun because it can direct you to a destination.
Hence, it is good use have a GPS system.
I feel good that i have a GPS phone.

It is damn perfect to use this system,
It helps me to find some location which i never been there before,
Feel perfect and excited when i reach my destination without doubt,
It is a perfect system which show me where has road block after i drink a bit,
It is a pefect device which make you not lonely during travelling,
It always guide you turn left or right,
It is make me perfect!

Talk about stupid,
I really angry about it,
I have one story to share,
During Christmas Eve 2009,
I travel to Teluk Rubiah, Tanjung Manjung, Perak for service job,
I travel there early in the morning and hope can reach there,
It lead me to a long way to reach there,
Lead me to Ipoh and from Ipoh travel there.
Actually, i should exit at Bidor and it makes faster,
I am not familiar with the place so i have to trust GPS,
When i travel back from Tanjung Manjung back to KL,
Shit, it leads me through forest, Kuala Selangor, Klang & Puchong,
Hence, i want to Fxxx the government,
Why they not install street light there, it really dark and heavy raining at there moment,
They rather sent a sohai to space and don't want to install some street light there,
And, do stupid campaign to minimize the rate of accident! Fuck off!
Let we back to topic,
Hence, i totally not need to pay any sen to the plus highway toll,
When reach home, it is 1:30am o'clock.
I am not mean the GPS stupid,
I am STUPID because i believe in it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is UK (II)

I seldom talk about food at my blog.
And, I seldom help restaurant to advertise their food as well.
Unless, they pay me a free meal then I will do so.

Let’s we discuss a bit about Ukraine’s food!
Don’t compare the food here with my country.
It is totally different.
Honestly, I am not used to it when I come here for the first time.
If you cannot beat them, join them!

Do you want to know what I used to eat at the factory?

Breakfast time!
I admire that I eat a lot but I also exercise as well.  Hence, I am trying to maintain 6 packs of my body.
(Oops! Sorry I type wrongly.  It is should be 1 pack)

Lunch & Dinner!
I am really enjoying their soup! Taste great!
But, I still not adapted to the “Barli” rice and the meat balls.

Overall, the Ukrainian soups win my heart!

Do you know how the food at the local restaurant?

What can I describe them?
Western food!

Both of the salads are nice together drink with Volka.
Nice! Nice! & Nice!

We manage to find the only one Chinese Restaurant here.
We come to this restaurant plenty of times.
This is the restaurant where we feel much more confident to order food.
Because the restaurant‘s Tauke (Mr Lee) is from China.

Paiseh! We come over here many times.
But, I took few photos only.
Because, the food are damn nice and make me forget to take photos.

We are crazy guys like to eat spicy food!
We told the Tauke, if not spicy no paid!
At the end, we pay as well.

How about drink at here?

Vodka & Beer are damn cheap over here.
1 bottle of vodka cost RM10 to RM30 only.
1 big bottle beer cost around RM2 to RM4.
Because of weather, we drink some of alcoholic drink.
It is nice to drink until a bit high level and stop.
We will chit chat like 38 but we still under control;
It is a great time!

Drink Mineral water is the best!

Sometimes, I will spend time and cook at apartment weekend.

There are not Ukraine food but cook at Ukraine.
About the taste… hmmmmm
No comment.

But,  I am plenty sure that…

This is the Best food in Ukraine!

p/s:  Maggi company, I help you promote your delicious mee. 
As you know, Chinese New Year is coming soon.
I need some pocket money for preparing angpao(s). Do you know what I mean?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is UK (I)

UK is neither Ulu Klang nor United Kingkom.
Uk is Ukraine.
It is situated in the south-eastern part of Central Europe.
The country is home to 46 million people.
Independence Day fall on 24th August.
Holiday in Ukraine is only 10 days which are very less compare to my country.
(New year, Christmas, Women day, Labor dayx2, Easter, Victory Day, Whitsunday, Constitution day & Independence Day).
The Ukrainian language is the only official language in Ukraine, while Russian is also widely spoken.
Ukraine is one of the world's main centers of sugar production.
It produces sugar both for own needs and for export.

I stay at one of the city in Ukraine.
Iliyichevsk – one of the largest ports of the region by general cargoes handling, where 2 major international transport corridors of east Europe approach each other.

It is situated in northwestern part of the Black Sea.
It is 12 miles south-west of Odessa, where another busy city.
The climate of the country is moderate with 4 seasons.

How is the life at here?

No matter where I go, I have to be : ).
Let we talk about the weather here.
I have captured some photos here and hope you enjoy it.

Winter (December ~ February)
Winter is rather mild, with no severe frosts but with regular snowfalls everywhere except the south. The rivers and lakes freeze in winter. The average winter temperature varies -1 to -23 degree.

This is the view at facing the black sea.

It is freeze outside.

If raining in my country, I dare to naked and play outside my house.
But, I cannot do it during snowing time.  It is damn cold ~ -20degree.
(I mean when I am kid less than 6 years old).

I am trying to make a snowman here. But, I am fail.
I have to wait until the ice going to melt a bit.
How can the birds stand for the cold?

 Do you have any idea why the cat climbs on the tree?
It tries to catch the sleeping birds.
Spring (March - May)
How about spring moment?

It is not that cold around 10 to 20 degree.
I like this kind of weather! Nice!

This is the place you can dance like crazy man.

Flowers start to bloom.
Just like starting a new chapter of life.

Flowers start to bloom.
Just like starting a new chapter of life.

This is my colleague and me (2 years ago).
Summer (June ~ August)

Do you know how is Summer here.
Woo…. It is dry and hot ( 25 to 35 degree).

A Little garden located in this city.

A Little garden located in this city.
Everyone like Summer. I do.
I like the bright and blue sky.
Do you like it?

This is black sea.  It is quite famous here.
This is the moment everyone enjoy their swimming here.

If you are lucky, you can spot naked men & women here.
Please, don’t be surprise! It is normal here.
Can you see me? Naked on the seaside?

I like sunflower as well.
Look! It happy everyday!

Bees are flying around to fly their Honey!
Do you find your honey as well?

Autumn (September ~ November)
I dislike autumn.
It is a bit sad and trees going to take of their clothes as well.

Can you see, almost naked!

This is one of the churches located in this city.

Sometimes, you can enjoy the rain too.
There are a lot small shops like this in Ukraine.
You can buy a lot food here too.

Start cold a bit!
Hence, everyone will wear winter clothes as well.
I like the baby wear as photo above.
Look just like a small cute giant!

To be continued...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't forget bring your hand phone out!

If one day,
You forget to bring out your hand phone,
God bless you!

First, i want to ask you,
Do you go to gym frequently?
You must practise more,
Because, you will need it when you not bring out your hand phone,

Because you need to lay down to make a call!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A letter from Daddy to Mummy

I cannot sleep tonight.
Maybe, it is because of watching a terrible movie “SAW 6”.
I hope I will ever never watch this kind of movie again!
I am trying to sleep myself.
But end up; I turn on my laptop again.
I am writing a post on the plain of Microsoft word.

As we know, 22 days later is Chinese New Year.
And, it is a lovely valentine day as well.
I am waiting that day coming soon.
For Sure, I do not want to stay at here that moment.

I am writing a post on the plain of Microsoft word.
It is a story of “A letter from daddy to mummy”.

Dear Lovely Mummy,

Do you realize that?
Every time, I turn on my MSN and I saw you still online around 8 to 10pm.
I know that you are busy working at office.
I feel depressed and blamed myself as well.
Maybe, you feel that I am ego and selfish hubby and not allow you work so late.
I just do not want you so tired and spend more time with little daughter.
And, it is not safe if alone at night.
Don’t you know a lot of crime happens nowadays?
Do you still believe in our Politician Police?
We are human being and not play a role as Ironman/Superman.
We need to rest for walking longer distance in the life.
If you sick, who are going to take care of me and daughter.
I hope when our daughter get married, we can be there as well.

Am I selfish?
I understand that you like your work very much.
You are good worker for your boss.
But, do you boss think the same way to you when you sick?

Please, let me carry the burden for you.
It is a responsibility of being a husband, right.
I know it is not an easy life in MALAYSIA.
I believe we can make it happen together as well.
Hope you understand what I mean.

No matter how cold and freezing here.
I would like to say:

By Daddy.

What you do if you pay off your car loan?

What you do if you pay off your car loan?
As for me, i do nothing for 4 years after pay off my car loan.
It is not a good idea!

The bank officer will issue you a letter that you completed the car loan.
He reminded me go to JPJ to change the name.
I didn't listen to him.
After 4 years, i think it is time to change the name of the car to my name.
I cannot find the letter anymore :(!

So, i go back the same bank and after for it!
You need to make a police report and pay for processing fees is RM130.
Why i need to spend this kind of money?
Better use this money to treat people eat!

The procedure to change the name is damn easy!
I went to JPJ at setapak there.

1. Obtain a form from the information counter.
2. Go up to first floor.
3. Fill up the form and press for a number.
4. Wait and summit the form and Car card.
5. Officer will sign and return to you the car card!

That's All!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It is a perfect Love

What is the Prefect Love?
I am the guy who doesn’t enjoy watch love movies.
It is bored.
My preferences are action, adventures & Sohai movies.

Yesterday night,
After finish read all selected blogs,
I have nothing to do!
I have no other option and watch 2 movies named as ”不能说的秘密”& “听说”.

I category those are Love movie!
What is the common of those movies?
A lot of damn sweet, cute & pretty girls! Woo Woo!
Handsome guy…. Yes for sure.
It is a good movie to share with you partner.

First, I feel that I want to learn how to play piano.
If Vanessa like, I will sponsor her.
It is quite complicated movie and must pay 101% attention,
Then, you will understand the message from this movie.
Appreciate every moment with your love one.
Else, you will never have the opportunity to do so.

It is a silent movie.
First, I feel bored and going to press Alt-F4.
Lucky, I am not doing it!
It is a love from lover, friends & family.
Never give up and chasing for your own dream!
Motivated me a lot! Just feel like a Superman!

It is 100% worth for spend time to watch.
It is touching my heart.
Make me a big laugh & also wet my eyes as well.

If you are single and plan to date a girl,
Please, ask her watch this movie together.
70% can win her heart for sure.
30% Good Luck!

If you fail and don’t upset,
This is because you’re damn BAD LUCK and she don’t like you!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Traffic Report

Everyday, I drive to my office,
I will turn on Radio ~ either 9xx, Axx or Mxx,
Everytime, i listen to their traffic report,

Report is:
Highway from LDP to Sunway - Traffic Jam/Slow,
Bandar Kinrara to TPM - Traffic Jam/Slow,
Sungai Besi Highway to KL - Traffic Jam/Slow,
Penang brige to Penang - Traffic Jam/Slow,
Johor Bharu to Sg - Traffic Jam/Slow,
etc - Traffic Jam/Slow,

I wonder why they need to waste time to do this kind of report,
I have a suggestion to them,
Maybe, it is good to reduce DJ's burden,
I suggest that to summary the traffic report as,


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keep find new methods will make life Better!

Why I say “Keep finding new methods will make life Better!”
In my previous post “Woo...A easy life in Ukraine”,
First, I want to mention here that it is not good to read post during working time.
Hence, I try to print screen and bring home enjoy.

I realise it is not that good method!
Print screen only applicable for bloggers wrote a short post.
For long post like Foongpc, Manglish, Cleffairy.... & etc,
It is a long list … I will not mention here.
So, it is really hard to do so!

And, there is a cute blogger told me,
She normally copy and paste to Microsoft word.
Woo! it is great idea but take some times to do so!
Still not an Ideal way!

After I try another method,
It is open the web site and save it.
It is easy and damn fast and save all the post in one page!

 It is good if you have pretty of time (only at here) when you at home.
I make a cup of tea, lay on the bed with Laptop turn on.
Open one by one and comment one by one in Microsoft word.
It is just like watch TV series or drama!
Damn enjoy!

In future, you travel to overseas.
Nothing much you can do after work,
Save all the bloggers posts and keep inside laptop.
Enjoy it later!

Same apply to our normal life,
We need keep changing, finding and improving to get better Life!

p/s: Am i crazy?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Make a cup of teh for my mummy

 My Daddy want me to write this posts expecially for lovely mummy!
I hope mummy you can read this blog as well!

My mummy just come back from friend's wedding dinner.
She drink some red wine during the wedding dinner
Before that, she make a cup of tea and put on the coffee table.
and, has a short snap on the sofa...

I put my hand inside the tea cup and play around!
I see my daddy quick take a camera and want to record down how naughty i am.
This time... i wont trapped this moment.. and i act like a good good girl!
What my daddy managed to take a video? LOL!
Please see video clip below:

When mummy wake up,
Lucky, my daddy not tells this story to mummy :)
He just smiles and stare at me.
After 1 months, i think i should tell mummy the truth!

I hope mummy, you will like the tea :)

Which position You stay?

Which position you stay?

Maybe you can make it different!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Woo...A easy life in Ukraine!

Hi Everyone!
I am still alive in Ukraine.
After read back my work reports,
I realize that this is my 5th times I travel to Ukraine.
I started to travel here since April of 2008.

I always complain when I come over here.
I do not know why I like to complain?
Maybe, I cannot accept the working culture here.
They work very slowly and anything I require from them,
I will get it few days later.
For example, I want to online to report my current status to my boss,
I manage to get the internet access after 10 days!

But, this trip I feel relax and easy.
First, it is because I work with another Ukrainian engineer.
Second, I accept their working culture!
Where you go and you must adapt yourself there, right?

What should I complain?
Compare working in Malaysia and here,
Every day, they will prepare breakfast, lunch & dinner for me.
And, Work from 8:30am until 4:30pm.
No stay overnight or until next morning.
I never feel hungry all the times!
They always remind you when is breakfast, lunch, dinner and time to go home!
I feel less depressed compare to Malaysia.

At apartment,
Around 5pm reach apartment,
Nothing I can to do beside watch movie.
No internet!
Lucky, I have print screen some blogger’s post.
(Not good to read at the factory!)

It is another entertainment here!

p/s: Some bloggers name not here… maybe I read through oledi.
This post I wrote in Microsoft words and paste here as well! Easy & Fast!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Naughty baby (II)

To be continue from previous post - My Naughty Baby

My china tea pot broken!

All the souvenir very messy!

My baby is getting more naughty,
She likes to touch everything in front of her,
She always shut down my laptop without my knowledge,
Sometimes, she likes to disturb my laptop's DVD rom as well,
And, turn on the radio when going to bed,
Turn on/off the TV,
She like to watch movie - not good for her age 1 year 5 months,
And, She always play the DVD by herself and make some DVD broken,
What i can say is - she has a itch hand,
Vanessa, maybe you will not agree with me when you grow up,

This is some prove i recorded as clips,

What can i solved those problems?
It drive me crazy,
About the TV cabinet,
My temporarily solution is

Maybe it doesn't work when my daughter getting older,
I need she start to learn how to think what she have done for the past,
Meditation of herself action right or wrong,

Daddy: "Meditation yourself first before i let you come down!"
Vannessa: "Let me down please! I know i am worng!"

P/S: My daughter, the last photos daddy not mean to put you there,
You like see view, hence i put you up there ok.  
When you read this post, you know how difficulty daddy & mummy are...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out

2nd of January 2010,
It is a Nuffnang Friso Family day out event organized by Nuffnang & Friso.
It is the first time, I and my daddy join the Nuffnang’s contest – “Curious Kids need to be tough inside”!
And, we have been invited to attend this event! Yahooo!
I am the lucky star for my daddy.
So, my daddy able to join the contest else I think he will stay at home – Sleep.
For Nuffnang bloggers who still don’t have kids at the moment,
Don’t feel disappointed or upset, please try hard this year and come to join for next season! 

It is also the first times;
I come to KizSports & Gym, One Utama (Old Wing). 
It is a paradise for all the kids!

80 couple with their children and all the Nuffnang & Friso staffs.
All families line up with their children and register themselves.
Vanessa: "Can you spot the beautiful “Jie jie” at the register counter there?"

After we register, I obtain a Friso T-shirt!
My mummy helps me to put Friso T-shirt on;
It is too big for me.
Of course, we take family photos as well.  
I really don’t know why my parent put me at there and keep asking me to see the camera!
I feel so shy because everyone looking at me.

I can’t wait anymore and I go inside KidSport & Gym playground.
After I’m finish parking my baby car, I start my adventures journey with a map.
I am leaving my parent behind!

Wah! It is a wonderful day for me!
See the photos! I make some friends there too and play with them.
Unlucky, I still under ages, I cannot join some more challenges games. : (
However, there is a playground strictly reserved for kid - 3 ages and below.
And, food & drink not allowed and socks must be worn all the times!
Next time, I will invite my friends for my birthday party here!
Vanessa: “Daddy, Can you sponsor me?”

Guess what is the next?
After Friso & Nuffnang organizer give a talk,
A Nuffnang blogger popup in front of my daddy,
It is really surprise my daddy.
Can you guess who is she?
Again, it is first time that my daddy meets his bloggers friends here.
From left: My Daddy, me, Breanna, Cynthia, Merryn, Ethan & Mummy Ling.
My daddy and Ethan are lucky man today,
Because they are surrounded by all beautiful girls includes me.

There is a class for my parent! 
A Friso specialist gives a talk about “How to increase your Child’s Immunity?”
Again, an experience mummy shares how to solve problems created by her children.
If you are newbie parent, better you attend this class!
I hope my daddy & mummy can learn something from the classJ.

I saw a super daughter here!

Vanessa: “Daddy, I want to fly like Brenna!”
After class, we have our lunch here! Horray! Horray!
Vanessa: “Merryn Jie Jie, why Ethan eat fruits only?”
“Should i call Jie Jie or Aunt?”

Beside play around, there is a magic show here as well!
Before magic show start, there is a rock dance presented by volunteer children!
They are cool because they dance almost like Michael Jackson.
I like the DJ – he is our funny superstar!
"Let we shake our body!"
Can you see the ghost? 
He is our magician!
He is trying to fly up the table… can you see that!

How the magic show?
It is perfect!
 After magic show, it is the gift presentation time!
Every parent is nervous and exciting!
And, the result is.....

All the winners will obtain the Toys ‘R’ Us RM100 cash vouchers!
Can you see that Merryn & Mummy Ling win the prize? 

She is the grand prize winner and win 3D/2N Family trip for 4 to HONG KONG DISNEYLAND!
I and Daddy would like to congratulate to all the winners above.
Vanessa: “Daddy, don’t give up and please join the contest next season ok?”

I would like to thank all the people above and same to all the Friso & Nuffnang staffs for this fantastic event.

It is time to go home!

Vanessa: “I want to join this event again”
Daddy: “Why????????”
Vanessa:“I can play, I can learn, I make friends, I have fun & some more I have free gifts as well!”