Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Just reading a post from Broccoli Ginger,
I found this is good MTV and i wish like to share it again.

(Andy Lau - Feel good back home)
Diddy - Coming Home
(弟 - 家)

Sudirman - Balik Kampung
(Sudirman - Back Home)
Секрет - Домой
(Secret - Home)

I know today is Hari Raya.
3 days holiday in Malaysia.
No Holiday for CHVoon.

I would like to get this opportunity to wish all:

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Must Learn Russia Language Now!

 I am regret that i am not spend time to learn Russia language.
Normally, i go to site with group of people.
So, i lazy to learn and someone will take care of me.
Now, i feel the difficult when i alone here.

Language is very important media to express your feeling.
I just come back from my dinner.
How i handle especially i'm ordering food?

Lucky that the menu is full of photos.
I'm pointing on the photos that i would like to order.
(Sure, i have better food here cause i take my dinner at restaurant :) )

A lady waiter come to serve me.
After pointing all the food, i plan to have a tea.
(I usual to order Coke - easy everyone know it)
(Today, i am cough hence cannot drink coke)

I : "茶!"  
(It is similar to Chinese pronunciation 茶 = tea )
Waiter: "$^$$%^%^^*&^&*"
(I guess she ask me green tea or black tea)
Hence, when she finish talking then i say.

I : "好lanso"
Waiter: "&^*(^**& = Black tea"
(I am acting that i understand Russia...) wakaka
I say again : "好lanso"
(好 is mean good in Chinese + lanso = Ok or Good in Russia) 

After few minutes,
The waiter takes a cup to hot water with black tea.
See, i can speak Russia here :P

When i'm drinking,
The waiter come again and talk to me:
Waiter: "$^%$^%^&^*()()(_)"
(This time i cannot use any logic to predict what she say..."
Anyhow, i reply her.
I : "好lanso"
 (I think should be no problems gua...)

 "Soup of the day"
 "Spaghetti with fish"

I have order another BBQ pork as well.

Wait and wait ...
Take me 15 to 20 minutes...
Now, i start thinking what waiter told me just now:
There are 2 possibility what she said:

a) "My dear customer, the BBQ take quite long time, it is ok for you?"
b) "My dear customer, the BBQ just not available, it is ok for you?"

I regret to say "好lanso" to her.
(Next  time, if don't know please don't pretend ok)

After 30 minutes,
My BBQ pork is served.
So, i guess what (a) is the question she want to ask me :) 
When i plan to start enjoy the BBQ pork,
I found out that only spoon and knife on my tables.
"Where is my FORK?"
I need to ask my translator tomorrow - How to speak fork in Russia"
Don't ask me how i finish my BBQ pork... :(

After finish, when i saw the waiter...
I say :"Short"
Waiter reply :"Short ar"
(Short is mean bill in russia)

The bill is around 774 rubble ~ RM77.40.
And, i pay 1000 rubble and wait for the change.

The waiter come again and bring nothing to me and say:
Waiter :"%&^%&*%&^*^*(&*)("
(After learn the lesson before... i will not say 好lanso anymore!"
quickly reply to her "poor "
(poor 好 is not good)

And, She returns the change for me.
Sorry, i don't know what you say...

It is very important to learn Russia language
if you are alone!
(Lesson to children, let them independent hence they can learn somethings faster)

The worst time after this is ...

How should i take this cough medicine???
All in Russia language!
Help Me!

P/S: Don't worry, i have ask translator how to take the medicine :P

Friday, August 26, 2011

Life in Russia...

I don't know what to write here...
I feel that i am not a lucky guy...
Every times, i will be handle the project which nobody dare to go.
e.g. Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ukraine and Russia.

I can said normally the customer is not really take care of me.
Except Ivory Coast.
This trip is the worst for me.
I am alone and ...

I still remember that when my junior stay at offshore with me.
We are tired after 2 weeks.
I used to motivate him - Calculate 1 day more than you can get 1 more day allowance.
I try to motivate myself using this method at here.

It doesn't work to me anymore.
How to prolong my time i spend here.
1 day just like 1 year for me.
Look i am very "Cham" here right?
From the work, i am NOT tension at all.
I'm more suffering from the customer side.
As you know, they not really take care of me.
They not like Asian people.

Why i say "Bruce Lee"?
1 Asian Vs with 100+ people here.
Don't think i am easy to be bully!
Now, the GM know about the news!!!

Actually, the main objective of the post is ...
I found a motivation method!
How to motivate yourself and pass the time for whole day?

Very Simple!

I use it more around 6  days!
I am getting better now.

Write some encourage message in your "To-do-list".
So, every 2 hours i will get the message... and Motivate me to keep on.

Hope i can go further more :P

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saratov Part 3

Last weekend, I travel to the beach together with friends.
It is sunny day.

We took a taxi and drive along the big bridge to another side.
It is crowed at the beach. 
 Some photos i took at the beach.
Everyone enjoy their life on the beach.
It is hot there.
As for me, i am talking photos and seeing around.
No swimming for me :)
Chit chat with a friend from Germany.
My another main contractor busy swimming in the beach. 
It is a random photos i take on the beach...
It is a normal Sunday for me...

Oh... I guess that you will comment that i am enjoy my life here.
Nope! I am suffer here... 
I have post a "My negative post" previously...
After think twice, i take it off.
I feel very negative recently...

Today morning, i have just a chit chat with my family.
Anyhow, i am fine now.
Self-Motivation and always positive.
Family - is the one can motivated me walk longer....

Chit chat on MSN,
She is not crying... we just play binocular games!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saratov Part 2

After 1 week, i stay here.
Saratov is a big city - and its nickname is "Yellow Mountain".
I don't know how to describe my life over here...

Show you some stamps in Saratov as below:

Actually, i have a lot things to write here...
But, it is not good things to write...
Later, everyone has a bad mood too...

What is the sentences which Bruce Lee like to say?
Happy Weekend to everyone :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Russia Season 2 - Saratov Part 1

Previously, CHVoon's Russia Journey - Season I

Now, it is the Season 2 in Saratov,Russia.
I'm starting scare to take flight from one place to another place.
From Kuala Lumpur to Doha - around 7 hours.
Transit at Doha - around 6 hours.
From Doha to Moscow - around 6 hours.
Stay one night at Airhotel nearby airport.
Next day, I take another flight from Moscow to Saratov - around 1 hour.
One word to describe the whole journey - TIRED

During transit at Doha, I simply take some photos which take my attention.
Photo #1: Wait and wait for nothing.
Photo #2: It is new car and i dream to have one.
Photo #3: I wonder how to drive a car in my city - 6200cc with 600horse power.
Photo #4: How to kill my time at airport - ONLINE.
Yes, this is the hotel i stay nearby the airport.
It is small as usual but the cost is higher than 5 star hotel in Malaysia.
It costs RM600++ 

After i reach Saratov Airport,
Customer employ one translator to pick me up.
Nothing to describe about the translator.
No more haunted house i need to stay.
Customer allocated me at the HOTEL!
It is cool!
Let me show you, my new bedroom.
(Don't worry, here not ghost festival - mean NO ghost but vampire)
 Yeah! This is my bedroom.
Photos #1: It is small table
Photos #2: It is small TV
Photos #3: It is small bed
Photos #4: It is BIG BIG Sofa

I am happy with those facilities.
ONE thing make me feel great x 1000
I can access to Internet all the time either at factory or Hotel!
Yeah! I can have a sweet time and chatting with my wife and little daughter!
The hotel is located in front of sea.
This time, i am enjoying to take photos about SEA!
I am alone... to take my dinner.
Nobody with me.
I having my dinner alone. 
(ER.... customer should provide me dinner as well)
Never mind, tomorrow i will ask for it.
It is quite sad to drink the beer alone...
I am the only Asian here... 
Hopefully, i able to complete 5 plants in smooth condition.
Pray to God! Help me!

When i taking my dinner,
I saw a view...

I like to talk story.
Do you want to listen? 
It is quite bored but it is meaningful.

Refer to the photos above which i took.
I saw a couple at the seaside.

The hubby is very patient to fishing - his patient because fishing is his hobby.
The wife is very patient stand there - her patient because she like to beside with her hubby.
His wife is very good, supporting and never complaint and stand there with him.
Can you see at the bottom left photos?
He is disappear and let his wife alone.
NO... He go to another side and discuss with another guy to get idea how to catch more fish.
Finally, he go back and start fishing again. 

At the end, they are happy packing stuffs go home.
They catch some fishes for tonight's dinner.
Happy for them!

I wonder if i go to fishing, my wife will be my side or not?

To be continue...