Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is UK (II)

I seldom talk about food at my blog.
And, I seldom help restaurant to advertise their food as well.
Unless, they pay me a free meal then I will do so.

Let’s we discuss a bit about Ukraine’s food!
Don’t compare the food here with my country.
It is totally different.
Honestly, I am not used to it when I come here for the first time.
If you cannot beat them, join them!

Do you want to know what I used to eat at the factory?

Breakfast time!
I admire that I eat a lot but I also exercise as well.  Hence, I am trying to maintain 6 packs of my body.
(Oops! Sorry I type wrongly.  It is should be 1 pack)

Lunch & Dinner!
I am really enjoying their soup! Taste great!
But, I still not adapted to the “Barli” rice and the meat balls.

Overall, the Ukrainian soups win my heart!

Do you know how the food at the local restaurant?

What can I describe them?
Western food!

Both of the salads are nice together drink with Volka.
Nice! Nice! & Nice!

We manage to find the only one Chinese Restaurant here.
We come to this restaurant plenty of times.
This is the restaurant where we feel much more confident to order food.
Because the restaurant‘s Tauke (Mr Lee) is from China.

Paiseh! We come over here many times.
But, I took few photos only.
Because, the food are damn nice and make me forget to take photos.

We are crazy guys like to eat spicy food!
We told the Tauke, if not spicy no paid!
At the end, we pay as well.

How about drink at here?

Vodka & Beer are damn cheap over here.
1 bottle of vodka cost RM10 to RM30 only.
1 big bottle beer cost around RM2 to RM4.
Because of weather, we drink some of alcoholic drink.
It is nice to drink until a bit high level and stop.
We will chit chat like 38 but we still under control;
It is a great time!

Drink Mineral water is the best!

Sometimes, I will spend time and cook at apartment weekend.

There are not Ukraine food but cook at Ukraine.
About the taste… hmmmmm
No comment.

But,  I am plenty sure that…

This is the Best food in Ukraine!

p/s:  Maggi company, I help you promote your delicious mee. 
As you know, Chinese New Year is coming soon.
I need some pocket money for preparing angpao(s). Do you know what I mean?


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Thanks so much for the photos of Ukraine and the local food & Chinese food. Soup is soupy leh..But the last is certainly a winner among all the rest of the food. Have fun in Ukraine and take care.:p

Anonymous said...

So much food!! :) People in Ukraine eat lots of meat?

As much as I enjoy western cuisine ocassionally, I cannot stand eating those food everyday for the rest of the days. I still love Asian food more.

WendyinKK said...

Eh, one of ur breakfast, the last pic on the left looks like a tiramisu leh... so nice ah?

Wah.. If I stay in Ukraine..sure gain 50kg lor..
The mushrooms u eat with ur beer hoh.. so so nice looking leh.. like chinese stir fry style.
Yummy yummy.

MeRy said...

All the food looks yummy..

cHrIstInA_YY said...

The Chinese food looked good! Especially the fish...

manglish said...

AIYOOOOOOOOOOO CHOYYYYYYYY voon ar....please stop drinking the mineral water, tsk tsk tsk aiyo aiyo, you didnt see ar it is "BORN AQUA" wait u become a kuah, liao.....pengsan!!!! hahahhha

manglish said...

hahah ok now the serious comments....the food looked nice lar but to eat like tat everyday can be very japanese food oso...

amycheah said...

The chinese food must be sedap, by jz looking at the "colour", can tell is sedap...hahahha.

Kelvin said...

The food is high energy and fats!
hahaha, maggie mee is always the best when leaving home:)

Borneo Falcon said...

Nice food and booze there in Ukraine

Donna said...

all the food is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy big portion!!!!
if i stay there sure fat die, or die fat..

Yee Ling said...

Can i said as 'HOU SEK HOU G'? Hehehehe, if u get wat i meant. Anyway, being at own homeland is stil the best i guess.

The fish is very very BIG ohhh...must be very juicy.

Anonymous said...

If you're starting out new in photography, would be better to start off with the 500d unless you have the budget to blow, you can get the 50d or the latest 7d. The 7d with kit lens cost about RM8k.

mNhL said...

The soup look so big bowl !

Gratitude said...

Gosh, I would have eaten all that food, died, and gone to foodheaven! lolz

The last pic reminded me of my university days, coz I had a box of maggi mee checked-in as luggage too. LOLZ

CH Voon said...

Bananaz: Have fun in Ukraine? I want go home … please send a mini plane for me.

Mei Teng: I can not finish all the food as well. It is oily but I need some energy to survive.
I miss asian spicy food as well.

Wendyywy: It is a home made cake by chef. It is taste nice! Hahaha 50kg! You better don’t come here… I think I still in good shape! Hahaha

CH Voon said...

Mery: Not all food … some not good as well.

cHristina: sure… it is more asian style. Suit to my mouth!

Manglish: Don’t worry I would not become Kuah… here not Ah Kuah! Here got prono movie to watch at night. So, 100% man over here will not turn to ah Kuah one … after drink a lot of water!

CH Voon said...

Amycheah: Yes! Very nice… that why I spend more than rm300 there oledi.

Kelvin: Yes! Maggie mee is the best! Hehehehe

Borneo Falcon: come and try : ) you will understand it by urself.

CH Voon said...

Donna: Yalor… I cannot finish it every time. I tell them “ju ju” oledi but they still provide us a lot.
Ju ju is mean little in Russian language.

Mommy Ling: Nope as what you think… why go “Hou se Hou ju”. I want go home !!!!

Mei Teng: 10Q for your advice. I have make up my mind to buy 500D … after check the price at the web site you provided.

CH Voon said...

mNhL: it is big but this is only I manage to finish one.

Gratitude: hahahaha I still haven’t apply the passport to foodheaven la… Yalor! It is nice leh.. hehehe
I hope Maggie mee can sponsor me a bit angpao money hahhahh just a joke!

BoeyJoey said...

wah... suddenly so many food pictures on your blog :-p. Don't eat too much instant noodles ah... if not during CNY, not much hair left... kekeke... joking only :-)