Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Customer Not Always Right

Today, I  received a call from my contractor.
He inform me that i need to have a HIV check certificate for apply 1 year Visa for Russia.
After check with few clinics, that we find out that this Hospital able to provide the result within 1 day.

We, 3 of us reach to this hospital at 1:30pm.
They inform us that doctor is available at 2:00pm.
After meet up with the doctor,
Doctor ask we to wait for taking blood sample.
And, we able to take the report by tomorrow.
Before that we need to pay the payment first.

After 1 hours for waiting they to call for paying the payment.
We are not patient to wait and feel want to complain them.
We ask them why take so long.
They answer us "them" haven't receive any information how much the cost.

We really tension and feel hungry too! (We haven't take our lunch yet)
We want to voice out our unsatisfactorily to them.
At this moment, we saw a notice hanging on the wall as below:

We are damn shocked!
What can we do and wait for another 40 minutes again!

We don't want be physically escorted out of the premises!

So, Are you agree with me that 
"Customer Not Always Right!"


[SK] said...

yes i agree with you!! especially the KTM customers!! always don't have the rights to board the punctual train, but always have to wait for at least 30 minutes before they have a chance to squeeze into the train.. haiz!!!

wenn said...

that means they r not efficient at all..

Wyson said...

how i wish this notice can be display at bank.. sometimes the customers just tak boleh tahan, so we can show them this...hahaha

Reanaclaire said...

it means U take it or Leave it.. gosh.. we are the ones paying, hor?

amycheah said...

I will check whether Pantai at Penang got this notice board or not...hahaha.

Engineer's Principles said...

what kind of fucking policy is that.

Alice Law said...

HOW COME har?!!! Moreover it's a private hospital?!!! I instantly feel insecure for the services they provided liao!>_<

Pity you and your colleagues...

Unknown said...

Bro, i love to complain one lol but of course with solid reasons,i love to make those people feel bad when they are shortchanging their customers..

i remember i was in restaurant, they served me with a German beer, i drank one quarter of it, then realized tasted no good,i asked to change, they said no,then i said i wont pay if they did not replace a new bottle,(no topping up) i did not have to raise my voice, i just raised my point,,,hahahahah

suituapui said...

Yalor...some people think they pay money, they can do anything they want. Such customers are best ignored, no need to entertain them. Even when something's not right, can always complain nicely - no need to be so uncivilised...

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Rule #1: Customer is always right
Rule #2: What if customer is wrong? Refer to Rule #1

Actually I changed some the word 'customer'. It was a poster in my ex-bozz's room which says the 'Bozz' is always right hahaha. Anyway this bozz is the most nicest and caring bozz I ever had who has a great sense of humor too.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

So I guess the service provided by this hospital should be !@#$%^&* class? But yet their biz is so *bloody* good?

uLi.佑莉 said... such notice one ar....geng!

Broccoli Ginger said...

ever since they changed the management. the services become lousy.

Yee Ling said... a lil shock by seeing this notice...sweat**

Merryn said...

then then.. ur result ok boh? LoL :P