Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Blogging experience

After read Eugene's post about,
" Blogging experience,,,,any to share? "
Please feel free to click and read his blog ~ free advertisement :)
I decide to answer his question!

1. How did you start blogging, what was your one driving factor?
I started my first blog named as "www.titanshiva.blogspot" after i read my ex-main contractor Mr Ding's blog since 2006. Factor is share our sadness and happiness.

I started my second blog named as "Life xxxx" because my first blog deleted by third party.
Factor is i want to record memory/opinion for my children.

2. What was your happiest blogging experience?
After thinking for 2 minutes, i don't have happiest blogging experience.
But, i feel happy when read some blogger' funny story.

3. What was your most frustrating blogging experience?
When i don't have idea to write a post.

4. Have you made any good friends out of your blogging friends who were previously not your friends?
Yes, Most of them are from friends' list :)

5. What was the rudest comment you ever received?
So far, i haven't received but i hope i don't want to receive it too :)

6. Have you thought of giving up blogging?
I think i will not quit until i leave this world...

7. Do you consider yourself a blog junkie?
It is depend! My reader will make me become junkie...

8. What is just one thing pleasant you wish could happen to your blog?
Something is impossible to happen... but dreaming...

9. If i say blogging is more about passion rather than commission($$$$), do you agree?
Yes, i think because of passion i continue my blog. Some of my buddies give up after few posts.
But, commission is another factor to push me to continue too. :)

10. Please recommend to us 2 blogger' blog which you feel that we should not miss..
a. You Crazy and Fool - make you crazy and happy!
b. At my Blog list - Top 5 blogger you cannot miss! ~ I will let you know when 2010!


Reanaclaire said...

good morning Voon..
curious to know, who is the 3rd party who had deleted your blog? dont frighten me..can delete blogs by another person? unless they know yr password.. :)

Great Post too.. all for the sake of our pal, Eugene.. lol...

CH Voon said...

reanaclaire: i also want to know who delete my previous blog... maybe i wrote a lot of bad things about current government gua...

Donna said...

hi.. dropping by.. from eugene page, and i was curious on what u write.. =)
u are "guang hong"'s friend is it?

vialentino said...

wah....seems u will be a full time blogger for life....dats good....

CH Voon said...

dolly: er... guang hong, he is my blogger friend :)

Via: I am not full time blogger ... i not update so frequently...

Anonymous said...


In the past (until now), I have been following some great authors namely Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad (May she rest in peace), Tun Dr. Mahathir, Sultan Muzzafar, Mr. Vernon (Mr. Manager) and the list goes on. A blog's special features initiate me to set up a blog and is a very good medium to share thoughts and feelings instantaneously with friends and family and is much faster than e-mailing or writing


vialentino said...

yeah not easy to be full time blogger....if i can earn like kennysia like a pro blogger...i dun mind to change my profession...

wenn said...

just blog for the fun of it. Dun be so serious.

CH Voon said...

vialention: hahaha pro blogger ar... for me far far away... just blog for fun and memory only... Kennysia is different story... he is my hometown people, that his father is rich man own some business... so he have pretty of time to do so

wenn: yalor... it just for fun.

To all: nowaday our government really to pay Rm3000 and one PC with internet fees... to write some blog about opposition things.

Who are interest to do so... can apply too hahhahaha