Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Change for better or worse!
I will choice Change not matter what happen next.

54 years...
What happens to our country?
Getting better or worse?

54 years...
Everyone have better life in our country?
Better or worse?

After 54 years,
They told me that they will change and give them one more chance.

If your boyfriend did something bad to you;
Will you give him 54 times changes and apology him for same mistake?
If Yes, you are kind Sohai!

1 month ago,
I have bite an apple.
And, i saw some worm is moving inside the apple.
If you have enough times,
What you will do?

a) Try to bite another part of apple - maybe it it OK another side.
b) Take a photos.

There is not any other change to keep the apple;
I will immediately throw out part which i bite inside my mouth first and throw away the apple.

The apple is keep so long - 54 years.
It is time to "Throw" and lets all the worms die.

I hope there is nobody choice (a) or (b)...

I have one great song to introduce to you!


[SK] said...

yeah, they claimed "just give us more time".. but hey, isn't 54 years a lot of times and a lot of chances already??

[SK] said...

how many 54 years does one has in his/her life?? eat that apple, take photo and throw away straight lah~~

wenn said...

yuk to the apples!

Anonymous said...

Apple inside looks like char siew pao! Yummmmmm!!!!! LOL!!!

mNhL said...

eeeiiii...that apple....disgusting!

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Change for better!!!

Merryn said...

Ish your apple.... CHANGE!