Saturday, May 2, 2009

No Discrimination, Please!

My previous blog deleted by third party,
I promised to myself not to write something related to politic,
I will write about my life,
Just keep my memory in my blog,
However, if this post will trigger "third party" to delete my blog again,
I will never feel sad again because i have make a lot backup,
If i died, there are thousand of me will be reborn,

But, i will not write some related to politic too,
However, i will point out my view here,

3 years ago, i celebrated my Chinese new year in platform,
where there are only 3 Chinese people around,
I felt depressed because i cannot go back to celebrate this festival with family,
But, I am very happy that all Iban people celebrated this festival with us,
We are not feel alone anymore,
They respected our culture, our freedom & each others,

I LOVE them too,"A lot of food prepared"
"We are the only Chinese on the boat, but we never feel lonely"

And, you will feel exciting when you see their hand make lion,
They really willing to learn others race's culture,
Because we are Malaysian!


"Cute ?"


BooNMiNG said...

whoa.. now i know what you work as and where is your salary level!!! hahahaha

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

Ei? how come your blog is deleted one??? got 18sex is it?

CH Voon said...

BoonMing: Not what u expert salary la... enough for surviving lo...

Elims Chuang: Last time, my blog contain a lot of politic issue, e.g. scold current government lo.. hehehehe