Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Naughty baby (II)

To be continue from previous post - My Naughty Baby

My china tea pot broken!

All the souvenir very messy!

My baby is getting more naughty,
She likes to touch everything in front of her,
She always shut down my laptop without my knowledge,
Sometimes, she likes to disturb my laptop's DVD rom as well,
And, turn on the radio when going to bed,
Turn on/off the TV,
She like to watch movie - not good for her age 1 year 5 months,
And, She always play the DVD by herself and make some DVD broken,
What i can say is - she has a itch hand,
Vanessa, maybe you will not agree with me when you grow up,

This is some prove i recorded as clips,

What can i solved those problems?
It drive me crazy,
About the TV cabinet,
My temporarily solution is

Maybe it doesn't work when my daughter getting older,
I need she start to learn how to think what she have done for the past,
Meditation of herself action right or wrong,

Daddy: "Meditation yourself first before i let you come down!"
Vannessa: "Let me down please! I know i am worng!"

P/S: My daughter, the last photos daddy not mean to put you there,
You like see view, hence i put you up there ok.  
When you read this post, you know how difficulty daddy & mummy are...


Elaine Mah said...

haha, clever girl!!!
she will be as smart as I am in the future!

vialentino said...

alamak bro...i think i need to start to pack up my deco stuff already ler...else many damages will be caused

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Vanessa very smart girl, she has been thinking no broken where got new ones. haha

Anonymous said...

You daughter is still an angel in comparison to my son. He is a complete devil, and puts me in hell, literally. He had done all those your baby did, and worst. What the hell had I brought myself to.... *SIGH*

Mommy Ling said...

So cute of you plastering the cabinets..

In order to reduce the breaking here and there incidents, i kept all the stuffs and deco into the storeroom and once it can be release out only i ll do so. Pending my xmas tree to be save into my storeroom, edy half senget panjat by my gal..kesian my tree.

CheaHSan said...

Better be careful with the meditation else she fly off the roof during levitation haha.

[SK] said...

hmmm i guess this is inevitable, it's part of the baby's growing path.. she started to get curious of just everything she sees.. the best solution?? always keep an eye on her lor.. :)

CH Voon said...

Elaine: hahaha I can feel that you are smart girl by looking at your face… intelligent & smart.
Vialentino: hahaha it is time … else …. Those deco stuffs will end up at the rubbish bin.
Bananaz: haiya… broken liao where got new one… need to buy from others country one bo…
So broken mean no more!!!
Cleffairy: hehehe you always complain your son ho hahaha… how old? Hahahaha but I prefer she naughtier rather that quiet there…. Because quiet mean sick gua
Mommy Ling: ok I will put the stuffs in my store room…. Err…. But my storeroom is full house. Mmmm
Hahaha it is good to learn to climb mah…. 
CheaHS@n: ok

william manson said...

lol every parent goes through this, very amusing, its thier way to say hey dad u will NEVER rest while I am on the go lol, very cute... brings back memories..

Anonymous said...

Being naughty is part of growing up :)

Donna said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA.. tell u la..
no use one.. coz my parents used the same tactic also.. =.="
but la, dont sayang her too much, when need to scold, just scold.. else too manja already susah jaga la..

WendyinKK said...

One question,
Why is ur Vanessa always in pyjamas????

My daughter same la... always shut the laptop, the pc, open tv cabinet...
Now upgrade to open fridge..

CH Voon said...

William: agree with you! She makes my life more beatiful!

Mei Teng: yalor! but i am not that naughty when i kids!

Donna:ok, i will scold if needed! Don't tell me you oledi "manja"ed.

wendyywy: oh... pyjamas... time to sleep! if normal day will wear normal shirt! hahaha
i think all the kids is like that hehehe

You put a lot delicious cake inside ..that why she always open fridge!

WendyinKK said...

Then, u always take picture when it's time to sleep ah??
I see her in pyjamas in broad day light woh... in so many of ur post liao..

My daughter is not looking for cake in the fridge, she's looking for vitagen or yakult, or strawberries. :) My cakes don't last that long in the fridge, all fast fast sapu liao la.

CH Voon said...

wendyywy: sometimes, when she wakes up... and havent change her clothes then snap photos :).

She likes eat yakult as well... same like my daughter :) same common.