Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Story about the Sun

Some random photos i took since i stay at Russia.

One of my colleagues,
He asks me why I always take sun scenery.
I never answer his question.
Actually, I have pretty of answer but I don’t know which one I should tell him.

  1. I miss the hot weather in my country.
  2. Sun is the symbol of hope if you are freezing (-25 degree) now.
  3.  It melts my heart after frozen for sometimes.
  4.  Sun rise from the east; make me feel that I’m staying in Asia now.
  5. Sun just like the moon, it just like the moon I saw at my hometown.
  6.  Sun, let me feel more energy to continue my journey.
  7. Sun, just like my friend, encourage me to keep it on and NEVER GIVE UP SO EASILY.
  8. I hope my country economic will rise up like the sun.
  9. I hope all people (Malay, India, Chinese and etc.) in my country, wake up (when the sun rise up) and work together for BETTER FUTURE.
  10. If you agree with me, JUST CHANGE the corruption, discriminant, heartless, selfish, over-power government.

If you still stick to current government, I have one word to describe you.
“SOHAI” 愚笨

p/s: If you don’t know what is the meaning of SOHAI 愚笨 , I WILL TELL YOU!


mNhL said...

Very nice pictures........ I love the sun because can dry our cloths faster with nice smell.

[SK] said...

very nice photos leh, but how come all also look quite similar?? haha, and then the 4th photo what is that "star"??

yeah, i like the sun, because it means hope and optimistic to me~~

Tekkaus said...

Aww...this random shots are beautiful bro. that a star? :p

Reanaclaire said...

You should ask yr colleague to read this post now to know why u always like to snap the sun..
btw, the 5 letter word, are u sure that is the correct meaning? hehee..

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Love your sun pixz so nice. Eeerrrr have the same thought as Claire towards the exact meaning which I may be paiseh to use, the effect is much crude and worst than 'vegie' bro. Sure its bodoh or much more to it?

suituapui said...

Looks beautiful...but ask me to live there? No, thank you... I'd stick to where I am, never mind...warts and all! No place like home.

Alice Law said...

Wow... you have very meaningful reasons I reckon!

Beautiful sunset pictures!

Engineer's Principles said...

nice photos. find one day we go take lenlui photo.

i dont know what other think, but i will vote whoever which is not from bn, no other reason, just want to teach that idiot gov a lesson.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Very nice pictures! I will prefer sun over snow cos I love warm weather and cannot tahan cold ;)

Gratitude said...

I'll send this post to the blardy UMNO peeps! lolz

Merryn said...

adoi... was enjoying all the beautiful pics and then it ended with STUPID or BODOH! hehe... :P

foongpc said...

Beautiful photos! I like! : )

I like the sun but I also like the rain : )

Anonymous said...

enjoy the lovely pics but the
“ ***** ” word, oh no no no !!!

Dora said...

When you're cold, you think of sun. When you're hot, you think of snow. I think of Marat Saffin when I think of Russia :-)

Pete said...

Wah so cold there leh, all white. Take care Bro!

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Wow, Russia is really a nice snowing country! Love the photos <3

amycheah said...

Hmmm...I love the snow cos I have a hot sun in Penang.

Annie Q said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

It look so nice and beautiful and cold!!