Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Story about the Sun

Some random photos i took since i stay at Russia.

One of my colleagues,
He asks me why I always take sun scenery.
I never answer his question.
Actually, I have pretty of answer but I don’t know which one I should tell him.

  1. I miss the hot weather in my country.
  2. Sun is the symbol of hope if you are freezing (-25 degree) now.
  3.  It melts my heart after frozen for sometimes.
  4.  Sun rise from the east; make me feel that I’m staying in Asia now.
  5. Sun just like the moon, it just like the moon I saw at my hometown.
  6.  Sun, let me feel more energy to continue my journey.
  7. Sun, just like my friend, encourage me to keep it on and NEVER GIVE UP SO EASILY.
  8. I hope my country economic will rise up like the sun.
  9. I hope all people (Malay, India, Chinese and etc.) in my country, wake up (when the sun rise up) and work together for BETTER FUTURE.
  10. If you agree with me, JUST CHANGE the corruption, discriminant, heartless, selfish, over-power government.

If you still stick to current government, I have one word to describe you.
“SOHAI” 愚笨

p/s: If you don’t know what is the meaning of SOHAI 愚笨 , I WILL TELL YOU!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Chap Gop Mei & Farewell Party

Today, it is last day of Chinese New year 2011.
Holiday is OVER!
I am not forget that today is Chap Gop meh as well.
And, it is also a farewell party too.
It is hard for me to describe my feeling here.
My feeling almost like this photo,
It look bright – sun from the east rise up – Happy to celebrate Chap Gop Mei.
It is cold ~ -23 degree – freeze and cold windy – Sad that my translator leave me.

I have A Chap Gop Mei dinner with friends and some of funny games around. 
We prepare the food for the dinner. 
It is really difficult to cook using this little pan.
I can find an excuse that the food is cook not taste good. 
Curry chicken, Curry eggs, Fried noodles and rice.
I cannot deny that the fried noodles look weird. 
A group photos with friends.
We play some funny games after dinner.
It is a good moment.
I have record a lot funny acting of my friends too.
Anyhow, I will not show here (they will kill me if I do).
One of the punishment I did is,  

Put on the plate at the head and walking around.
Remember what Lingam said:
(He looks like me, act like me, but he is not me).
He is not me…. My another colleague J


She is my translator.
She is tall, sporting, helpful and good translator.
Today, it is the last day she will translate for me.
Do you know why she leaves me?
Answer is I can speak Russia very well.
So, I am not need to provided translator anymore.

Do you believe me?
The main reason is she has to continue her studies...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine 2011 to Everyone.

Happy Valentine to Everyone :)
Recently, i found in love with NameWee's song.
One of the song is Snowing in KL.

It is just like heavy snow in Russian now.
I would to dedicate this song to everyone either single or couples.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank you - Professional Engineers

Few days later,
Chinese New Year is over.
Thank you to all Professional engineers who,

Invent Internet technology;
Create computer device, hardware communication and etc;
Create digital device such as web cam, digital camera and etc.
Create software such operating software, Skype, messenger, and etc.
Create website for downloading movie, songs, and etc.

Those technology benefit my daily life here very much.
1. During Chinese New year, i can use web cam to chat with family.

 2.Photos record down all sweet memory when i am not around. 

3. Sweet memory - Make me feel happy.

4. I can download movies e.g. 非诚勿扰 when i feel bored.

5. I can listen to some motivation song when i am down.

6. When i fed up with provided Russia food, i find some nice food photos to create my appetite.

7. I can read more news about Malaysia. e.g. Another election no-16 at Pahang.

8. Check up what happen to Facebook, when i am standby at factory.

9. I can do banking, check mail, paying bill, and etc.

10. I can write a note at here - blog to wish all people include my wife:

Happy Valentine and Happy Chap Go Mei.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Fighting Training

Third day of Chinese New Year 2011,
I organised a snow fighting training outside the house.
It is the good moment to play snow balls.
The temperature is around -1 to -3 degree.
 It is our battle field.
There are thick snow in the garden. 
 2 VS 2
 Snow ball i made.
 He was one of my opponent.
 I were fighting with the strongest fighter in front of me.
It was tired and we slept on the thick snow.

And, it was hard to different whose team won the games.
But, i think next round will be the true snow balls fighting.
Before the snow melting, i hope i can make a snow man and share with you.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve 2011 in Russia

How I celebrate my Chinese New Year eve at Russia?
After 5pm, I went back to haunted house as usual.
We start to prepare food for tonight.
I start to cook curry chicken and rendang chicken at the same times.
Before that, we plan to have a snow fighting at the garden.
Day getting darker and darker…
At the end, we cancel the activities.

After finish cooking, it is 7pm here.
I make few calls back to my family.
When I call back to my daddy, he totally cannot recognize my voice.
He thought I am his friend in KL.
Maybe, my russian slang is too strong.
At another side in KL, my wife and my little Vanessa are waiting my call too.
I feel really good when my daughter greet to me:
新年快乐” and “恭喜发财

This year Chinese New Year is bit calm.
No fire cracker sound around.
No holiday, nobody celebrate it in Russia.
Am I alone here?

After finish my call,
I went to kitchen to prepare all the stuffs for dinner.
Suddenly, my fellows’ friends and 3 Russian translators greet to me:
I feel shocked a bit! Wakakaka
Food we prepare for the dinner. 
 Curry Chicken Or Rendang Chicken?
 Rendang Chicken or Curry Chicken?

Look almost the same!
Honestly, I don’t know to cook Rendang Chicken.
Just throw the recipes inside the bowl and cook.
Anyhow, all the food is inside our stomach now.
It is a simple dish for my reunion dinner.
It is not easy for 3 Russian friends to finish the food. J
I still need to improve my skill a bit.

Friends with me – Chinese Re-union dinner.

P/s: I hope that next chapter is Snow fighting between 3 Russian with 3 Malaysian.
I need your wishes to win this game.