Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Naughty Baby

Every baby born to be naughty,
including my baby girl,
When she know to sit properly,
She start to learn climb and stand up,
Of course,
She will meet accident if we not pay attention to her, "Woo... i feel better after massage for 30 minutes"
"When i know how to sit properly, i start to explorer..."
"Because of my naughty, i hit my head"
"However, i will not give up and i want to stand up soon!"
"Daddy! let me bite a bit"
"Daddy! do you know how to take bath for me?"
"Daddy, you better ask mummy first!"

"Lucky, Mummy around"


maro^gal said...

ur baby is so cute... ^.^

Marciana said...

yaya.. your baby cute cute =)
I still need to wait for years before i can have one =.=
So long............

Eileen said...

Hahahaha. Why you put her in the washing machine? Pity her for having this kind of daddy that makes fun of her. Hahaha.