Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't wait until you regret...

When you are children,
When you become parent,
When you become grandparent,
Don't wait until you regret...


When you are children,
Play hard and study smart,
Every time is valuable and appreciate it every moment,
Don't study until no time to play & make friend,
Don't go to disco everyday until no time to study,
Anyone will regret when start to work?
Regret that they waste their time do nothing,
Regret that they not study enough,
Regret that they don't have friends especially girl friend,
What a dude life!,

You will heard this conversation always,
Worker A: "After working, i feel that studying is fun better",
Worker B: "Yalor, no need to see boss's angry face, and not need wake up so early"
 Worker C: "If i can back to future, i will appeciate any moment again"

Student A: "Working good that studying, no exams at all"
Student B: "I can earn money to buy playstation 3"
Student C: "I want to grow up!"


When you become parent,
Pay more time with family and work smart,
Personal time getting less and also for family,
Don't work until neglect your family,
Don't MC everyday until neglect your career,
Anyone will regret when they getting old,
Regret that they not spend enough time when their children are young,
Regret that they not work hardly,
Regret that relationship between children getting far away,
What a SOHAI life!,

Don't wait until your children ask,
Children: "How much 1 hour you earn in office?"
Parent: "RM300 gua"
Children: "This is RM300 cash, can you stop work at home and spend 1 hour with me"

Don't wait until they grow up,
Parent: "Can we have a conversation for a while?"
Children: "No no... I don't have time, the sailormoon cartoon start now"


When you become grandparent,
Nothing to do,
It is the outcome either Good or Bad,
Good if you have utilize and manage good when you are young,
Bad if you do nothing for your life,

I want to remind myself - Do the correct things at the correct TIME!
I hope my wife will read this message as well :)


manglish said...

ohh you are so right...i am appreciating what i have not bcs once it's over, it's over....better enjoy and do what we have to now than regret later

Borneo Falcon said...

I hope everyone read this post

Dora said...

yeah this is very true! Never play the fool & waste time even when one is at young age, do what u suppose to do at your age!

Unknown said...

ya lor,,, i regret juga,, have always wanted to be an actor and lawyer,,, but now hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sigh

CH Voon said...

manglish: I hope i will not regret too

Borneo Falcon: thank for you support :)

Dora: yalor... that why i want to remind my wife as well hehehe

Eugene: Ayoi..what to regret! Now, you are businessman right? earn more money than actor or lawyer, you should very happy that you not become actor or lawyer

Annie Q said...

Very well said.

That's why now, if possible, i try to spent a lot time with my boys, before i regret for anything.

Bengbeng said...

i am not everyone but i read the post. Creative, very creative

Merryn said...

Nicely said there buddy. Nicely said.. have a nice weekend.

vialentino said...

aihhh bro...wat u say is true...regret most of the things that i have not done earlier....darnnn

CH Voon said...

Annie Q: yalor, i scare i regret so i try my best to spend more time with my family.

BengBeng: 10q 10q bytheway, you got blog???

Merryn: 10q 10q

Vialentino: still not late, you still not yet become grandfather right hehee

wenn said...

true..appreciate now and forget the past..

Jean said...

nice one. all work n no play makes jack a dull boy

A smile from SJ =)

Gabriel said...'s all about balance and do our best in everything we do. :)

Superman said...

Haha. Cannot regret anymore as no use also. So had to live it up.

[SK] said...

yes, it's either you do something you won't regret, or you don't regret what you have done.. :)

foongpc said...

Great advice here! I have no regrets in my life - whatever is past is past and I focus on the moment to moment living : )

Donna said...

no leh..
when i was still studing, i already working life is a shit.. I never wanted to grad so soon one.. hahahah..

Anonymous said...

Live wisely and carefully and don't make decisions that you'll regret later.

CH Voon said...

Wenn: take and give lo..

SJ: i dont want be a dull boy.

Gabriel: agree with you. but very hard to find the balance point.

Superman: actually, i not regret it... just learn for it and try to make something better from pass....

SK: Everything... after we did, we found that either good or bad... i think the main point is learn to correct it

FoongPC: yalor... just learn and not repeat it again

Donna:hahaha you are clever girl ar... know it before do it

Mei Teng: yes i will listen to your advice