Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Locks Bridge?

Guess what is the name of the bridge?

This bridge is located at Odessa, Ukraine

See carefully, you can see a lot of locks there,
Can you figure it out, what is the name of the bridge now?
"I am sure you guys cannot figure it! hahaha"

This is not a place to sell locks!

Why people put a lot of locks there?
Answer is:
This bridge is called "Mother-In-Law" bridge,
And, when both partner getting to marry,
They will come to this bridge and put on the lock!
together with his mother-in-law,
This is the ceremony to make sure her son-in-law,
will never find another girls after married,
We can start practise it here,
for who haven't get marry yet,
You can try to put your lock at there,

Putrajaya bridge, Malaysia

P/s: i will open a stall there - sell lock.
Welcome to buy lock from me.


wenn said...

haha..funny..good idea, anyway..

Engineer's Principles said...

hahahahaha count me in bro.

vialentino said...

wanted to say locks bridge...din know is mother in law bridge...i was laughing

amycheah said...

voon, do u think cukup meh the bridge for ppl to lock one day?? he he

CH Voon said...

wenn: should we start put lock at ourr bridge?

Sk Ding: sure? then on 12/12/2009 we go to put a lock there.

Via: Yalo... why they naned it as mother in law bridge?????

amycheah: should be ok one because the government will ask people to take out the lock from time to time, else the bridge will fall down soon.

Ice said...

I think I might have seen these pics on someone else's blog before.

Do these people view marriage to be a such a horrible thing? Perhaps putting a lock with the spouse is okay but with mother-in-law is a bit too much! hahaha!

CH Voon said...

Ai Shiang: hey, i took those photos by myself then i will put my stamp there. (hehehe i will not put a stamp if i borrow from other's blog)
maybe, next time i will put my face in too :P

yalor... feel a bit depressed when mother in law come together... hehehe

Pete said...

Seen anyone using lock and chain....must be very 'naugthy' Groom...he he he!

CH Voon said...

Pete: hahaha possible gua hahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow..interesting bridge and equally interesting story behind it.

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Voon, thanks for dropping by at my blog. Mind if I add your blog into my blogroll?

Besides, you have a very interesting idea...I am sure you will have a great biz by setting up a stall at the putrajaya birdge:-) Anyway, the view is so so nice!

CH Voon said...

Mei Teng: Thank you for visiting me too.

Sarah's Daddy & Mommy: Don't forget to buy lock from me too. Welcome to add my blog to your blogroll.

Mummy Gwen said... such thing wan ah. :P You went to Ukraine?

Your little is very cute. Thanks for dropping by. :D

CH Voon said...

Mummy Gwen: yes, i went there before.
I think there are a lot funny things we need to explorer as well. :)

You are the teacher of kid?