Friday, May 1, 2009

Labor Day!

It is a happy labor day!
for all workers,
After work for 7 years,
Can i make a summary in term of a functional system?
Technician define as a conveyor belt,
Engineer define as a pump/motor,
Senior Engineer define as a partial system,
Factory Manager define as a factory,
Businessman/Boss define as a product,


Technician will never operate if not received any order from engineer,
Few engineers and technicians will make some operation to run,
All operation running together in one factory and,
The factory will produce product.
After production,
The whole company still not earn money,
Only the businessman to sales out the product and money come in,


After 7 years of working,

It is time to shift from Engineer to be businessman (possible)?,

if i want to earn more money,

however, as an engineer you will experience a lot of new things,

but, your wallet will never full of money,

Do you want experience of life or money?

Can i choice BOTH? "Middle of sea"

"Good worker doesn't mean have a good paid - :)"

"BUT, Bad worker comfirm get worst paid!"

Enjoy the movie clips of one of my experience,



Marciana said...

dont work but got money spend best =)

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Wow. Your work is quite challenging. I fobia to height, cant do your work... 脚软。。。哈哈!

Happy labour day! =)

genius said...

engineering is my dream, but i need to makan also. so i will spent 1/2 my career to become engineer and 1/2 of it sit in the office because a deadwood manager :)

CH Voon said...

Marciana: if got, please tell me ar hehehe

Elims Chuang: okie la... Happy labor day to you too.

Genius: aiyo! when free to play dota with ur deadwood manager.

DJYano said...

Cool video dude. Hope you are getting a good rest after a lot of hard work :P.