Sunday, April 4, 2010

What is your favourite cartoon movie

What is your favorite Cartoon movie?
e.g. Superman, Batman, Sailormoon, & etc.

Me, i cannot remember the which one i like the most,
Maybe - Naruto! Hehehee
But, i know what is my daughter's favorite cartoon movie,

It is a quite a new cartoon movie,
This cartoon is about a life adventure,
From a kid until senior citizen,
He and his wife have a ambitious go to south africa's waterfall,
The journey of adverture start when they meet each other until his wife death,

Another new chapter start after his wife death,
For me, there is a lot of not logical issue inside the cartoon,
But, the meaning of this movie is good.

The title of this movie is "UP",
I don't know why my daughter like this movie very much,
Unitl now, i guess she watches aleast more than 10 times plus,
Good or not.... Maybe you have a look!


Alice Law said...

It's a very touching and wonderful CG! I love it, your Venessa really has good taste! ;)

Merryn said...

I dunno leh.. err.. so long tak watch movie dy..

wenn said...

kids definitely love cartoons!

Caroline said...

nice!! i love cartoon too! :P

suituapui said...

Beauty and the Beast - it's about big ugly people with a heart, like me! :)

Engineer's Principles said...

up is very nice cartoon. but i personally like wall-e
damn sweet.

CH Voon said...

Alice law: hehe this DVD up is the first cartoon i bought for her.... :P.

Merryn: WhY? you are busy to watch movie?

wenn: yes, i agree with you.

CH Voon said...

Caroline Ng May Ling: me too! but i like action cartoon.

suituapui: :) now my daughter watch this cartoon now.

SK Ding: hehehe i havent watch this cartoon too.

MeRy said...

I really dunno which cartoon I like to watch...I guess maybe Pooh & friends.
But my son loves Doraemon alot.

Tekkaus said...

Up is certainly one of the more touching cartoons. :D

CH Voon said...

MeRy: most of kids like Doraemon and so do i.

Tekkaus: yes it is meaningful cartoon.

uLi.佑莉 said...

When I was a kid *ahemmm* I like to watch JAM oh (if I still remember the spelling correctly la) =)

CH Voon said...

uLi: mmm i am sorry i dont know what cartoon u mean :)