Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life in Ukraine

Time different between Ukraine & Malaysia is around 6 hours,
Travelling hours from Malaysia to Ukraine is more than 15 hours,
Malaysia - Thailand - Vienna - Odessa,
It is a exhausted and tired journey,

"From Vienna to Odessa" "Heavy Snow" "Less than zero degree in Ukraine, it is very cold for me" "Me and Jaga (Baby giant)" "Vitaly (Ular sawit) & Charles (Ricky Martin)" "Accommodation & foods will be provided by customer excluding Sunday. What a poor breakfast? Do not worry, we have second round of breakfast provided by customer." Every Saturday night, it is a vodka hours. We drink until a bit drunk. However, It is a bored life at there and our customer never take our walking around the city. Asian customer is the best!1st weekend, we went to restaurant and we have a big problem to order food! However, we managed to order food at the end.

2nd weekend, we rather eat Maggi mee at home than go to restaurant.

"A cup of espresso" We walked around the black sea. Nice view! We not stay long because it is really cold and Windy. Her clothes is cute? A little giant hahahaIce cream again? We are really crazy guys in the town.

"Best soup we took and..." "Almost all the foods are tasteless. Lucky, i managed to survive until now" See! I look weaker and older... In Ukraine, there are some items are damn cheap such as cigarettes, alcohol & chocolates. Guess, how much i bought for 1 vodka & 13 piece of chocolates? I have not try the vodka yet and not sure the quality. But, the chocolates is better compare to xxxx.











It costs less than RM40

It is really surprises me and i will buy more when i travel there again.


Marciana said...

Look older?? =.=
I want the chocolateS!! =) Next time you go there again make sure you bring an extra large luggage to fit all the chocolate sold in that shop.. Then bring it back here to sell, sure untung banyak,you become happy, and you'll look younger =)

waiyoke said...

The Russians are famous for their vodka.... isn't it? ya, in these countries, alcohol is damned cheap.

Anonymous said...

I want the chocolates too!!! I want to 'lompang' to buy a dozen!!

CH Voon said...

Marciana: Hahaha then i can resign my current job and work as a chocolates seller lo?

Waiyoke: Yes! the vodka i bought only rm10 nia...

eileen: hahaha I scare later stopped by the Ukraine immigration officer la... Actually, i have be stopped but lucky nothing happen to me

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

wuuh so cheap!