Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nasi lemak 2.0, I support you!

Before i come back from Russia,
I heard that this filem possible will be banned!
OMG... I hope I able to watch it!

Feel lucky that this movie still available.
I think it is 4th weeks that this movie displayed in cinema.
I manage to watch this movie in 1borneo, Sabah.

I thought after 4th week, there should a lot of seats in theater.
NO! It is almost 99% full house.
I have to buy 2 ticket which 2 rows in front of the screen!

This is the first movie which my little daughter watch in cinema.
Hehehe... How good the movie is?
My daughter watch it until end without sleep...
(It is comedy + good information for all Malaysian)
(No racist practise and work together among each other races)

Today, when i turn on my facebook...
I really shoick that Namewee scold some SOHAI!
THAT SOHAI is a reporter from UTUSAN!
He wrote some stupid statement -  HERE
I hate those people who try to create racist among each other like this SOHAI!

But, i feel great after what this youtube from Namewee below:
Cool Man!

Please! Start from today -


Monday, September 19, 2011

Letter to my lovely wife

My dearest,
I feel sorry that i am not around every time when it is your birthday.
I remember that last year, 
I was in Russia and i cannot celebrate this wonderful day with you and our daughter.

Today, i feel sorry that i also cannot be your side to have a great day with you.
I really i wish i can back in time...
But, It is quite difficult that i have the responsible on my task here.

I hope you will like this song :)

As you know, I am not a good singer as chipmunks.
And,.... Please click on the clip below:

How i learn India birthday song? please click HERE
(I learn more this fellow :))

Close your eyes and make a wishes.
(For sure, your wish will come truth)

I wish all the wishes come truth to you.

I would like to get this opportunity to wish you


P/S: :) Please prepare a lists that what presents your want from me :)
I willing to pay for it :P 
(I try to fulfill it)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mooncakes Festival in Russia

I am nearly forget that today is moon cakes festival in Malaysia.
Until, i finish my dinner at night and i saw the big moon hanging on the sky.
OH... Today is moon cakes festival!

To Vanessa,
I am really sorry that i cannot play the Tang lung with you.
Please forget forgive your daddy....
I hope you will enjoy playing the Tang lung with your mommy and cousins.

Wish Everyone:
"Happy Always"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday BLUE after working

Today, it is another Monday again.
I am very fresh and work energize to complete my task.
I don't know why I never feel blue when i work at oversea.
Maybe, i know that when i finish my work early means my home is not far away.

But, i feel blue after working at 6pm.
As usual, driver send my translator back home and send me next.
Along the way to Hotel,
Suddenly, the car start shaking and stop.
Driver tried very hard to start again but canNOT.
He see at me and i see at him again.
We laugh to each others.

We stop the car at the side of road.
I don't know what to do...and same to the driver.
What i can do is ... turn on this song for him.
This is the song, i used to play when someone or me - in troubles.
"Bobby Mcferrin - Don't Worry"

After play for 1 minutes, i stop.......
Haiya! He don't understand English.
So, i play one song for myself... to kill the time wait for help.

After finish listen to the song, i feel more DOWN.
I forget that NO SUPERMAN in Russia - BUT in USA.

This is first time, i see how people to start up again the car.
The car is at the 30 degree slope road.
Hence, he let the car reverse and he manage to start the car again.
We again laugh at each others.
After 10 minutes, the car stop again.
Lucky, we managed to stop near to shop.

After driver discuss with the shopper who sell car spareS,
He bought some parts from the shop.
And, he start to change the parts  which think possible broken.
It is around 7pm, it starting to rain soon.
I want to tell him, 2 things... but i don't know how to say in Russia.
First, it is time to change your car ... maybe - Ford brand car?
Second, Your ass is coming OUT liao....
I don't know why i am not worry like previous case in Russia - HERE.
One people smiles, another One doubt...
(You know why i am not doubt, cause i know this problems will be solved soon)

At 7:30pm, Helpers are coming!
They ask me to take another car and back to Hotel.
Sure, i am happy and jump into the car below:
I thought they are going to send me soon.
I'm waiting in this car and i saw the previous car is moving again.
One of the guy (Boss) told me ... please sit back on the 660 car.
The driver try to drive away and feel that the car still not stable and stop again.

Haiya... Again, Boss ask me go back to the 938 car again.
I am BLUE and BLUR...

At 8:15pm,
I reach hotel and i tell him "ToPasshiba" (Thank you)
He smiles and we laugh again about the car...
Now, I am safe in the hotel.

I am NOT that bad guys.
I really don't know what i can help.
It is not a normal car..i never see that kind of spare before ....
If you have problems, i will try to help...
Share with you this movie clip which i like it very much.

You can count on ME :P
(Enjoy the movie clip)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Guess 1...2...3...

Let we guess for fun!
How much the price of those 2 items?

I have nothing to give away...
If you guess most close the price...
I can award you either one Coke tin made in Russia or Fridge Magnet from Saratov.
(Either in RM or Rubles. RM1 equal to 10 Rubles)

Tips 1: I pay use Rubles.
Tips 2: I bought it from Hotel's market
Tips 3: Wah... so expensive.

Just for fun...