Monday, June 27, 2011

Life in Ivory Coast - Part 3

It is related to the previous part.
Please refer to below - reply for all commentors.

Yes, I am agreeing with you.  There are a lot different culture and background which we maybe not understand.  The more important is respect them – but I feel that people in my country are fighting for them own interest.  So, it is good to be color blind.

I am total surprised when I see the city which is almost same like Kuala Lumpur. 

About the food, the chefs have to think and make different type of food everyday else we will make complain. Maybe, this is the reason you see a lot type of food.   Every single item over here is expensive.  For example, the playstation 3 is cost about RM2000+ but in Malaysia it is only RM1100 or less.

1 set of meal cost around RM20++

I am understood that you want to keep fit.  
I guess you can 90% success if your customer provided the food below every day.

2 Meat balls and wet plain rice.

About the 69 wives story, I am not very sure.  
Now, I realize that the engineer like to kidding me.
So, I think the story is not true.

About the food, There are not only chicken dishes.  I just don’t want to put too many photos here.  
Only for you, I will show  food like beer, fish, pork, pawn as photos below.  
I am not sure what is oink oink. 
Tell you the honest from my heart; the food is 10 times better than Russia.

My stomach contains a lot of gas.  My friend told me to eat Carbon pill to release the gas.  
I am not food poisoning.  
I am never bring any medicine and only bring multi-vitamin with me. 
(I scare I am lack of vitamin if stay place like Russia).  
Because of you, I quickly to make the part 3 and don’t let you wait until become giraffe.

This place is located at the Greenwich zone.  Hence, it is 8 hours different to our lovely country.  
The currency is West African CFA franc (XOF).  
Most of Africa country accept USA dollar but Euro is preferred.

 Fishes, Pork & prawn.

I am pity them too.  
I guess in few years later, people will pity us too if our brainless government continue rules the country.  
Any more photos, what photos you want me to show?  
Ok! I promise you and show more photos to you - part 4 (Seaside in Ivory Coast)

Sample of photos i took at the seaside at Ivory Coast.
My footstep :P

Yes, I agree with you.  
So far, all the places I travel for working.  
I enjoy here and Spain too.  
It is more close to natural.  
This is the reason I like Spain as well.

Natural view in Spain.

One wife is enough for me.  
I try to find photos to display here.  
But, I don’t have any topic to show here – prove that I don’t have second wife photo here: P

Yes, i need to travel for my work.  It has it good and bad.  You know what I mean…

I enjoy the food but now I feel scare after 2 weeks here.  I scare I gain my weight.
WAH… if every part of the world – I have one… I am damn busy and tired.  I prefer stay at my hometown – rest.  Shaking my legs and enjoy the view of beach…

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life in Ivory Coast - Part 2

Answer for the 69 wives:
One of the reason given by the engineer is:
His grandfather has a lot good friends.
Hence, when his good friends offer to marry his daughter.
If he reject, his friend will very sad and kill himself.
So, his grandfather want to prevent this bad things happen, so he marries his daughter.
Some of his uncle has more than 100 wives too.
It is crazy right? That why, the 34% of the population suffer of AIDS.

Let's talk about the my current status here:
Friends from Italy, Ivory Caost, France and Malaysia.
We have a farewell party for our boiler man - Macity.

After 1 week stay at the village,
We travel to the city of Abinja.
First, i thought it is a poor, dirty, dangerous city.

Wet market and condition of road after raining.

The next day, we travel again to the city to buy some stuffs.
After cross the bridge to another side of city.
Woo.... it is a modern city since 30 years ago. 
It is more advance than Malaysia during 1980.
Because of corruption government who still supported by people like "us"
After 30 years later,
It is poor country and people live suffering.
Malaysia will be become like this too - but it is your next generation suffer it.

It is modern city but i am not manage to take the view - raining

 They have to live ...

Let's talk about somethings more enjoyable... Food
Customer provides us delicious food as below:
Chicken xxxx

Side dish xxxx

Main course ???? 
Eating is enjoyable here.

After 1 week, we are tired about the food.
And, we make complain and they prepare others type of dishes.
I am kidding my friend:

Want to gain weight - stay at Africa.
Want to lose weight - stay at Russia.

Nothing good forever...
Don't envy me or etc...
Good things will come with bad things behind...

Eat too much...
And, need to buy Carbon pill to release gas...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Life in Ivory Coast - Part 1

Ivory Coast is the English name of Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.
It is a country in the west Afica.
More information about this country please click here.

Before you travel to the Africa country.
Some of the place you must have the yellow fever injection.
It is very important else you cannot enter the country.
(You able to get the injection the KLCC medical centre)
This is the book you must have.

How is the condition at the city where i visit?

It is a small city - which is 60km from the Abijan city.
So far, i haven't walk alone at the city.
I am not really interested into the city, i prefer the natural view.

At Russia, i like to take the snow view photos.
At here, i like to take coconut trees photos :).

Friends, i met at here.
They are friendly and funny guys too.
Bodyguard at my guest house.
They all equipped well with pistol too.
I hope i am well protected. kekeke

He is one of the cook.
He is really funny and polite guy.
Now, he grills the fish for our dinner.

After chatting with one of the engineer,
He told that his grandfather has 69 wives.
OMG... I really cannot believe it.
Do you want to know why he has some many wives?

To be continue.... Life in Ivory Coast - Part 2

Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to be a millionaire within 7 days

I have one great things to share with you.
I found 2 damn good books in Africa.
It is lead you be the millionaire within 7 days.

First, i am not believe it at all.
How can you be the millionaire within 7 days.
Let me describe a bit about the 2 books.

The First book,
The title of the book is "How to be millionaire?"
It is thousand of pages.
The price is quite cheap ~ RM100.
For normal people, it will takes 2 months to complete.
If you finish the book, the book 100% can lead you be the millionaire.
But, you must read and understand and take the action too.
If you want the book, i can borrow to you.

The second book,
The title of the book is "How to survive in the prison?

If you understand the second book, You not need to read the first one.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Journey to Africa - Ivory Coast

Journey from Malaysia to Africa - Ivory Coast.
It takes about 18 hours from KLIA-Dubai-Accra-Abijan.
It is tired and bored journey.
Some more, we have to stop at Accra and sit inside the plane for 1 hour +.

View i captured along the way from Accra to Abidjan (Biggest city in Ivory Coast ~ 3,310,500 people)
This is the place i stay. It is a village.
I can say that i not need to spend single sen here.
It is nice and beautiful place.
Fresh air and close to natural life. 
Compare between city and village.
I will choice village to longer my life.
It is peace of mind and relax.

Next post - Ivory Coast Part 1

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Office Shifting to New Premises

1 month, i never create a single post here.
I am sorry to make someone become 長頸鹿 (Ziraffe).

Last month in my life 2011,
Most of my time spend in shifting the office and arrange with the renovation contractor.

3 things i met during the process of Office Shifting:

1. Irresponsible of renovation contractor.
It is not a big renovation on the new office but take almost 1 month+ to complete.
10 days before move in to the new office.
The renovation guy told me that the door/window gate maker are busy.
And, he ask we to find another people.

Lay the carpet, he delay it until last 2 days.
Reason given is his people busy at penang.

Until today, he promise to install the Intercom - not completed yet.
He keep drag the time from today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
Reason given is his people go home celebrate Chinese festival.

OK... It is ok!  
Don't blame me to delay your last payment too!

2. Ego & no manner TM installer guy.
I wonder what happen to this TM installer guy.
Maybe, he scold by his wife or his boss.

He talk sound not good and just like i am his staff.
He keep asking the T/B box keys.
I don't have and i call the owner.
When the owner come over with keys.
He open it with his own key. (Trouble people)

After complete installation, 
He told me i have to treat him drink because of his hard work.

I straight told him "This is your work scope"
(I don't might to treat, but his manner make me not willing to do so)

Next day, I cannot access to the internet.
I call him.
He told "Jangan cakap English, I tak faham"
"Ok ok saya cakap bahasa melayu looo"

He does not given me any helps because i used my own modem.

OK! It is ok...  
Don't blame me if you receive complaint from ME!

3. Packing and Cleaning.
Wo... It is tired if you do alone.
Yes, I do it alone most of time.
All colleagues are busy with their own things.

Don't shift the office if everyone are busy.

Selling old paper and catalog can earn fast money.
I obtain RM49.70 - faster than earn money from Nuffnang.

Old newspaper!!! Old newspaper!!!