Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smiles Always!

If your STPM results is a bad,
Don't be so sad.
It is just a result and work hard next time.
I believe that Good or Bad result will not determine your future.
The future under control by yourself.
Don't Give up.

If you face a lot of problems in company,
Such as politic or not appreciated by boss,
Any things that may you feel bad.
Don't be so sad.
I believe work hard and always believe in yourself.
The Goal is determined by yourself.
Don't Give up.

If your children are naughty or bad,
Be patient and give them some times.
One day, they will be good as well.
Don't Give up.

Forget about the sadness.
Let us smiles a bit.









Ssmile with me :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Self Improvement for Coming Future

From day to day,
We need to improvement our skills as well.
If we stop there, one day we will be discarded.

Gaining new knowledge is very important either during studying or working.
As for me, i will improving my knowledge skill as well.
Nobody will help you.

For an example - a CAMERA.

50+ year ago,
Very old fashion camera developed and it is proud to own it that moment.
Model Yashica 44
I guess it is older than my ages more than 10 to 20 years.
Zooming/Focusing are all controlled mechanically.
This is the button for self-timing.
Taking photos is form the top and different compare to new camera.

If the manufacturer still maintain this technology and not more improvement,
One day, they will face big problems with others competitors.
I can say that human is a intelligent creature.
They keep improving the technology from one to another.

13+ year ago,
A better camera model created.
It is analog type, film required and photos taken are limited.

9+ year ago,
Slim Digital camera model invented.
Casio ExLim.
Number of photos taken is based on size of memory card.
 It is more easy to use.

5+ year ago,
DSLR camera invented as well.
Canon 500D.
No comment here.

Can you see that the improvement from time to time.
It is same apply to a people.
If we still keep the same condition and without improvement.
We will be replaced by someone.

We need to make some changes for this NEW YEAR!

p/s: i am not very sure the exactly year... just estimate only.
Anyone know what is the price of the old camera?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Everyone can fly but Don't take late flight

Yesterday, I came back to KL at night.
I want to post here to remind myself again that I will never book late flight in future.
I have book a Aqua Airline and departure at 9:05pm.
It delay again until 9:45pm.
After 1 hour and 40 minutes,
I reached airport around 11:30pm.
I ask my wife to buy the taxi ticket first before 12:00am.
After 12:00am, I need to pay for 50% extra of the taxi fees.

Why I will never book late flight anymore?
I have experience many times of this situation but that moment I am single.
So, it is still OK for me.
Now, it is different story - Vanessa is on-board.

1st Reason.
I have experience flight delay almost 90% if I use Aqua airline.
The most terrible experience is waiting at airport from 5pm until midnight.
Almost 90% the reason why the flight delay because of technical problems!
If you like to eat burger, 
You will happy because they will give you a coupon if you stay in airport more than 4-5 hours.
About Money airline, I seldom face this kind of problems.
Maybe, I can summary that "Cheap-cheap not good, Good-good not cheap!"

2nd Reason.
Possible you need to pay extra taxi fees.
Maybe, you wonder that you can buy the taxi ticket as soon you come down from the plane.
Around 11:30pm, you buy the taxi ticket.
But, if you cannot take the taxi before 12:00pm.
You need to pay extra as well depend how tolerate they are.
Don't forget, if you have some luggages you need to wait for... hehehe.
I almost wait for 15 minutes for the luggages delivered out.
15 minutes to 12:00am... Rush hours. It is depend your luck again.
If your luggage is the last one come out, sorry friend your taxi ticket is not valid any more.

3rd Reason.
If I am taxi driver, I want to earn extra money as well.
I saw one driver (maybe) don't want to pick the normal rate taxi ticket.
And, he told the operator that his car tyre is "puncit'.
He will go to repair it and come again for next round.
So, he can earn extra money right.

When my turn, I was going to put my luggage inside the taxi.
3 ladies run and went inside the taxi and closed the door.
Mmmm... SO kiasu & kiasi more than me.
I  just say nothing because I am 100% sure that they will be kicked out from the taxi.
Yes, they come out after asked by the taxi driver.

Normally, it take around 45 minutes to 1 hour reach my house.
Because, the taxi driver want to earn more and drive back to airport for next rountine.
I realised that my taxi driver is Michael Schumacher.
I risk my family life here.
Only 30 minutes I reach my house.
It is good experience sit inside F1 car.

4th Reason.
Maybe, the weather at night is not stable - pressure.
Hence, baby will cry when there is different pressure occurs.
My daughter calm down after see an aunty sit behind me.
She said some magic words and my daughter calm down and sleep.
else I will be throw out from the plane by all the passengers.

5th Reason.
Damn tired!

Give me free air ticket, I will think twice!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Most Expensive Bread I buy during CNY

5th of Chinese New Year.
I came back from my friend's house.
I was going to buy a loaf bread for my wife at night (8pm).
She fall sick and doctor advised eat no oily food.
So, I tried to buy a bread for her.

A lot of shops still hibernated in Kuching.
I tried to find a loaf bread at supermarket but I cannot find it.
At end, I drove to a petrol station - P brand.
And, I manage to find it.
It costs me RM4.70.
And, the original price is RM2.30 and they put on another price tag on it.
I - a bit SOHAI and buy the bread as well. 
I thought this is imported bread from WM.
So, the price should a bit higher.

When I brought home the bread, I still don't know that I was tricked.
After i checked with my relatives that this bread sold here as RM2.30 as well.
Wah... They cheated me another RM2.40.
This is not the problem of the G brand company.
This is the problem created by the P brand shopper.

If I am not wrong,
This is the petrol station circled that I found on the Google Earth!

P Brand, Petrol Station, Kuching.

Friday, February 19, 2010

It comes again!

When i am kid,
Everytime, it comes to our house.
We will shout and panic..

When it approaching, 
We will,
Close the main door,
Close the windows,
Stop breathe for 1 minute,
We hope it disappears as soon as possible.

When Chinese New Year approaching,
We hope,
It comes to visit us before CNY,
It take away all the broken items away,
We feel happy about it.

Human are damn funny creatures like me.
When it is cold whether, i am freezing and hope summer coming soon.
When it is hot weather, i am sweating and wish raining next hour.
When parent around, maybe you will complain they are so talktive.
When parent leave this world, maybe you will miss them so much.

So, we should appreciate every moment we have? Correct?
Do you agree with me?
If yes,
Please don't run away when "IT" coming...
Take a deep breathe....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Malaysia & China Garden

Hi, I am Vanessa and also your part time tour guard.
If you come to Kuching for holiday, please come to this Malaysia & China Garden,Kuching.
It is located near to Tabuan Laru.
"Are you coming?"
It is a nice garden.
You can do anything there such as taking photos, dating, jogging and etc.
Swimming, fishing or robbing are not allowed.
The huge statue is Laksamana Cheng ho.

Besides, there are describe all the 14 states in Malaysia.
If you want to know more detail, you can click to enlarge the photos.

Land of Lightning & Land of Prosperity.
Land of Lilting Gamelan & The Southern Gem.
Land Below the Wind & Land of Hornbill.
Capital Territories of Malaysia & The Historical state.
Heartland of Peninsula & Land of Quiet Grace.
 Land of Grace & Pearl of the Orient.
 Rice Bowl of Malaysia & The Enchanting northern Jewel.
You also enjoy the view of dancing water!
Mummy & I.
"Sorry ar! As i mentioned early that I am part time tour guard...
It is time I go home drink milk... come and enjoy yourself.  Bye! Bye!"

1St & 2nd Day of Chinese New Year

I wish everyone "Happy Chinese New Year".
Today, I realise that vehicle is very important in our life.
It is difficult to go some places without car.
I have only one car in my home town and booked by my little brother.

No much places I can travel.
No much things I can do beside eat, sleep & watch movie.
Just feel a bit bored and snaps some photos.
When we faced challenge in our life, face it bravely and believe that a brighter tomorrow waiting for us.

Be patient for those still single, you will find your rice soon.

We want freedom just like a bird flying in the sky.

Never ever look down at yourself.
Do you still remember that you are the strongest sperms between your million of brothers & sisters.

For parent,
You want he/she become what you want or
Let he/she choices what they want to become?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine!

Today, it is a first day of Chinese New year!
I wish all "Happy Chinese New Year".
I would like to dedicate this song,
"Gong Xi Fa Cai"
To everyone!

from: suryanto

This year, Valentine day also fall on this day too.
I wish all lover "Happy Valentine" as well.

For all married man like me,
I have choice this song
 to dedicate to my wife.
Hope you guys like this song as well.

From: Cuddles108

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Eve 2010

Most of us are busy prepare reunion dinner.
"Chinese New Year eve"
Day before,
Everyone packaging and plan going home included me.
"Balik Kampung"
Do you know what is the meaning of Reunioin dinner?
"The Reunion cuisine"

I like Reunion dinner.
It is the time to reunion all relatives from other places.
If you cannot come back this year,
Don't feel so sad, cheer you up! : )
Just wait for next year.

After become parent,
This day is quite busy.
Prepare angpao, food & clean up.

I wish everyone


Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am YOUR Boss!

A story about a Boss.

Vanessa said:
"Boss is the person who pay our salary.
If Boss act so rude, ego and like to order people with no respect.
His/Her staff will not respect him and at the end they will leave as well."

Respect people & Respect yourself.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank you

Have you say "thank you" to someone who help you?
I do.
"Thank you for helping me to snap some beautiful photos"
"Thank you again for not complaining that i am not take care good of you"
"Thank you for feed me with water for 10 years"
"Thank you for everything!"

Thank you for spend time to read my post!