Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Bye 2009!

Another 108000 seconds,
2009 will leave us forever and never come back!

What does it leave for me?
Only Memory.
I can not remember all little single things in my mind.
Maybe, my brain's memory storage is less than 100M bytes.
So, i try to compact it and put into my blog.
Maybe, there are a lot of memory i miss...

What i did this year?
Cannot record at the moment! :)
Nothing much i did.
I wasted a year again!

What should i plan for next year?
At the moment, I try my best be a good husband & daddy!
I will have a proper milestones plan for next year!

Revise of the year just like open a fridge.
When open the fridge,
First, check any expiry food inside,
Second, do a plan for next time and don't over buy and wasted the food,
Third, throw all the expiry food to empty the fridge,
Forth, plan again and buy new food and put inside.

When i open my fridge,
I found this!

OH... no... All expiry Guinness & Stout!
I bought it more than 1 years ago for my baby full moon activities.
I seldom drink Guineness & Stout...
Have not time to open party to clean stock.
I am backpack traveler.

Expiry Guinness & Stout ... Can drink?
If can,
Tonight & Tommorrow night,
I need to finish it before new year 2010!


Before i get drunk,
I would like to wish ALL,


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Beware of Stranger's Call

I normally will check who call in & answer the call,
Not matter he/she in my contact list or not,

Beware... nowaday a lot of cheating call,
I have some experience from me & my friends,

Case 1
A call from a china lady (Fox 1)
She speaks mandarin.
Fox 1: Congratulation! You win a RMXXk and you can collect it at Genting Highland.
(A lot of friends received this kind of call, if you answer her, she will keep disturb you)
Me: Can you speak english, i cannot understand mandarin.
Fox 1: ar... You cannot speak mandarin?
Me (pretend): What are you talking about?
At the end, she give up and hang up the phone.

Case 2
A call to my mother,
He (Fox 2) try to scare my mother and he speaks mandarin.
Fox 2: Help! Help! Mummy, You must help me!
My Mother: Who are you?
Fox 2: I am your son, please help me, they kinapped me and hit me!
My Mother (voice not like my little brother): What is your name?
Fox 2 (Quite for a while): Help! Help! Help me!
My Mother (little bit nervous): ....
However, the man realised that this tricks cannot cheat my mother and hang up the phone.
After, my mother call to my brother, he still studies at the college.

Case 3
A man (Fox 3) calls up my friend,
He speaks mandarin too.
He just wakes up and answers the call,
Fox 3: Help! Help! Help me! Daddy!
I have be kinapped and they hit me!
Friend: Calm down, who are you?
Fox 3: I am your son! Help! Help! They hit me again!
Friend (How can i have a son can speak oledi????): Sorry bo... i don't have a children yet.
Fox 3 (A bit shock): ...... and hang up the phone.

Case 4
Today, i receive a call from an india girl (Fox 4),
I feel very strange because i don't have india female friend,
I have few india male friends,
She speaks malay.

Fox 4: Tolong! Tolong! Tolong saya. Saya punya badan berdarah!
Me (er... who? i don't have india female friend): Siapa ni?
Fox 4: Tolong! Tolong saya! Saya berdarah!
Me (How i help her? Don't who is she and where is she): Salah number la!
Fox 4: Tolong saya la...
Me (I feel really cannot help her, cause she never mention who she is): Salah number, i tak kenal u.
Fox 4 (very angry): Cina babi pukiman... and hang up the phone.

er... Am i wrong?
You should tell me who are you and what i can help!
I think if you sick or hurt, you better you call 994, i am not at DOCTOR!

By the way, I LIKE EAT PORK!... 

p/s: If you want people to respect you, please respect people first!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Curious kids need to be tough inside

Hello Everyone!
Again, I am Vanessa here.
I am 1 year old and 5 months.

Today, my daddy told me that Nuffang & Friso organize a program.
It call "Nuffnang Friso Gold Family day out"

My daddy ask me to be his model,
Without think twice, i agree with him,
Hence, we go to jogging at the same time we take some photos outside.

Since i am still a kid, but i know that bacteria or germs are microorganism.
They will attack you anytime without your knowledge.
"I don't think i wear a protection like Iron Hat and hold with the sword",
It cannot scare all those bacterias or germs to attack me,
They are immune to those weapons.

I have a secret weapons inside my body,
I have Friso Gold Frisonshield with P2 Dual System™ with combination of nutrients of
GOS, lcFOS and Friendly bacteria & Bifidobacterium lactis
I can explore to outside without fear!

With Friso Gold, it can increase my immune system,
As you know, i am little kid and like to explorer and touch everything in front of me,
I am not sure whether that items is clean or not,
And, i will put my dirty hand to my mouth sometimes,

Hence, I really need a strong & tough inside my body.
Because, my parent cannot 24 hours look after me & protect me from bacterias or germs.
What they can help me - the only way is provide me the great formula of Frisoshiled milk,

I feel that i am Iron kid (铁金钢)with Friso Gold.

Vanessa: "Daddy, can i join the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out?"
Daddy: "mmm don't know :) but it is just a games and we play for fun ok"
Vanessa: "Yupe Daddy! I have another photos to let you see as below"

"No Matter How Much You Come; 
With Frisoshield, I'm Never SCARED!"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas 2009 coming soon..

I am Vanessa,
Everyone like Christmas very much includes me,
Every year,
We celebrate Christmas day,
I am sure everyone are happy,
No matter what happen, we still celebrate it...

Today, I am choosing my dress for Christmas party,

"Acting like Santa Claus or"

"or Acting like white bear"

At the same time,
My daddy make some cookies for my party,
As what i know,
My daddy learn to make cookies from a blogger call "HugBear",
Let we see how my daddy make the cookies,

My daddy is beginner baking,
Hence, he don't have a lot of tools,
Please don't use the thermostat act as the roller like my daddy,

"It look ugly but.... And, my daddy still need to learn more from all the Baking sifu",
Still need to improve!

I will like to get this opportunity to wish all:
"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice ~ 冬至快乐

Happy Winter Solstice & 冬至快乐,
Today, i declare holiday for myself,
After work very bored in the office quite a long time,

I realise that today is Zhong Zhi,
I am thinking to make some Tong Yuen, 汤圆,
I go to shopping for a while after settle some important stuffs,
I bought some items as below:

Peanut butter, Glutinous Rice flour, & Vanila flavour

After mixing up water with flour, it is time to start make ball,

First time, i try to put some peanut butter inside.
I don't know how the taste it, i will find some white mouse to test it.

After 10 minutes, i manage finish making all the Tong Yuen,
It is time to cook it.
I mix up the Tong Yuen with Apples, Red Zhi, & Watermelon Strips,
Each things have its own meanings,苹果

Tong Yuen ~ 汤圆 = Family Reunion ~ 一家团圆,
Apples ~ 苹果 = Live peacefully ~ 平平安安,
Red dates ~ 红枣 = Money come ~ 鸿运当头,
Watermelon Strips (sweet) = Sweet & happily ~甜甜乐乐

I hope after eat all the best for coming new years.

Want to eat?

It is quite a long time i never eat Tong Yuen,
When i am kid, i like to eat Tong Yuen,
As what i know, i will grow up 1 year older,
I want to grow up fast hence i eat a lot,
My mummy told me: "How old are you going to be, then you can eat that amount!"
At that moment, i am envy my grandmother,
Why? Because she can eat 50 ball Tong Yuen that moment,

Today, i make Tong Yuen so my daughter can eat,
And, She is going to 2 years old soon,
She is grow up and we (parent) grow older,
I cannot stop my ages at 18 years old anymore.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Award - Life 2009


I have written 102 posts in 2009 year, i made some summary about my blogs and blog list members.

Before my blog's title changed from "Life 2009" to "Life 2010", i would like to get this opportune to thank all readers and friends.

After discussing with some of my friends (Paula Abdullah, Simon Cow and Randy Jack) the result of Top 5 for each category are listed as below:

TOP 5 Interested posts of 102 posts 

TOP 5 Bored posts of 102 posts .

TOP 5 Commentors Bloggers.

TOP 5 Active Bloggers in my blog list.

TOP 5 Popular Bloggers in my blog list.

P/S: All the results are refered to certain calculations, factors & opinions from my friends.
Some of the potential bloggers, we cannot define it because of lack of certain information.
e.g. Achieve list 2009, Visitor Counter & etc.
All the result refered until 16/12/2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kena Lottery?

After ask why limit to 100 posts per year by [SK], CheaHS@n & foongpc,
I reconsider it to add one more posts,

First, I would like to say apologize to all bloggers & facebook friends,
Cynthia, Wenn, Conan_cat, Donna, SK Ding, TZ,
Borneo Falcon, SJ, [SK], BoeyJoey, Gabriel, Amycheah,
CheaHS@n, Mummy Gwen, Ai Shiang, Foongpc, Wan Inn, Terence Toh & LC Ling.

If i really trick you at my previous post - I won Rm7,212,322.13 ,
I have mentioned that i Waste RM1 to buy Yesterday Draw Result to trick you all,

Now, I have one things to share with you guys,
Please don't laugh and pointing finger at me :(,
If you really want to laugh, hide inside the toilet and laugh,

Today, I really "Kena" Lottery!
I go to feed my car with some energy water,
When i drive out from petrol station "Caxxx" around 200meter,
I put on my safety belt ~ Tali pinggang,
I drive along from Taman Kinrara to Kesas Highway exist,

After 800 meter,
There is a Road blocked by police,
Shit! I feel a bit guilty,
Because my car plate original is WJW,
The first "W" broken few days ago,
From KL number plate change to Johor number plate as JW,
So, i scare that the police will fine me about this problem!

After stopped by the fat police,
Conversation between FAT police and i,

FAT police: "I saw you not wear your safety belt, and you saw us the you put it on"
CHVoon: "No... I just come out from Petrol station then i put on my safety belt"
FAT police: "I saw you put it on when you saw us, show me your driving license?"
CHVoon: "mmm Hold on ar... , this is my driving license..."
FAT police (smile at me): "You are going to pick your baby?"
CHVoon (try to make a pity look): "mmm yupe!"

FAT police tries to use his eye to shock me (Are you sure want to pay the Saman),
My eyes is not good conductor, hence i ingore his electric shock eyes,
At the end,
He gives me THIS,

FAT police: "Remember to pay the saman before 19/1/2010, you will obtain 50% discount automatically"
CHVoon (thinking shit!): "ohh...."

What i want to say here:

"WANT HIT LOTTERY!!!  慢慢等..."

慢慢等 = Wait for long time
屎 = Eat shit

Lesson #1: Don't Gambling because 99% lose;
Lesson #2: Put on your safety belt before start your car.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I won Rm7,212,322.13

Actually, i limit myself for only 100 posts per year,
But, it is really happy for me to share this great new with you,
If you start read this post, please read until the end,
If you follow my previous post, "I won Rm20million lottery"
It is only a big dream!

But, this time it is true!

Do you still believe me?
I can show you the prove!

All the 6 numbers are matched!
How i use those money ?
I really getting crazy thinking how to spend the money!

Everyone know that,
Money is nothing, but without money you are nothing,
Maybe, i can say that money is Angel,
But, i also can define that money is Devil!

Money is Angel,
If we use it to help poor people and they live happily,
Donate the money to charity, WWF, MAKNA,
But, Don't donate the money for someone whose use the money for themself,
Make the world better,

Money is Devil,
Someone use dirty tactic to cheat other people money,
Really to kill each others,
Use money to buy election vote,
Use money to get a fake degree certificate,
Make the world worst,

Hence, i can use the money applied as angel or devil concept!
What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

After thinking quite a long time,
I think it is not necessary at the moment because,


So, i won NOTHING
Don't ask money from ME!

p/s: On 20th December it is a Life 2009 award DAY!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Malaysian Cake

I have a crazy idea,
I use "3 in 1" concept applied to make a cake,
It contains Fruits, Cheese & Chocolate,
I call it Malaysian cake, is it funny?
Mix all ingredients (Fruits-Malay, Cheese-Chinese & Chocolate-India) into one,
I hope it is taste nice!

I set 1 hour for the baking time,

Opps, i think 1 hour is too long - a bit dark!
However, i think 52 years of Malaysia,
It is not too late, if we, people wake up now!
I always BELIEVE it will change,

After cut into 2 piece, i taste the cake... mmm Yummy...

Combination of 3 elements, make it perfect,
Just like all races work together, Malaysia will be very beautiful,

Do you agree with me?

Monday, December 7, 2009

What to do if you feel depressed?

What to do if you feel depressed?
Drunk yourself?
It is not a good solution!
The great solution is
Make a baby!
Because they are the good cure for you,

When she smiles,

When she cries,

When she can wear your trouser,

When she starts learn what you did,

When she start to learn to help you,

When she can drink milk by herself,

When she want to go out,

Movie clip as below:

When she start to drive a car,

When she is happy,

After see what she is doing,
I feel better and no more depressed!

P/S: Produce human project must go on! This society will getting better!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't wait until you regret...

When you are children,
When you become parent,
When you become grandparent,
Don't wait until you regret...


When you are children,
Play hard and study smart,
Every time is valuable and appreciate it every moment,
Don't study until no time to play & make friend,
Don't go to disco everyday until no time to study,
Anyone will regret when start to work?
Regret that they waste their time do nothing,
Regret that they not study enough,
Regret that they don't have friends especially girl friend,
What a dude life!,

You will heard this conversation always,
Worker A: "After working, i feel that studying is fun better",
Worker B: "Yalor, no need to see boss's angry face, and not need wake up so early"
 Worker C: "If i can back to future, i will appeciate any moment again"

Student A: "Working good that studying, no exams at all"
Student B: "I can earn money to buy playstation 3"
Student C: "I want to grow up!"


When you become parent,
Pay more time with family and work smart,
Personal time getting less and also for family,
Don't work until neglect your family,
Don't MC everyday until neglect your career,
Anyone will regret when they getting old,
Regret that they not spend enough time when their children are young,
Regret that they not work hardly,
Regret that relationship between children getting far away,
What a SOHAI life!,

Don't wait until your children ask,
Children: "How much 1 hour you earn in office?"
Parent: "RM300 gua"
Children: "This is RM300 cash, can you stop work at home and spend 1 hour with me"

Don't wait until they grow up,
Parent: "Can we have a conversation for a while?"
Children: "No no... I don't have time, the sailormoon cartoon start now"


When you become grandparent,
Nothing to do,
It is the outcome either Good or Bad,
Good if you have utilize and manage good when you are young,
Bad if you do nothing for your life,

I want to remind myself - Do the correct things at the correct TIME!
I hope my wife will read this message as well :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bring your family to Tasik TitiWangsa (I)

Hello, I am Vanessa here,
Tomorrow, my daddy plan to bring us go to Tasik Titiwangsa - KL,
Hence, my daddy starts to prepare some chocolate muffins,

Vanessa: "Make chocolate muffin, need to buy a lot of items"

Vanessa: "This is the recipe my daddy get it from sifu MARCIANA",

Vanessa: "This is the outcome ~ look ok or not?",

Sleep time 12...1...2...3...4...5...6...7am,

Daddy: "Wake up everyone... time to go picnic!"

Vanessa: "Daddy... next time don't wake me up so early ok?"
After 1 hours, we reach Tasik Titiwangsa,
It is really a nice and peaceful place,
This is the place just like a heaven,

Vanessa: "The lake look great!",

Vanessa :"Be serious a bit la... ",

Vanessa:"Is it look nice? Cannot upload all the photos here... "

Vanessa: "I really want to jump and swim in the lake"

Vanessa: "I found a big mushroom here, come to help me..."

Vanessa: "Take equally at both side ar..."
              "See not balance one... mmm"

Vanessa: "After tired... i have a mummy to carry me... hahaha"
Vanessa: "To be continue... Don't miss the part II, it is really interested part for children!"