Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shanghai Trip (II)

Shanghai is a happening city,
I think i plan to go there again one day,
Now, China is not poor country as we think,
Maybe, it is far far better than our country,

"Hello, Can i take photos with your guys"

"Raining day again'

"So unique"

"Kepercayaan kepada tuhan..."

"Don't miss this wonderful view"

"Read behind the sentences..."
"People is the main source in the country"
"Stupid politicians, Please do not fool our people anymore"

"Daddy, can you hear me, I miss you!"

"I do not want this... Too heavy!"

"Mummy, i know that you are very tired to carry me"
"I keep some tea in my bottle for you"

"Come to visit my new opening tea shop"

"I want go to level 5"

"It make me look so small"

"Small dragon bao"
"Some more to eat here...."


cHrIstInA_YY said...

Hehe, your wifey must be very tired hugging and taking care of the baby when traveling =)

CH Voon said...

cHristinA_YY: yalor i know... but my sister in law also give a help ... so easy a bit

Marciana said...

I wan to eat the pau!! Kuching got 1 shanghai shop open by shanghai people also sell this.. duno same taste o not