Friday, November 6, 2009

Be Careful when you drive alone!

This is a true story which happen to my family,
It happened 2-3 weeks ago before i came back from Ukraine,
My wife picked my daughter from her mum's house,
When she was driving along to the Selangor Turf Club,
Accident Scene #1
Accident Scene #2
Accident Scene #3
Refer to Scene #3, there was the place accident occurred,
It happened around 8:30pm to 9:00pm,
It was traffic jam at that moment,
2 motorists was driving close to my wife's car,
One of them hit and try to break the left side driver window,
They hit 2 times and tried to snatch something,
.First, my wife thought it was an accident,
My daughter was sleeping sweetly at that moment,
When my wife realized and quickly picked up my daughter,
A driver behind my wife's car noticed it and horn non-stop,
They scared and drove away,
I feel sad that i cannot be there when they need my help,
Thank to God,
To keep my wife and daughter in safe condition,

It is time to bath the car... bath away all the BAD luck,

"Datuk Bad luck, Datik bad luck!"
"Please go away!".
.Don't put any bags beside your driver seat,
Hide it somewhere!
Don't fight back!
You will lost More than that!
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Engineer's Principles said...

our police is still sleeping

Gabriel said...

aiyor...people nowadays. they really need some moral lesson and the police should be doing something already...but thank God your wife and daughter are safe. there's nothing more important than that right?

marcianaaa said...

wa wa wa.. kl really scary
After i read the news i feel my hair all stand, so scary
eeeeeee i wan dada :*

Elaine Mah said...

Thank god your family are safe!!

Jeanne said...

How terrible! Thank goodness your family is safe! Must have been scary for them and you not being there. Good to wash the car of bad luck.
The next post with the locks is very interesting!

vialentino said...

hey chvoon....thanks for sharing this ler....will let my wife know.

u mean there were two bike is to distract and pretend hit ur wife's car...and the other one try to snatch?

lots of tactic now...see u next weekend!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thank God that your wife and Vanessa are fine.

Is true...NEVER EVER put the handbag next to the drive seat.

Thanks for the guidance about blog back up. I have done it successfully.

Pete said...

Sorry to hear that. Thank god daughter and wife are ok. It happened to two of my friends too in PJ, Jln University. Unfortunately their bags are taken.
Have to be careful nowadays!Crime rate is escalating...

wenn said...

thank god they are safe..

amycheah said...

OMG, that is scary leh. I takut lah after read this post.

Ice said...

Is that in Kuala Lumpur? That is one scary incident. Did your car window break or everything is ok?

How come they can see bag in the passenger's seat? Have they been following your car for a while?

CH Voon said...

SKDing: Useless policemen.

Gabriel: agree with you.

Marciana: Don't worry KL still safe.

Elaine: 10q

Jeanne: 10q

via: They try to hit the side driver window and snatch something inside the car e.g. hangbag.

Sarah's Mommy & Daddy: yalor, i also advice my wife dont put any things at the side driver seat.

Pete: Nowaday, a lot of case happen... we must be careful.

wenn: 10q.

amcheah: dont worry be happy and be careful. :)

Ai Shiang: Yes in the KL, it is near to the sungai besi, i heard that a lot of case happened here oledi. Nope i think they stay there quite a long time, and it is traffic jam as well. Yes, my window break and cost rm130.

foongpc said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog!

Lucky your wife and daughter are safe! Yes, never leave bags in car in full view of passer-bys!

My friend had his car window smashed but nothing was stolen. It seemed he had left an empty bag inside the car. So never leave anything that looks valuable inside car.

Superman said...

The economy is getting worse and things like that will happen more I guess! So need to be careful all the time.

Reanaclaire said...

wah...traffic jam still wan to rob??? so daring these guys!! thank God for sending the kind brave driver who honked at them.. gosh.. that must be very frightening..
thanks for the tips..i will keep my handbag out of sight from now..

eileeninmd said...

Thankfully your family is safe. I have to remember not to put things on the front seat.
Thanks for the post.

CH Voon said...

foongpc: yup, never put valuable inside car. Last time, i seldom lock my car, now i make sure i lock and drive.

Superman: You are right, economic down...

reanaclaire: yup, better do so. hope it will help others people too.

eileeninmd: In your country also like that?

Dora said...

yeah must keep the handbag away from the thieves' eye-sight! They're getting worse. Anyway, I'm glad that both your wife & daughter are safe, that's important!

Mummy Gwen said...

I've read about this new tactic of snatching valuables before. I better hide my handbag when I'm driving. Thank God your family are safe.

Is your car a Honda Civic?

CH Voon said...

Dora: yalor... i think especially woman/girl, their main target.

Mummy Gwen: Must hide somewhere. Now, i also need to hide my laptop everyday i travel to office :(
Not Civic la.. just a city only :)

nicole said...

im owez put my bag beside the seat, yea, its dangerous, TQ for remind me again.
We got kids inside the car, so we have to prevent this happen!
Thank god ur wife and kids is ok.