Monday, December 7, 2009

What to do if you feel depressed?

What to do if you feel depressed?
Drunk yourself?
It is not a good solution!
The great solution is
Make a baby!
Because they are the good cure for you,

When she smiles,

When she cries,

When she can wear your trouser,

When she starts learn what you did,

When she start to learn to help you,

When she can drink milk by herself,

When she want to go out,

Movie clip as below:

When she start to drive a car,

When she is happy,

After see what she is doing,
I feel better and no more depressed!

P/S: Produce human project must go on! This society will getting better!


donna said...

ahahaha.. u speak mandarin one ar..
your daughter so cute..
equally naughty as the younger version me also wor..
u charm liao.. hahahaha..

Merryn said...

:D this is a nice post. very very cute and yes, i feel so much better already looking at her :)

Engineer's Principles said...

i want a baby also :_(

wenn said...

haha..very cute..

manglish said...

ohh yes yes i agree with you. when you see them smile like that, all your troubles and depressions just evaporated....hahahahahha...then you are ready to go back for more bcs u have found your cure...tho i am not sure if i am ready to raise someone at the moment hhahaah....

Unknown said...

Wa one depression, one baby, then depressions, i can buka kindy lah,,,,,,,,,hahahahah

Kelvin said...

hahaha, ur cute posts always makes me smile...i like the pic wer she sleeps with her milk bottle^^

amycheah said...

hey I like most the trouser and climbing door one! ur baby is superb...hah!

Bengbeng said...

i am impressed she can climb the iron grill

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Haha, this is only applicable for those married couple... make a baby...

CH Voon said...

donna: yes i do speak mandarin. I know that your naughty

Merryn: your cute son too :)

SK Ding: after 12/12, you can start make one

Wenn: 10q

Manglish: hehehe try one and see lo

eugene: sorry i dont really understand what u mean hehehe

Kelvin: she can finish drink milk when sleeping

amycheah: climbing door... quite dangerous need monitor time to time

Bengbeng: naughty girl ...

Christina_YY: yupe... so for single one... have to drunk themself lo hahaha

vialentino said...

hahaha...human project...agree with u!

Jean said... climbs so high like spidey

A smile from SJ =)

Annie Q said...

baby good cure for depression but on the other hand, sometime they can give us some "stress" also. hahahhahahhaha Agree?

Gabriel said...

man...when she wants to go out...that's very geng! hehe...

Dora said...

yes agree with u, baby brings lotsa joy! Wow your girl climbs so high there, be careful girl!

Reanaclaire said...

real cute .. hahaaa.. how i wish i could rewind those years...

BoeyJoey said...

Adoi... Venessa is so VERY cute leh!!! Of course Daddy so happy to see her. I like her curly hair! Hahaha

Bengbeng said...

not naughty girl :) clever girl

[SK] said...

hahaha, cute!! and of course you feel happy to see her growing up day after another.. :)

TZ said...

Cute... but if no money how?

foongpc said...

Haha! So finally we have a cure for depression? That is make babies? LOL!

But the more babies you make, you might get more depressed cos of the financial commitment to raise them! Haha

CH Voon said...

Via: yes when is your second baby?

SJ: she called as spidergirl

Annie Q: yalor only parent understand it very clearly

Gabriel: hahaha lucky not turn into incredible
hulk - my house ... runtuh nanti

Dora: yalor... i will look after her

Reanaclaire: mmm pass is pass let it pass

BoeyJOey: sure bo... u like curly hair hehehe

BengBeng: mmmm betul ke

SK: yupe agree

TZ: yalor never think about it.... reconsider

foongpc: correct ho... hahhaa more depress later hahaha

Ayie said...

babies can really amuse you so much!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

100% agreed, baby really can make us happy and of course sad too:-)

Vanessa is so cute in the "STOP" video. I almost pengsan after saw her moving nonstop. :-)