Sunday, August 9, 2009

A short break at Ukraine

Ukraine life

It is a bit relax for this trip,
Overall activities are :
Eating, Resting, Waiting, Eating, Resting, Waiting & Sleeping,
What a bored trip?,

Ukraine's friends
Open ceremony "device",
When push button pressed, pumps will automatically run,

During open ceremony, a lot of reporter come over there,
Everyone are waiting for Ukraine President come over,

After ceremony finish, We go to take our dinner,

"Mushroom salad"
"Fish & Onion Salad"
"Vegetable Salad"
"Ukrainian Soup with Onion"
"Pork Pork Pork"
No really a good taste!
"Sotong Salad"
"Tomato juice"
I don't like the taste!
"Fish Finger" dinner at Istanbul
Happening Istanbul airport!
People not scare of H1N1?
"I will back to Istanbul again but i don't like back to Ukraine"

If you want to know why ~ Please go to ask the Immigrate officer in Ukraine!

~ One of the reason is i am alien ~


Engineer's Principles said...

when u want to go Istanbul? can i join also? i want to go there also.

Marciana said...

HIhi.. So fast come back.. Or maybe cos time flies/flys *duno which one correct

All the food there look like for uncle aunty eat one.. Only the last one nice :P

Donna said...

just dropping by..
yeah.. the tomato taste bad.. =.="'
My parents kinda forced us to drink before, and all my siblings ended up puke..

CH Voon said...

SK Ding: are you sure? you pay the flight ticket bo hehehe RM5k

Marciana: yalor... all those food people order one not me... cause i dont understand russian language :P

dolly: yalor... i not order it, customer simply order for me, i just a bit only...

Unknown said...

wa you make me lau hau siu lah,, drooling, i wished i could be there with you,, so nice.

i believe you must have really enjoyed yourself,,

take care now my friend

CH Voon said...

eugene: hehehe i think you will regret when u go to Ukraine...

tell you the truth, i not that enjoy at there...