Saturday, May 14, 2011


Gossip... Shhh....
Most of ladies like to gossip rather than man.
I personal if the gossip will not hurt particular people is OK.
If the person simply create a story which is not true to destroy someone.

They not a good people!

Vanessa: "Close your mouth, please!"

It is normal that some people like to create and hurt somebody they don't like.
If you meet someone like them.

You are unlucky people.

Vanessa: "I don't want to listen!"

People like them, they will suffer one day.
The day will come to them soon.

Vanessa: "I, No eyes to see!"

If you are the victim, be strong!
Time will prove everything....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand 2011

From Hanoi to Bangkok airport,
It takes around 2.5 hours.

Bangkok is the Capital city of Thailand.
Population of Thailand is around 66 million, 2 times more than Malaysian.
The currency is "Bath" and RM1 is around to 10Bath.

The in fracture is very good!
Most of people purchase Toyota as their personal car.
They are very friendly, polite and hardworking.
I cannot speak their language at all.

Sure, i have took some photos and share with you. hehehe
(It is almost same like previous posts :))
It is a busy airport and i wait for long for my turn.
Instead, all the counter is open for local and foreign. 
My customer pick me up with his Land cruise, Toyota.
The factory is outside of city.
Can you spot any thing above - Our country petrol station.
The petrol for 95 is around RM3.8. 
After 1 hours travelling, i reach to the factory.
It is a palm oil factory.
I can say this is the first time, i meet with the great customer.
They provide a high class cafe restaurant for all outsider.
Nice ice branded coffee, ice cream, drinks and etc.
I feel lucky that i am not stay here for long times else i will be a FAT boy very soon. 
We are free to drive their car, motorbike included the golf electric car.

Let talk about food,
This is the first time, i take a lot of strange food here. 
Before: it is a cobra raw meat. 
After: It is cobra meat after fried!
About the taste, it is almost like fish meat but it is a bit hard.
It is a Sambal which show on the top photos.
It is really taste good and very spicy.
I like spicy food very much.
After that, the customer show me that the Sambal is contain the coachwork!
OMG... I think i take a lot in my stomach... 
Photos (Top): It is very nice fried roti. The taste is great! Thumb up.
Photos (Bottom): It is a little bird. OMG... I swallow one in my stomach too. Taste like normal chicken.

After i complete my task.
I and my customer went to Pattaya to visit his wife.
His wife is bakery maker. 
The bread is damn good and nice.
I swallow 2 inside my stomach too.
How i reduce my weight? 
I prefer Thailand food more because it is spicy.
At night, the customer bring us to seaside. 
It is happening place here.
Very hard to find a seat over here. 
One of Thailand beer, Leo.
Nice beer!

I don't know what to describe the Thai people.
Maybe, i can describe them as photos below: 
Give Friends 100%

They really take care of me.
Thank you!

I have early flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur on Monday.
We wake up very early 5:00am.
Again, we drive from Pattaya to Bangkok airport around 120km. 
It is a nice trip!
If not of personal issue at home, i would like to stay longer here.

On the plane,
I accident drop my camera....
I feel lucky that bad luck is not always follow me.
When i realize that i drop my camera, i plan to turn back to plane.
And, i noticed a man is taking my camera and plan to report it.
I manage to get it from him. Thank you!

At the Immigration counter in KLIA,
I notice that there are a lot counter but only one counter open for Malaysian passport.
Some more, the 3 machines are break down.
I heard a lot complain from behind.
He said: "Makan duit number one, Malas kerja number one too"
I keep smiles and silent.

I can summarize it as "First class facilities, but third class people".

pls: Compare to 3 airports i travel, Thailand & Hanoi are crowed... Haiya... Why?

Hanoi, Vietnam 2011

 Last week, I have a business trip to Hanoi, Vietnam for 5 days.
It is an enjoyable trip for me :)

Hanoi is a city located at north of Vietnam.
Population of Vietnam is around 88 million, 3 times more than Malaysia.
The 2 main currency you can use are "Viet Nam Dong (VND)" or USD.
(RM1 is around to 7000 VND).

The main transportation of Vietnam is motorbike instead of car.
The accident rate is 1000+/- per month.
Some of their language is mixed up from Chinese's direct e.g. Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien, Mandarin etc.
It is quite easy to learn their language.

I have took some photos and share with you.

It is exciting for me talk about food here.

This is the fish noodles. 
My customer use to bring us to take breakfast at here.
It is not spicy at all but taste good.
They prefer to eat raw vegetables than cook. 
This is the name for order the fish noodles.
Either CANH CA or RO DONG.

About my lunch,
All the food are quite similar to Chinese dishes. 
How they prepare the vegetable?
They boil it and serve. Very simple! 
This is my first time, i take buffalo dishes.
It is little bit hard for me. 
Overall the food is 6.5/10.

About the local beer, 
BIA HA NOI - Taste lighter than Tiger.

Strange things i met!
Don't worry, i am not talk about G.H.O.ST.

First, I share bedroom with my customer (Male).
I am feel not easy when i take a bath.
I also feel not easy when i want to make cake.
Just feel want to finish it within 1 minutes.
Do you know what is the reason behind?
Let the photos below answer my question.

At the factory,
There are 2 signboard to indicate male and female toilet as below: 
First, i am wonder which one i should enter.
I ask my customer and he told me "The black color smile face is Male"
Why? The male is black face instead of white color?
If you are Chinese, you not need to worry.

NAM is mean Male and NU is mean Female in Cantonese right?

At Airport,
Please don't leave you things behind.
Because, the Boom specialist will come to investigate your luggage very soon.
Don't make they busy! 

Last ...
I am cheated at Airport?
I learnt from this lesson and i hope others will take note of it.

When i am waiting to check in from Hanoi to Bangkok for another business trip.
One of Chinese guy, he come to me...

He: "Can you speak mandarin?"
Me: "Yes, i do".
He: "I am Lim from Shanghai. Where are you from?
Me: "I am from Malaysia"
He: "I need your help"
Me: "What is the problems?" (I think he want to ask money from me)
He: "I want to buy air ticket but i lack of 90USD. Can you borrow me?
Me: "I have only 700,000 VND". (He want money from me)
He:"I need make up to 90USD... You can give me MY too"

I don't know why... i give him some!
(I know the money will never return, but i give him too)
(Am i poisoned by the black magic? hehehe)
And, he give me his name card as below:
He told me that he will return the money to me.

Anyhow, If you meet this same situation like me...
Please reject it! 

What a poor CHVoon cheated by CEO???

To be continue... at Bangkok, Thailand 2011