Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oman Life 3 (Last)

Hi Everyone!
I think this is the last post about Oman life,
Because i am going back to Malaysia soon,
I will back on 1st July,
I think i cannot stay any longer here,
Because of the wheahter and the foods,
My job scope over here is completed (99%),
Hence, i am free man and earn some extra pocket money here,
Hence, I ask my customer to take me around the city,
Some of views i took in Muscat, Oman,
Have a look!
"Oman Sultan's cruise"
"Oman Sultan's Palace"
"Am i look like The HULK?"
"Everyday, i took Curry Curry + oil + etc x 10 - no spicy"
"How to reduce my weight?"
"Seaside" -> Go to the a short video clip (Down)
"No subject"
"Big Sun, Can cook eggs under sun!"
"Quite a nice beach"
"At the end of day, i have my dinner at Chinese restaurant!"
"Hey hey! Quite a long time never eat Chinese food"

"Normal Fried Rice"
"Oyster meat ball"
Before i end my post here,
If you sick or feel not well in Oman,
Go to General hospital or private hospital,
It is not a clinic, it is a....

P/S: Declare here... i not go there!

"Waterfront View"

"Seaside View"


p/s: I have took a lot of video clips if i free i will upload if ...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Letter from Oman

To my wife & my daughter,
I would like to say,
"Sorry that i can not come back on time",
I know that you are angry,
But, you never say it out,
I know that and i can feel that,
I hope you understand about it,
Some of the "things" is out of my control,
I hope everything can go smooth here,
Pray to God!
Thank you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oman Life 2

A Note:
Around 3 weeks,
I stayed in Oman,
I think it is the time i should back to my country,
I cannot take anymore India food over here,
The wheather getting hotter and hotter,
Previously, i will back on 16th of June,
Due to customer's Chiller problem,
I have to standby here for another few days,
Feel a bit sad that i cannot go to Shanghai with my family,
How is my daughter now?
However, i will confirm come back before 23rd June...

Note: i will upload some photos next posts only,
Because less scenery/view to take here (sand & stone only),
Maybe, i can show you my fat face ~ almost like THE HULK!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oman Life 1

Oman is a Muslim, safe and rich country,
Climate is hot (45°C ~60°c) during summer,
And, very cold during winter season,
No raining … it is possible once a year,
If raining, this country will be flood,
Infrastructure & transportation is really great,
Some more, it is a free “Toll” country,
Water pumped from Sea for living utilities after certain process,
Living cost is very high because almost all items imported,
Exchange rate for RO 1 approximately to RM10,
Time difference is 4 hours after Malaysia,

On 24th May – 830pm,
I reached Muscat Airport, Oman,

Three star hotel, where I stay,
Moderate bedroom…. RO30 per night,

“Not that good”… L, Only 21” CRT TV…

Every morning 7am, I will take my breakfast here,Fresh orange juice, few pieces of bread, tea, yogurt, eggs …On the way to the Plant…. Just like in dessert, What a Hot day! I nearly become Chinese Indian, Almost 90% of workers are Indian from India. Beside me, he is my second hand in Oman, heheheMost of time, I take India food… Long Roti tissue in Oman"Hello! everyone come to taste it!"

So far, I found some items is quite cheap compare to my beloved country,
First, the petrol is cheaper around RO0.12 per liter,

Second, the satellite TV is damn cheap around RO 4 for 300 channels per month,
Third, all cars are cheaper e.g. Toyota Yaris (Vios) around RO 4100 only (fully import),
Honda Accord around RO7000 only (fully import),
Can I import from this country? Export fees, duty taxes, etc…. Aiya Just forget about it!


I have one thing, which makes me feel very proud that is
Our national cars are promoted there!!! Woo!!! Woo!!! Geng le…

Proton Persona is the ONE!
Sure, I will check the car price first!
Guess…… How much is the price?


Oh… It is around RO 3900 +/- included export fees & profit margin,
How much we can buy this car in Malaysia?
To be continues…